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sql server – For SQLServer, does the order of index creation (not the column ordering) affect SQLServer’s decisions for the execution plan?

I found an interesting behavior, where the execution plan is affected by which index gets created first. Both indexes have have different key and include columns. The difference in the execution plan is whether one of the index will be used or not. This can be consistently reproduced, by deleting both indexes and recreating them in different order.

enter image description here
It seems that SQLServer does take a look at both index statistics, and the positioning will always be reversed under OptimizerStatUsage.

Query involved is related to my previous question, but with other added indexes.

Why is Index causing bad estimation and execution plan

geoposition – Error in Polygon data creation using EntityValue

I tried to apply the simulation of the URL below by changing it to “SouthKorea” and “Seoul” using Mathematica 12.1.


The part where the error occurs in this code is:

enter code here 
statecolor = Association[0 -> Lighter@Gray, 1 -> Red, 2 -> Pink, 3 -> Darker@Red, 4 -> Brown, 10 -> Darker@Green, 11 -> Black];
color = Table[statecolor[[i]], {i, 1, 7}];
$infectedstates = 1 | 2 | 3 | 4;
Options[prepareRegion] = {}
prepareRegion[r : _Region | _Entity | _Polygon, targetarea_] := Module[{region, area, newregion}, 
If[MatchQ[r, _Entity], 
region = 
  EntityValue[r, "Polygon"] /. 
   g_GeoPosition :> g["LongitudeLatitude"];, region = r;];
   area = Area[region];
   If[! NumericQ[area], Return[{$Failed, $Failed}];];  newregion = RegionResize[region, 
 Abs[Subtract @@ RegionBounds[region][[1]]] Sqrt[targetarea/area]]; {newregion, RegionMember[newregion],  RescalingTransform[RegionBounds[region], 
createPositions[n_, region_, regionq_ : Automatic] := Module[{memberq = 
 Replace[regionq, Automatic :> RegionMember[region]], positions, 
i = 0}, positions = {};
   While[Length[positions] < n && i++ < n, 
positions = 
    Select[Round@RandomPoint[region, n - Length[positions]], 
     memberq]]];];   If[Length[positions] < n, $Failed, positions]];   
createStates[n_, infected : {__Integer} | _Integer | UpTo[_Integer], isolationProp_] :=   Module[{states},  states = Table[{0, 0, RandomChoice[{isolationProp, 1 - isolationProp} -> {0, 1}]}, n];  If[! TrueQ[And @@ MatchQ[infected, _List]], Return[$Failed]];   Switch[infected, _List,    states[[infected]] = 
  ConstantArray[{1, 0, 1}, Length[infected]];, _UpTo, 
states[[;; infected[[1]]]] =  ConstantArray[{1, 0, 1}, infected[[1]]];, _, 
states[[RandomSample[Range[n], infected]]] =  ConstantArray[{1, 0, 1}, infected];]; states];
searchInfectionFocus[posisitions_, point_, transformation_, i_] := Nearest[posisitions -> "Index", transformation[point], i];
Options[createSimulation] := {"Infected" -> 1, "Density" -> Automatic,    "InfectionPoint" -> None, "Isolation" -> 0.1}; 
createSimulation[n_, r : _Region | _Entity | _Polygon, 
OptionsPattern[]] :=  Module[{region, regionq, positions, transform, infected, 
density = OptionValue["Density"] /. Automatic -> 1/10, ninfected, 
isolation, states}, {region, regionq, transform} = 
prepareRegion[r, n/density];   positions = createPositions[n, region];   
ninfected = OptionValue["Infected"];  Which[MatchQ[OptionValue["InfectionPoint"], _Entity], 
infected = 
   EntityValue[OptionValue["InfectionPoint"], "Position"][
    "LongitudeLatitude"], transform, ninfected];, 
MatchQ[OptionValue["InfectionPoint"], {_?NumericQ, _?NumericQ}], 
infected = 
  searchInfectionFocus[positions, OptionValue["InfectionPoint"], 
   transform, ninfected];, True, infected = ninfected;];   
isolation = OptionValue["Isolation"];   
states = createStates[n, infected, isolation];   
{region, regionq, positions, states}];
{region, regionq, initialposCase1, initialstatesCase1} = createSimulation[200, Entity["Country", "SouthKorea"], "Infected" -> 5, "Density" -> Automatic, 
 "InfectionPoint" ->  Entity["City", {"Seoul", "Seoul", "SouthKorea"}], "Isolation" -> 0]

When the above code is executed, the kernel is initialized very often during execution. However, very occasionally, the same run will yield normal output. I’d like some help with what’s wrong with the code above.

Plugin Creation Blueprint




categories – wp_insert_category inserted category not shown in post creation

After creating a new category with following code

wp_insert_category( array(
    'taxonomy' => 'category', 
    'cat_name' => 'rolename',
    'category_nicename' => 'rolename',
) );

the category is shown correctly in admin -> posts -> categories, but while creating a new post, it’s not available on the right (categories).

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Link image:

dnd 3.5e – Can a character without the appropriate item creation feat pay the XP in a cooperative effort to craft an item?

Consider a 15 level Cleric and a 12 level Wizard crafting a Ring of Protection +5

  1. The Cleric provides the Shield of Faith spell and the caster must be of a level at least three times greater than the bonus of the ring prerequisite.
  2. The Wizard provides the Forge Ring feat.
  3. The Cleric agrees to become the creator of the item, determining the item’s caster level and ending up paying the XP cost.

The Dungeon Master’s Guide (215) doesn’t say much on this, maybe unusual, scenario:

If two or more characters cooperate to create an item, they
must agree among themselves who will be considered the
creator for the purpose of determinations where the creator’s
level must be known. (It’s generally sensible, although not
mandatory, for the highest-level character involved to be
considered the creator.) The character designated as the creator
pays the XP required to make the item.

But here is the Magic Item Compendium (232) on this topic:

The XP cost must always be paid by the character who supplies the item creation feat required by the item, no matter how many other characters cooperate in its creation

So far I understand the underlying assumption. In order to be appointed as a “creator”, a character must have the appropriate “creation feat”.

Is there more than this that I’m missing? Does the Magic Item Compendium clarify or contradict the Dungeon Master’s Guide in the passage presented above?

drush – Bulk user creation and email notification

This is probably not the “right” way to do this, but it solved my problem.

Drush wont email on your behalf but it will generate the one time link.

You can see details here, the basic format is:

drush user:login --mail=user@example.org

One downside is that the link generated appears to not use the name of the domain generating it. So instead of links starting with https://my=site.com/user...
you get:

There is probably some environmental variable that could be changed to fix this but it seemed easier to just cut the first 13 chars with a script and replace them with the correct domain.

If you’re bulk importing you can have whatever script you have written to submit the new users also generate this link and then re-write it correctly before outputing it all to a csv file (or format of your choice.)

Then you can create your own emails in whatever bulk email system you wish with a mail merge.

This solution is not ideal but it is reasonably quick and easy and not a lot can go wrong.

Bulk user creation in Drush 9 and email notification

I want to bulk create about 2-300 users with Drush on a Drupal 8 site. I want each of them to receive a welcome email and be forced to set up their own passwords. This can be done trivially with the “Notify user of new account” option through the UI but I cannot seem to make it work with Drush 9.

I can run a script that reads from a CSV and creates the user, then gives them the needed roles, however, the only option I can find for notifying the users: ‘–notify’ throws a notify-send command failed error that appears to be related to Ubuntu notifications?

Is there some way to send a new account an email that I am missing?

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