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¿Quiénes son las mejores criptomonedas para este 2020?  Pues esto va a depender mucho de los vaivenes del mercado, ya que el dinero digital es especialmente volátil, pero también de la comunidad y la tecnología sobre las que se orientan tanto plataformas como sus tokens.



Capacidad de mercado

En torno al 44%


Cantidad máxima

21 millones de BTC





Capacidad de mercado

En torno al 17%


Cantidad máxima

Sin límites




Ondulación (XRP)

Capacidad de mercado

En torno al 8%


Cantidad máxima

100 millones XRP





Capacidad de mercado

Menos del 1%


Cantidad máxima

1 billón EOS





Capacidad de mercado

En torno al 3%


Cantidad máxima

84 millones LTC



Investing in Cryptocurrencies during this economic shutdown


Just thought it’s worth sharing the latest market outlook and forecast for 2020, especially for newbie investors. 

In cryptocurrency and blockchain, the past year has been significant. Cryptocurrency saw an uptick in litigation around fraud and misuse in 2019, with investors logging losses of more than $4 billion to malicious actors (a significant increase from the previous year). Meanwhile, blockchain enjoyed a rise in mainstream enterprise interest. And now, we’re seeing even more momentum around how cryptocurrency and blockchain can be applied to deal with some of the public crises emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a senior managing director at a company that offers blockchain advisory and cryptocurrency investigation services, I believe that in a year, we’ll look back on 2020 as a time of tremendous change. Adoption for cryptocurrency will likely grow as governments and financial institutions look to digital money as a way to distribute aid and other financial services. Medical supply, pharmaceutical and other industries may look more closely at how distributed ledger technology can fix some of the problems we’ve seen in supply chains and distribution of critical goods. Beyond the aftermath of the pandemic, industry watchers will likely continue to see an uptick in cryptocurrency investigations and litigation.

I’ve compiled a list of predictions and expectations for what will take shape in these arenas in the coming year and in a post-coronavirus world. These include:

1. Cryptocurrency legislative activity, but no new laws: Last year, I expected that we’d see the first formalized cryptocurrency regulation come to fruition in the new year. Right on time, the Cryptocurrency Act of 2020 was introduced to the House, which kicked off the new year with renewed energy and focus around cryptocurrency law and policy. Additional bills are in the works or have been passed, and this year should bring an increase in legislative activity around the space. This does not mean we’ll see new laws pass, though. Instead, I think cryptocurrency’s legislative champions will primarily focus on educating and informing their colleagues through draft bills. They could bring new discussions to the table to drive awareness.


2. Public banking enablement: In New York, a team of politicians and a law professor drafted a bill proposing what they called an Inclusive Value Ledger (IVL), which is designed to provide public banking for the millions of people who do not have access to bank accounts or have low incomes. This system would allow users to store money digitally and transfer money to other users for free. Under the plan, the state of New York would issue digital wallets to all individuals (and businesses) in the state and give everyone in New York the ability to transact using a statewide, public digital currency. We saw traction around this concept in the U.S. and globally in response to the coronavirus. Ultimately, it could become a way to level the banking field and potentially serve as a model for governments and businesses looking to protect people from exploitative lending and check cashing services.

3. Blockchain connecting nations: Blockchain is already being used in Asia as a way to track coronavirus-related financial aid and donations to businesses and individuals. For example, insurance companies are reportedly using it to fast track claims payouts. These use cases demonstrate the technology’s capabilities to track, log and securely share sensitive financial information. In a similar manner, I expect that we will see governments leverage blockchain systems to track other critical data regarding the global spread of the virus. It’s possible that in the coming year, a global distributed ledger database will be implemented to share research, ensure data accuracy and promote information transparency between foreign entities — perhaps with the aim of improving response for the coronavirus and future global crises.

