AFRINIC Cracks Down on IP Fraud


AFRINIC (the Regional Internet Authority for Africa which controls allocations of IP addresses on that continent) appears to be cracking down on people who obtain African IPs and use them elewhere. Community member @aveline shared this announcement:

TLDR: Cloud Innovation has been put on 90-day notice that their IPs are being taken away.

AFRINIC has recently reclaimed over 1 million IPv4s as part of a new initiative to reign in abuse. This comes after a major scandal was reported in 2019 about how an AFRINIC insider profited from enabling this abuse.

The driver for this fraud is global IPv4 exhaustion, where IPs needed in other regions are not available.  Hence the temptation is to request IPs in, say, Africa but use them in the US, Asia, or Europe.  In the past, AFRINIC did not police well and many were able to exploit this weakness, but it appears times are changing.


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Reddit just banned r/The_Donald, the largest pro-Trump subreddit, as it cracks down on hate speech and targeting, do you agree?

Of course I agree.

That subreddit and others like it are toxic echo chambers that do nothing positive for humanity.

Reddit’s ban on such subreddits is probably overdue and should be applauded by all, regardless of which side of the political fence you sit.

I have seen crack like structures near the edges of of the front part of my lens. Are these cracks and should I be worried about it?

As you can see in the image I have seen some structures that look like cracks on the edges of the front part of the lens with violet bluish color around them.enter image description here These seems to be inside the front glass. There are 4-5 of them. I could show two of them. Though they do not seem to affect the pictures taken with it.

Device damage – what to do about cracks on the Nikon D3 housing?

I would like to know if this is a big deal or not. Should someone take care of it?

That's up to you.

Is the camera in danger of breaking apart …

I would expect the crack to worsen with normal use. If you use the camera as intended by the manufacturer, there is no immediate danger that it will fall apart. If you throw it out of a third-floor window or drive a truck over it, it will likely "break apart".

or should I be aware of it when it rains lightly?

Even without the crack, you should be "conscious" when doing something in the rain. The floor could be slippery. You should be careful not to slip so that you do not injure yourself or drop the camera.

Does this affect the weather seal?


What would you do?

Could be…

  • Leave it alone and use the camera normally.
  • Convert the camera to infrared.
  • Sell ​​the camera for money to buy more lenses for another camera.
  • Clean the remains of the crack and try to seal it. I would consider an adhesive based on an elastic polymer because it is easy to undo. I would avoid cyanoacrylate and resins because they can make it worse.

Malware – .NET application technology to protect against cracks

You waste your time.

I try to protect my software from cracks. Protection against cracks is crucial before the product is placed on the market.

Even the big names in software development cannot protect their software from cracking. Despite the very draconian DRM that drives legitimate users crazy, everything ends up on the pirate websites within days of being published.

  • Obfuscation, renaming, anti-debugging

Everyone else does that too. All it does is slow the attackers down a bit.

  • Encrypted communication between software and public key of the API server (RSA), hard-coded

I am assuming that you hard-code the public key as a form of key binding to protect yourself from MITM attacks. However, this does not work in this case because the client is also the attacker. You can simply patch the binary and replace the key with your own public MITM key.

  • Check the integrity of the libraries by requesting and comparing the library's checksum from the API.

Doesn't work If the check is on the client, the attacker simply repairs it. If the check is on the server, the client has to report the file contents to the server and the attacker just lets the client lie.

  • Can the software crack on all of these layers?
  • Can the custom data layer be bypassed?
  • If a cracker has bypassed the layers of protection to some extent "custom data", it is possible to clone the software with the "custom data", which means that the software can run without the custom data being requested by the API have to.

Yes yes and yes

If you want your data to be protected from the person on whom your client is running, the client does not need to have access to that data. Everything has to be done exclusively on the server.

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