How can I create a simulation of the ascent and descent of a block in relation to the change in its density in a water tank using Python?

I want to create a simulation using Python and Tkinter and Simpy.
According to the Archimedes principle, the block should move up and down when the user varies the density of the block.
Please tell me how I can do it!

powerapp – How to create an order with multiple items in SharePoint

A company that does a single job. When the company receives many offers via email. You want to read the offer email from your inbox and save all offers in a document library. You also want to record email fields such as: from, by name, email date, and email subject. Some members of the accounting team read the offer in turn and update the other properties of the document library. These fields include: supplier name, address, contact number, offer number, item code, quantity and cost. Once all of these details are updated, the system displays the report of all offers by item code so that the account user can compare manufacturer-related costs and prepare the order for that particular supplier. The app should allow selection of multiple item codes from the same provider to create a single order for multiple items.

Object Orientation – How do I create a recursive association in PHP POO or in Portuguese?

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r – How do I create a diagram from an adjacency matrix by also specifying the node coordinates in igraph?

I have the following R code:


nodes <- c('a','b','c','d')
x <- c(0,1,2,3)
y <- c(0,1,2,3)

from <- c('a','b','c')
to <- c('b','c','d')

NodeList <- data.frame(nodes, x ,y)
EdgeList <- data.frame(from, to)

plot(graph_from_data_frame(vertices = NodeList, d= EdgeList, directed = FALSE))

Which gives the graphics that I want. However, I have to be able to use the adjacency matrix instead of from and to Vectors. function graph_from_adjacency_matrix Does not contain a parameter for specifying the coordinates of nodes. How can you do that?

Run Terraform Azure infrastructure code to create an environment

I'm currently starting my Terraform from my laptop, which is obviously not optimal:

module "eu_resource_group" {
  source                        = "./modules/resource_groups"

  resource_group_name           = var.resource_group_name
  resource_group_location       = var.location

module "vault" {
  source                        = "./modules/vault"

  resource_group_name           = module.eu_resource_group.eu_resource_group_name
  resource_group_location       = module.eu_resource_group.eu_resource_group_location

module "storage" {
  source                        = "./modules/storage"

  resource_group_name           = module.eu_resource_group.eu_resource_group_name
  resource_group_location       = module.eu_resource_group.eu_resource_group_location

  storage_account_name          = var.storage_account_name
  storage_container_name        = var.storage_container_name

I would like to let azure run that.

How would I let azure run that? Creating an Azure Devops project creates a CI pipeline, etc.

How do users run their Terraform infrastructure code in a non-local environment?

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Linux – How do I create a bash script to execute a command until it succeeds for a maximum number of tries?

I'm trying to run a bash script that tries to connect to a VP with a maximum of 3 retries. I'm new to bash scripting, so there may be several bugs. My code is as follows:

current_server=$(nordvpn status | grep 'Current server:' | cut -c 17-| cut -d'.' -f1)
recommended_server=$(curl --silent '' | jq --raw-output '.().hostname' | head -n 1| cut -d'.' -f1)
command = 'nordvpn c $recommended_server | grep "You are connected"'

if (( $current_server == $recommended_server )); then
   echo "Uguali"
   echo "   Current: $current_server"
   echo "   Recommended: $recommended_server"
   echo "Diversi: "
   echo "   Current: $current_server"
   echo "   Recommended: $recommended_server"
   nordvpn d
   until $($command)
      sleep 1
      (( counter -eq $max_retry )) && echo "Failed!" && exit 1
      echo "Retrying. Try #$counter"

Thank you in advance!

Internal storage – Monitor and identify which apps create a specific file / directory

From time to time there is a directory (and files in it) that is created in the internal memory of my device. I keep deleting it, but after a few days / weeks it will be back. Incidentally, the folder in question is Tencent. I uninstalled the game associated with them a long time ago, but the directory keeps appearing.

I'd like to know what other app it creates. I don't have that many apps, mostly social media and tools, and I think they are only associated with games.

While browsing, I found an app that logs all access to files in the file system, but does not show which app does this.

The response from file owner monitoring software will not work in my case as these files are all 0 bytes in size. So it's far too quick to capture the app that creates it. Not to mention that the creation time is random. It may take days or weeks for the app to recreate them.

Does anyone have any good ideas before switching to detective mode as a last resort? I ask for an app first, as this would be the easiest way to monitor the file system.

PS: My device is rooted.

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