4. Increased adoption in financial services: Cryptocurrency use may continue to rapidly mature, especially among traditional financial services institutions. This year, I think we’ll see digital currency become more widely used by the public, in retail, at ATMs and in mobile apps — particularly as people seek to transact without contact. (The World Health Organization is reportedly calling for people to use contactless payment methods as much as possible.) Banks and retailers could increasingly jump on the token bandwagon, and corporate cryptocurrency wallets may emerge to offer new functionality and protections to drive usage among businesses.

5. Fraud remaining “business as usual”: As mentioned above, 2019 was a milestone year for cryptocurrency-related crime. In November, two men in Massachusetts were arrested and charged for stealing cryptocurrency, using SIM swapping and computer hacking. While SIM swapping has been around a long time, its potential for use in mobile banking fraud appears to be on the rise. Business and consumer cryptocurrency users should expect to see (and protect themselves against) more of this tactic.

6. Enterprise blockchain demonstrating ROI: Beyond use cases to improve vital supply chains, enterprise blockchain could continue to make great progress and drive innovation and disruption in many business processes. This could include blockchain as a viable solution for smart city initiatives (paywall), consumer products and supply chain disruptions. More blockchain companies are probably going to enter the market, and early adopter pilot programs could begin to show ROI and other measurable benefits, which would drive more adoption and interest. For example, in the media space, one company is using a blockchain platform to “enable content producers to manage and distribute premium video to consumers and business partners without content delivery networks.” In insurance, a leading provider is reportedly using blockchain to allow “patients to securely access and share their medical data.”

Like with all other disruptive technologies, the leapfrog game of new challenges, new advancements and new laws will likely continue as the blockchain and cryptocurrency space matures. Despite certain challenges, such as a lack of familiarity with the technologies, I think it’s time for organizations in every industry to run toward innovation. They should think of ways do so in ways that prioritize optimizing processes, new business opportunities and, yes, creating a better world.


What are some basic ideas for making money in the crypto industry? – Cryptocurrencies Corner

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Earn Etherium +3176 Joined in the Last 24hours the World’s First 100% Decentralized Ethereum Blockchain Matrix Project


How Easy is it to Earn Ethereum Through Forsage 
With the cryptocurrency market booming, the number of people joining the blockchain revolution seems to be increasing every day. Though this might be so that they can get the return on their investments on cryptocurrency and not for the groundbreaking technology that blockchain has to offer, the cryptocurrency world is trying almost everything to get more and more people interested in its agenda. 

With regard to this, many companies have resorted to incentivizing tasks and promotional activities to give their consumers a fraction of a specific cryptocurrency. Ethereum is the second most popular and lucrative cryptocurrency in the world right now; which is potentially predicted to surpass Bitcoin someday. 

The main idea behind blockchain is to set up a decentralized network that would need a large number of users. Nevertheless, Ethereum has joined forces with many online incentive programs to give a little taste of their cryptocurrency to the users who are still having difficulties establishing themselves in the crypto market. 
Unlike many other incentive programs, Forsage is based on a Smart Contract Crypto earnings structure. There are no time limits, incentive caps, or any sort of time-sensitive pressure related to this program. What’s better is that you do not need any prior knowledge about blockchain or cryptocurrency! 

This program enables you to earn long term residual income by simply providing a referral to 3 or more friends, and asking them to follow the same process. In a way, this is a type of marketing program that is associated with Ethereum. Since it is based on the ‘Smart Contract’ structure, it cannot exploit any user. 
What is a Smart Contract? 
Smart Contract is a developed blockchain technology that involves an automated digital contract of sorts, which is unbreakable and unchangeable. One of the best features of this automated blockchain is that even if the host i.e. Forsage closes its website or shuts you out of it, the blockchain will still register you as an active participant and will constantly reward you for the efforts you put in. 

So, the chances of you being scammed are negligible. Also, this program was intentionally inclined towards a marketing and network marketing niche. This gives an advantage to people who have prior experience in marketing. Because of its overall technology, scams and fraud are practically non-existent. 
How do I Join? 
To join Forsage, you would initially need to pay a one-time payment of 0.055 Ethereum, which is less than $10.00 USD for registration. Once you set up an account and start referring to friends and the cycle continues to expand, you will see the funds in your crypto wallet increase. 

