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Custom Taxonomy – Create a filter for Post Type + Multi Taxonomies + Multi Term

I need to create an interface with a filter set (a list of check boxes) that the user can highlight and click "Filter" to search for posts with matching terms in a custom post type (there are three custom taxonomies with one each) unlimited number) number of terms).

How do you do that? I'm thinking of coding the following:

I have the GUI filter list displayed as follows (x3, since there are 3 taxonomies):

& # 39; # 39 ;, & Taxonomy & # 39; # 39 & hide_empty; => false, )); foreach ($ terms as $ term) { Echo & # 39;

I land on the / filter-result Page with a URL with more than one parameter, all with the same name:
Filter result /? taxonomya = term1 & taxonomya = term2 & taxonomyb = term9

My plan is to get all the parameters – I do not know how to do it, because there are parameters with the same name – and then create an SQL from the filtered data.

Exploit Development – What are the best tools to create the perfect environment for developing a Metasploit module?

I am developing my first Metasploit Module. I have read the home page and no tools are mentioned to create a beautiful environment.

At the moment I use gedit develop my module further Kali Linux, The problem is, I am obliged to read the documentation manually gedit I am unable to add the autocomplete and help me with the documentation. Is there a way to do this?

To create simple social media like a website with e-commerce features

I have a request to an ecommerce site, but this includes options like uploading photos that can be shared with friends on the same site, likes and comments options, and so on. Which is the best way to complete this project? Whether I should use ecommerce frameworks like Magento and Woocommerce or develop one from scratch?

html – How can I create this theme in Bootstrap?

Enter the description of the image here

Hello, I'm new to this web design and wanted to ask you how I could make this design? As you can see, the total width of the page is 100%. I'm assuming that the columns make up 80% of the total, but only that. I do not know how to put the columns like that and the images next to it. I've read bootstrap, I can do it easily, but I do not know how to do it 🙁

android – Create a button with a left and right half

I'm trying to create a button in Android that performs various actions, depending on whether you click on the left half of the button or on the right half of the button.

Some additional things, the button need to do:

  • Have 1-4 of these buttons in one activity, all of the same size.
  • You can turn the knob (eg 90 degrees, 180 degrees so that it is upside down).

I came up with different solutions and I need to know what works best.

Option 1: Add two buttons to LinearLayout, remove the space between them, and add a text view to make it look like a button.



  • It feels like a hack job and can bite me back if I have to change something later.

Option 2: Create a custom view to run the job.


  • I can build it to fit my needs.


  • I'm not sure how to do that or where to figure out how to do that.

Should I choose one of these options, or is there another, better solution that I can not think of?

dnd 5e – How do you create high-CR (20+) NPCs in D & D 5e?

I remember earlier editions that villains and NPCs sometimes had astronomical levels (Elminster, etc., all with more than 20 wizards).

At the moment, I'm doing a campaign where the main NPCs are all legendary personas and the PCs hang in their hijinks. Most of them were in the last 2e game we ran, and I want to introduce my kids to them now.

Are there any mechanics, for example, to convert a level 2 cleric to a 5e equivalent?

At the end of the campaign, when the last encounter occurs, the PCs will probably all be at the 20th level.