How can I, as a Pathfinder DM, help my players create characters with the right level of optimization for a particular adventure?

My D & D 4e party is a few levels before the end of their epic campaign and they want to continue playing with D & D with me.

I recently noticed that I really liked some Pathfinder Adventure Paths and we've already decided to switch systems, but my current players either started with 4e (3 out of 4 players) or never created the mechanical part of the character.

A big difference between the system you already know (4e) and the one you need to learn (PF) is that 4E characters are the next steps once you understand that hitting is often important and Do more damage, increase defense and win the initiative. Building powerful PF characters requires much more mastery, though SRDs are available. There is no electronic character builder to help you filter skills and powers that you can take on
Trapping options are much more and harder to detect.

So it's hard to create an optimized character – and I think it's even harder to create a character that is balanced against the campaign. The only Adventure Path I'm looking at right now, Curse of the Crimson Throne, seems to be written on the assumption that random people who have just met at a play table organized by the Pathfinder Society should be able to do it effortlessly play through.

By comparison, at my table, even a Swashbuckler (an Tier 5 class that, according to the Animal System, means "not the best even in its main task") does a lot of damage. Three Level 10 characters (one level lower than the AP Mandates) have one Advanced (32 more HP and more AC) version of Cindermaw in a round, dealing only enough damage.

(We had an alchemist with freeze bombs, a tumbler, and an investigator with a firearm)

I wonder if limiting the material available to material approved by the Pathfinder Society or restricting the material is similar to the limitation of 5e to "Core + One Book", possibly combined with "No Tier 1 or Tier 2 classes", could be enough to create characters who get it right in the fight challenged.

If such simple and formulaic methods are not enough, how can you ensure that the characters are at the right level of optimization?

As long as we do not change our mind, this group will play as well Way of the bad guys or Curse of the Purple Throne,

For me, D & D / PF adventures should offer interesting encounters, both in social terms and in terms of exploration and combat type.

I define a combat encounter as interesting if the players do not just repeat the same moves and each fight leads to an uninteresting loss of time because they would have won anyway. The fight must be so challenging that players feel smart about their approach. Fight as a war).

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Create a block in transactional emails to solve the {{if}} problem

I'm new to Magento. The problem I have is that I want to change the template of a transactional email.

It is basically a return, where the customer should receive another email if the return is "rejected" or "approved".

I tried to change the code with an if, but found that I can not compare strings with it. It only indicates if the variable is TRUE or FALSE

{{if order.delivery_time == "10"}} Can not.

I can not touch the code because it contains a comment stating that the file will be completely overwritten when the Magento version is updated.

So I thought about making a block for which I do not have a clear understanding of how to do that.

I think it's something …

{{block type = "cms / block" block_id = "this_block" template = "cms / content.phtml"}}

But my question is … What should I write in the template area? and what about the block ID section?

I'm sorry, but I'm a beginner.
If you give me a hint, I'm very grateful.

Many Thanks.

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c – How do I create an intersection with complexity in O (n)?

I have to create a function that does that crossing between two vectors: vector (That vectorB and assigns the values ​​found at this intersection to a vectorC!


  • a) The complexity of the overlapping function / method must be:

    O (n)if n> m

    O (m)if mn

  • (B) The signing of the crossing function is mandatory:

    void intersection (char[], int n, char b[]int m char c[]int * k)

  • c) Predefined language features can not be used for
    (Search, relevance, insertion, deletion, order, etc.).

I thought about using a complexity algorithm O (n) which is called "Linear Time", However, this algorithm performs the comparison "linear" obviously as the name says,


A = {# E,, # C,, # B,, J J,, S S #, & # 39; 39; F ?,? C ?,? V ?,? G & gt; & gt ;, & # 39 ;, & # 39;
B = {# G,, C C,, # M #, # W,, L L #, & # 39; 39 O # 39}
C = {# G #, # C #}

What is my difficulty?

I try to develop a logic that matches the desired complexity O (n) and O (m)but I'm having trouble picking up a particular element from a particular vector, traversing that element, and comparing every other vector. The only solution I can think of would be at least one O (n²).

Illustration of what I am trying to do:
Enter the description of the image here


bool checkHasStringEqual (char vectorA, char vectorB) {
string stringA, stringB;
stringA = toupper (vectorA),
stringB = toupper (vectorB);

size_t found = stringA.find (stringB);

return (found! = std :: string :: npos);

Pick up crossroads[]char b[]char c[], int n, int m, int * k) {
cout << "VECTOR [A]: "<< to <<"} "<< endl;
cout << "VECTOR [B]: {"<< b <<"}  n  n "< endl;

    if(n > m) {
int index = 0;

for (int i = 0; i <n; i ++) {
if (checkHasStringEqual (the[i]b[index]) &&! checkHasStringEqual (b[index]c[index])) {
k = new int[strlen(c) + 1];
c[k] = b[index];

i = 0;
index ++;

cout << "EH EQUAL:" << a[i] << "==" << b[index] << endl;

    if(m > n)

python – How do I create a personalized system?

I'm creating a web application with flask and want to create a system that allows users or administrators to add new columns. We need to use this system from multiple clients, so sometimes we can share some features, but it can be one Different code, depending on each client, every update also affects each system. There can only be one web project (code) and one API. We use MySQL for the database and finally we want to use Okta. I've found that users The list is displayed between all the applications you create in Okta developers.

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Data Table Entry: Create or Edit – How to design workflows with minimal effort

I design a new feature and workflow in our business application that administrators can use to create them Export configurationswhich can later be selected by users to quickly export projects with a specific configuration.
The goal is for users to export their data faster and more conveniently so they can use it in other applications.

These configurations contain important information such as:

  • Which parts of the project should be exported?
  • Which file format should be exported
  • Whether the file should be downloaded or stored on a (preconfigured) server
  • Should the file be compressed or nicely printed?
  • etc.

Currently, the dialog box that the user sees when exporting data might look like this:

Enter image description here

Administrators can view a table of all available configurations that looks something like this:

Enter image description here

Administrators can Add configurations (as indicated by the button in the upper right corner), which opens the dialog (first image, but replaced) export Key with save up) and can save this configuration added to the table.
Subsequent editing could be done in the data table itself by extending the respective line and changing the values ​​in place without requiring a dialog.

My question is:
For the least amount of distraction and cognitive load, I chose in-table editing and still left the build process in a dialog box.
My argument for this is that the process of creation is mentally relatively separate from the context in which you start and justifies the use of a dialogue.
However, the later editing (possibly multiple) configurations, while possibly even being compared, would be severely disrupted because a dialog box must be opened for each configuration. This would also significantly affect the ability to scan and compare during processing.

On the contrary, one of my colleagues argues that creation and editing should take place in the same "established" environment, namely in the user interface of the dialog, in order to remain consistent and not have two distinct interfaces that display the same information.

Which method is more advisable to minimize the administrator (both cognitive and manual) and minimize the friction in the workflow?

Many Thanks