Forsage works with one of two major wallets. This again depends on which medium you use it on. Either Trust works best for mobile, tablets, and laptops and Metamask works best for computers and rigs. 
Forsage is indeed the new wave of incentivized network marketing. The Smart Contract structure makes it scam-free, giving crypto network marketing a revolutionary and much-needed change. Being a blockchain entity, privacy and security are at the top priority of Forsage and the inexpensive initial fee is literally and figuratively a small price to pay. So, what are you waiting for? Go get that Ethereum! 

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Hello guys, 

Today i will share with you some Bitcoin trading and exchange related tips. I think it’s very important for beginner.

1. find out how to properly store your Bitcoin first
It’s important to find out to steer before you’ll run. Begin by learning the fundamentals about the mechanics of shopping for and selling Bitcoin. You’ll got to read our reviews of all the leading Bitcoin exchanges first to get the simplest and safest platforms to start out buying Bitcoin.

Such as you can visit our site (Exchange Qiwi For Bitcoin) for exchanging your Bitcoin with the accurate price and for getting more information about Bitcoin trading and exchange (обмен киви на биткоин). Coinbase tends to be an honest start line for any beginner investor, thanks to its intuitive interface and therefore the ability to start out purchasing other leading cryptocurrencies too like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.As with all financial investments, it’s vital that you simply find out how to guard your assets. during this case, you’ll got to ensure your digital assets are comprehensively guarded against the threat of cyber-attacks and scammers. There are purpose-built Bitcoin wallets designed with security at the forefront.

2. Is it worth investing in Bitcoin mining?
The industry for Bitcoin mining has accelerated at a rapid pace. within the earliest days of Bitcoin, the typical computer might be wont to crack the cryptographic puzzles and earn new Bitcoins. Unfortunately, in 2018, the sole way Bitcoin mining is completed profitably is within specialised data centres. These warehouses are full of machines built solely for the needs of mining Bitcoin. A home mining operation would cost within the millions to line up today, which suggests it’s probably best to think about investing in Bitcoin that’s already in circulation instead.

3. Set a transparent profit target when opening a trade
As Bitcoin remains a comparatively new market to take a position in, it’s very difficult to understand when the proper time is to shop for and sell your Bitcoin. The volatility within the value of Bitcoin is unlike anything you’re likely to possess experienced before with financial investments, so it’s important that you simply set clear profit and loss targets when opening a trade on Bitcoin. Most beginner Bitcoin traders fail because they fall crazy with their investments and don’t know when to abandoning of a nasty position. By setting an exit point for profits and a stop loss should the trade go against you, it’s easier to minimise losses and live to fight another day. Typically, the foremost extreme daily movements within the value of Bitcoin are often up to three .


SO, you can follow these tips.

thank you for your cooperation.

Cannabis Seed Token – Cryptocurrencies Corner

Cannabis Seed Token:

CANA tokens will be redeemable tokens. These tokens will be redeemed at a ratio of 1:1 for a cannabis seed.
Cannabis Seed Tokens are launching their ICO from the United Kingdom with a plan to expand into Spain post ICO for production.

The company behind CANA seeds plan on launching into the global markets and are currently registering in the UK as a limited company (application currently pending), selling their cannabis seeds as well as keeping a seed stockpile for token redemption.

They plan on having a stockpile of 12 million cannabis seeds. This is the total number of tokens they have minted. They expect this process of stock piling to take 5 years, thereby having the facility to redeem all tokens in circulation.

They plan on opening the redemption process after their first grow cycle. One grow cycle is approximately 3 to 6 months.

The seed selection process for the token redemption is primarily going to be through official opinion polls, targeting the crypto and cannabis community.

Once the token has been exchanged for a cannabis seed, that token will enter the company wallet.

The company may trade the CANA token back onto the market depending on the current seed vault reserves.

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