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$25 Million Crypto Coin Ponzi Scheme Exposed by US Authorities – Forex News & Analysis


The US Securities and Exchange Commission frozen the assets of one Jose Arman, founder of Argyle Coin, and has charged him with fraud. According to the agency, the company, which is based in Florida, has been running a Ponzi scheme. It has allegedly misappropriated 10 million USD that the abovementioned individual has used for his personal expenses, as well as paying investors in other companies owned by him. He would ensure future investors in Argyle Coin that their money would remain available and would promise them an increase of revenue if they invested more.

The company behind the scam was founded with the supposed purpose of developing a Blockchain platform for trading diamonds and precious metals and the value of the coin would be guaranteed by diamonds worth over 25 million USD, rather unheard of in the industry.

Investigation against the company started back in May 2019 .


This was a typical Ponzi scheme but sadly people don’t seem how to recognize the red flags indicating such a scam.

trading – how crypto exchange calculating new coin price like examplecoin?

hello everyone i have one question regarding exchange pricing thing i want to know if any exchange is listing new coin which is not exist in the market so how they are maintain price for that coin.
Ex:if i have one new i want to list in any exchange for 2 dollars after that how ASK , BID price is working .

what is im thinking is its all depend on users lets say im holding all value for my coin so i put order for 10 dollars and its on other account i just buy the same amount 10 dollar then my coin price become 10 dollars? or is there any formula to calculate the avg and any formulate which provide us the price ?

kindly help me to solve this issue

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❕NEWS – 90% of banks around the world failed to identify dubious crypto transaction | Proxies-free

As per Cointelegraph, a new security report published by blockchain forensics firm CipherTrace shows that many financial institution around the world have failed to identify suspicious crypto fund transfer. This is mainly due to inefficient “home-grown” detection and identification systems each of institution make for themselves. Banks are also left behind since many of the officials are still don’t understand how crypto works or don’t implement wider security measure such as cross checking each account with P2P crypto platform.

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❕NEWS – Abra crypto banking application has added more crypto on its trading platform | Proxies-free

As per Yahoo Finance, traders can now trade and exchange the following cryptos on Abra’s trading platform:
Chainlink, Compound, Algorand, Tezos, Steem, CELO, Hedera Hashgraph, WAXP, and BitShares for worldwide traders; and
VeChain, Ontology, Crypto.com Chain, Crypto.com, TNC Coin, ICON, Zilliqa, Loopring, and Bancor will not be available to trade for US residents but available for everyone else. This move comes after continuing positive sentiments in the crypto market showing that crypto is getting more mainstream than ever.

❓ASK – Does anyone know how to buy and sell crypto in Bangladesh? | Proxies-free

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