Advertising – All Google AdWords accounts are suspended. Did I use the same credit card?

I do not understand why my account was suspended because of suspicious payment information.

  1. The problem started when I set up my new campaign and added my payment information. The campaign was still red, so I had to add my billing information, although I had already done so.
  2. Two days later my account will be suspended due to suspicious payment information.
    The address, billing information, name, 3-digit code and everything match! The credit card works and I tested it. NO
  3. I am told to fill in an appeal form, which I did. Within a day, however, I receive a message from Google that the decision was final.

Dear Advertiser,
Thanks for your patience. We've confirmed that your account is in violation of our Google Ads policies. Since this decision is final, the account will not be restored. Avoid creating additional Google Ads accounts because they are subject to the same suspension.
Our support team can not tell you more details about the suspension.
We thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,


So now how I advertise on these websites

Fraud – Clone debit or credit card

Q1: yes The link for MagStripe Reader and Encoder 1 does just that. Can read credit or debit memos and write to a new blank card and delete data on an existing card. The MSR605 comes with software that makes it possible. These machines can clone EVERY card with a magnetic stripe. Gift cards, hotel cards, bonus cards, credit cards, identity cards, etc.

Question 2: Yes. You can scan a debit card and if you have a PIN, you can go directly to the ATM and receive cash. The PIN is NOT included in the data flown over. To use gas cards at gas stations, you may also need to enter a postal code associated with the map.

Q3: Skipping cards only fails if the device is defective or the card is damaged. Each card with a magnetic stripe is exactly the same and every magnetic stripe reader can scan any type of credit card or any card with a magnetic stripe. If the card has a black stripe on the back, it can be read. They all use the same technology. The success rate of flying over a card with a black stripe through a magnetic stripe reader is 99%.

Real life scenarios and fraud

GIFT CARD FRAUD: At Walmart you will see booths with gift cards. Suppose the criminal takes 10 Walmart gift cards worth $ 50 (not capitalized). He goes to the bathroom, scans all the data and then puts it back on the shelf. He then checks the card numbers on the website daily to see if they are activated. When a customer comes in and buys this gift card, it gets activated, and the criminal already has the data and can use it immediately.

FAST FOOD SCAM: Another popular scam is Fast Food Drive-Thrus. The cashier has a skimmer next to the cash register. When you give them your credit or debit card through the window, they swipe the card through the cash register and then wipe it a second time through the hidden skimmer. (Happened to me at a taco bell lol)

GAS STATION SCAM: There is practically a universal key that opens every gas station pump. Criminals open it as a device that records all stolen credit cards. Use gas pumps located near the door. These are usually installed by criminals on pumps out of the site. Also, look for a sticker on the pump where the pump door would open. If the sticker has been removed to open the door, VOID VOID will be displayed on the sticker. This means that someone has gone into the pump.

MOST KNOW NOT: flying over a map with the machine is not just a way to get overflown data. Many cards contain RFID chips
even if you do not ask for it. If your card contains one, you'll see an icon on your card that looks like a signal or a Wi-Fi icon with the 3 bars. There is an RFID calculator that clones this data. Someone can walk around the mall with this RFID handheld and all he has to do is walk less than a foot away from you. As a result, the data is flown over by the RFID chip. It can skim it right in your pocket, wallet or purse.

A funny example of what you can do with a skimmer. You can clone your credit card on a hotel key card. Then go to McDonald's and pay with your hotel key card for the food.

Prevent RFID skimming: You can buy a special sleeve or wallet to block the RFID signal. However, I recommend that your bank only reissue a new card without it.

Prevent MagStripe Skim: Use cash when driving through windows or in a shop where your card is out of sight. – Change the card numbers every 3 months as most criminals will scan your card and sell it to others. This means they may retain your data for many months before selling it.

Experienced skimmers: The best of the best buy blank Visa or MasterCard gift cards. Then clone your card on it and use a stick to embroider the actual name and card number on the card (most gift cards have erasable numbers that are not embroidered). They also make a fake ID card if the cashier asks for a badge.

Hope that helps.

magento2 – clear credit via SQL

I wanted to delete a bad credit, so I deleted the wrong credit entry from sales_creditmemo and sales_creditmemo_grid.
The raster and credit information list is no longer available, but when I look at my order, the refund and refund comments, as well as the status of some products, are also reported as refunded.

Enter image description here

Can someone explain what else I need to delete to completely remove the credit information, and also how Magento clears a credit? Does Magento also provide a way to delete credit memo information?

Analyst: Teenagers give personal loans, credit cards for luxury

I read this article last year, but I think the problem is still hot because I have friends doing camni. Is it worth it to make a personal loan n credit card as much as possible? First, it may be fun for you to use for emergencies – to make money.…-private-privacy-credit-credit-for- luxury-

magento2 – Magento 2 The referenced transaction does not meet the criteria for issuing a credit. refund

I am trying to refund an order that is complete (billed and shipped).
When I create the credit and choose refund, I get the following error:

Gateway error: The referenced transaction does not meet the criteria for issuing a credit.

I use
I checked my payment.log and the answer is:

'response' => '3(~)2(~)54(~)The referenced transaction does not meet the criteria for issuing a credit.(~)(~)P(~)0(~)000000113

The order was made today, it has 2 hours. So time should not be an issue.
Do I have to delete or undo something before the refund?
I have successfully refunded orders, but this is the first time I want to refund a full order.

The runs in live mode, not in the test.

Hope somebody can help, thanks!

Can a criminal simulate the use of a PIN in a chip and PIN credit card transaction?

Within minutes of having my credit card stolen by pickpockets, the thieves made two big transactions, apparently in a bar or cafe. My bank tells me that these are chip and pin transactions. I am sure that my pin has not been damaged:

  1. It was not written down
  2. It was not used for other purposes
  3. The card in question has not been used for months, and even then in another country (effectively excluding shoulder surfing)

Even so, my bank insists my pen was used, though there is no reasonable way the thieves could have gotten it. The bank's employees obviously rely heavily on this technology.

Are there known exploits that might seem like a chip and pin transaction was made with the pin without the criminals actually having it?