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Performance Tuning – Creating Prunable Primes with Nest (List), While, Fold

Here is a video on Truncatable Primes. I tried to build it myself. Here's what I tried the method in the video for left Truncatable Primes,

myNextList(n_) := Select(10^(Length(IntegerDigits(n)))*Range(9) + n, PrimeQ);
SetAttributes(myNextList, Listable);

So test a bit:


{191, 491, 691, 991}




myNextList({13, 23, 43, 53, 73, 83})

{113, 313, 613}, {223, 523, 823}, {443, 643, 743}, {353, 653, 853, 953}, {173, 373, 673, 773}, {283, 383}. 683, 883, 983}}

Now it's about it to repeat The process until we get none of them returns a prime. So I tried

NestWhileList(myNextList, 7, AllTrue(#, PrimeQ) &)
NestWhile(myNextList, 7, AllTrue(#, PrimeQ) &)

{{317, 617}, {137, 337, 937}, {347, 547, 647, 947}, {167, 367, 467, 967}, {197, 397, 797, 997}}

what should be continued …


{{{{6317, 8317}, {2617, 3617}}, {{2137, 3137, 9137}, {4337, 6337, 9337}, {4937, 7937}}, {{2347, 3347, 5347}, {3547 , 4547, 6547, 7547, 9547}, …

I think it's a simple solution with that test part that I used AllTrue(#, PrimeQ) &, But I do not know how to fix it.

If only I use

Nest(myNextList, 1, 8)
Nest(myNextList, 7, 8)
Nest(myNextList, 7, 16)

For example, everything worked well. But I want to repeat something from the video and find all 1422 endpoints (as stated in the video at 04:49)

To prevent users from creating message flows on a SharePoint site

Flow runs outside of SharePoint and most likely invokes Web services. The only limitations are the normal SharePoint permissions for the user to read or update items. Another way to think about it … Anyone with read permissions can read data from a SharePoint list using a web browser or the REST API (Web Services). SharePoint Web Services can be called from JavaScript, PowerShell, Flow, PowerApps, Power BI, and almost any programming toolset. The same applies to the update and deletion.

For example, open a web browser, visit one of your SharePoint sites, and edit your URL as follows:


How do I set up read-only permissions on the DBO schema for a logon, but allow creating entities in a custom schema of the same database?

Is it possible to create a custom schema in a database so that read-only logins for the DBO schema can be set up in this database and entities can be created and modified for the custom schema?

How do you do that?

magento 1.9 – problem creating or editing

Hi guys, I'm new here and started today with Magento 1.9. I had remote access to the webpage administrator and tried to add products and categories. The categories work fine, but whenever I try to add a new product or edit an exit that displays a blank page with the text "image". The page is already finished and was created by another person. Am I doing something wrong. Do I need access to the server files?
Thank you in advance.

dnd 5e – Is there anything that will make the process of creating this "Negative AC Armor" work?

Deciding in this way will have a whole range of side effects

Do you want to consistently make sure that unique cases of minimums (or maximums) can be bypassed if you use an effect to "skip" the limit yourself? Will you allow the players to do that as well? Because I think if this is your justification for it, it is a weak one, unless you are absolutely consistent. And if so, then you make a mistake. This only invites the players to interrupt the game. If this is the case, you will have real problems.

In addition, you play in the Adventurer & # 39; s League. This has very special rules and expectations of you as a DM. You will find that you have no effects that directly say, "This character will receive negative AC!" There's a reason for that – Wizards of the Coast and the Adventurer's League do not consider it appropriate for these characters to play in Adventurer's League. Otherwise, you would just let it happen – you would not have to jump through gaps to achieve this. The abusive use of loopholes is in no way in line with the expectations that the Adventurer League places on all particular DMs.

It must be a character "punished" very careful – you can not punish that player

D & D is a game. People play it for fun. Nobody is there for a punishment. A character can be punished without punishing players, and that is perfectly appropriate as long as it serves the story and enhances the fun of the people.

But character punishments, like everything else in the game, are there to promote the goals of the game: Have fun. Everything that brings the players less fun is by definition a bad choice of DM. There can and should be exceptions temporarily Disappointments and setbacks – after all, the reason for the fun is to master challenges – but that's not the case Really an exception, as they are still implemented to improve the fun in the long term.

And, importantly, that's the kind of thing the spreadsheet needs to be on the same page. The game does not suggest – in fact, it does everything to indicate against it– this kind of character punishment. Above all, D & D 5e has done much to mitigate and limit the "falling" of paladins – this is an essential part of the game that your players have agreed to. And the adventurer league supports this step by step and keeps DMs from doing such things with players. If you had previously noticed at your own table that you are going to treat Paladins as "severe", you could justify something. Otherwise, undermine their characters in ways they have never signed up to and undermine the expectations of the players in the Adventurer League. Fallen Paladins in 5e should lose their paladin powers – and gain other powers, either from another class or as Eidebreaker Paladin. They should not lose their powers and get nothing.

And that's why this is a particularly horrible idea – and I think that's why you asked that question because I think you know it's a bad idea. To apologize for this, you seem to be looking for the sanction of rules and permission from outsiders – but I do not think these things excuse anything, and I certainly do not offer them. The character's AC makes the character extremely vulnerable in combat – and they play a paladin because they want to engage in sincere battles with their enemies, confront them and seek divine retribution. Without AC, they can not do that.

If you do, you can effectively prevent the Paladin's player from playing the game he or she has signed up for. That's impolite. You should not do that. This is absolutely not supported or recommended by the game rules. This is something that actively prevents and discourages the rules.

If the Paladin was "naughty," he could be punished. The player of the Paladin should be by no means. There are many, many ways to achieve "punishments" that the character does not like but does not bother the player. That's the right answer. Or, if you really have your heart for this effect and an action that goes with it, Talk to your players about the out-of-character idea and get their feedback before you do so. No, you will not surprise her with it. That may sound funny to you, but it does Not reallyand I for my part would certainly consider ending a game when a DM pulls on me. In the Adventurer League, the player can also have other options.

When creating a backlink, can I use the articles I posted on my blog?

I have asked this question on many platforms, but have not received a point-to-point answer. I would be glad if someone can give me a clear and accurate answer in simple words.

I'm sorry if my question sounds lame, I'm just starting SEO

1. When submitting articles about GSA SER, can I use the articles I posted on my blog?

For example: I copy the article from my blog and paste it into GSA SER to publish to Web 2.0 sites and others.

Will it work?

If so, how should I link my website to this article? By linking this article to the second article on my website or what?

Or do I have to write a short article to publish on web 2.0, social bookmarking sites etc? Which one will link to the long article on my website?

If I have to write a short article, what length and keyword density should I target in a short article?

2. My 2nd question is

Let's say I have 2 articles on my website that I want to submit (X and Y)

I submitted Article X and created backlinks for this article (T1, T2 and T3). These include websites like Tumblr, WordPress etc.

Now I want to submit articles (Y), then I hope that creating backlinks on the same website (Tumblr, WordPress, etc.) will not affect or penalize my site?

Many thanks