Privacy Cryptocurrency DeepOnion

Hello everyone, I just want to share a project (if someone is interested in Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies). The project was founded 2 years ago and they have already made great progress (you can check Github).

DeepOnion is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency with use cases like DeepVault. DeepVault is a file verification service with Blockchain that lets you verify that your digital document is original, such as digital copyright. (you can use the service for free).

Also DeepOnion is about to launch DeepSend, a way to be on the same level as Monero (XMR) or Dash.

I'll be here to answer questions about DeepOnion, DeepVault, or even discussions about Bitcoin, DeepOnion, or Crypcoturrencies, as I believe this is one way to create a new decentralized economy.

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How proved that it is not a scam! – cryptocurrency corner

When Bitcoin was launched as a cryptocurrency, it was not so easy to understand how it works. The system was complex and should be followed by everyday users. This led to speculation that it could be a scam. It is a common misconception what happens when people are unable to understand a technology or innovation.

Cryptocurrencies are volatile. The value or value of them changes drastically over time. This is somehow related to the fast systems where you invest a little and the performance is huge. This is one of the reasons why cryptocurrencies or related technologies can be considered fraudulent. While it is a fact that some people have become rich through their small investment, as in the case of Bitcoin, but that does not necessarily mean it is a fraud., a decentralized social media network, is one of the innovative developments in blockchain technology. was viewed by some people as a fraud. We will discuss the entire platform and see if there is anything that makes suspicious or fraudulent. Learn more: – An overview is one of the unique ecosystems with built-in social media, cryptocurrency and a marketplace where users can buy from businesses or from others. A platform that integrates such amazing features raised a few eyebrows, and the user thought it might be a scam. The main goal of is to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem for users and advertisers. – Function overview mainly consists of five main modules:
• Social network (meNetwork) – users who interact through a distributed social media platform.
• Marketplace (meMarket) – buying and selling platform for users.
• Payment service (mePay) – payment service for secure online shopping.
• Wallet Service (meWallet) – Digital Wallet for storing and managing digital transactions.
• cryptocurrency (ME token) – The network has its digital currency for transactions.

Innovations related to crypto currencies use the ICO as a funding source, are usually considered fraud because ICOs are risky. Some users have linked this to the platform, so they considered a scam. – Detailed review
Now that we have reviewed an overview of, we have not found anything suspicious. Let's discuss the platform features in more detail so that we can complete the platform. Social Media
One of the best features has, its social media. As with conventional social media a user on the platform can interact with each other. You need to think about how they differ from other social media. The special thing about is that you can earn revenue if you are just a user of the platform. You could have an impact on the platform by creating good content and gathering like-minded followers around you. The more followers you have, the higher the probability that you get high rewards from the platform.

Influencer Friendly Platform
When social media became famous, the term influencer came into being. A talented person with a few talents introduced their work to mainstream social media. In return, they got followers and fame. The platform itself never rewarded these people for their talent or overall activity on the platform., on the other hand, rewards talented users.
Users are encouraged to use the platform and collect followers. About a favorable ecosystem for both sides, the platform rewards users based on their activity on the platform. Users could earn up to 50% of the revenue share. These features really show that is a legitimate platform and not a scam at all.

Integrated Payment Service
The platform offers a fintech solution that combines blockchain technology with the network. ME is a virtual currency that is used in the system to make the payments. You do not need to add an external payment service because ME is an easy-to-use digital currency that is integrated with the system.
You can easily create a mePay account to conduct secure online transactions. Users can also get a payment card to help them with their transactions. This feature makes it easy for the user to add an external payment source and use network-integrated payment. This makes the network relatively safe from fraud attempts.

Buy and sell in MeMarket has a market that enables sales between users and users to entrepreneurs. The rewards can be used in meMarket for purchasing the required products. In addition, users can discuss the product and its features. Payments can be made with mePay. Users who are influencers with a good number of followers can recommend products to their followers. In this way, an ecosystem is built between users and the network.
These types of features makes to a trusted platform and not a fraud.

Wallet to store and transfer of currencies wallet is one of the amazing features. With meWallet you can get rewards in your wallet. This is done monthly. You will be rewarded based on your activity on the platform and the rewards are transferred to your wallet that is created and attached to your profile. ME, the virtual currency of the platform could also be transferred to Ethereum Wallets. The wallet is unique and safe on the platform. has proven that it is not a scam!
Now that we have fully observed the platform itself and its features. We could finally discuss all. I'm a cheater or not. watch offered by the platform Interestingly, in the use and the features we see in all elements that the platform try his best to provide the security to ensure as integrated payment methods ME currency and the market for legit buying and selling in the Users brands it is a secure platform. If the network was a fraud, there would be much less security and the network would have relied on third parties. Also means that it is not under a central authority, a decentralized network. These kinds of features and security measures prove that is a completely secure platform and not a scam.

How Blockchain changes the gaming industry in the future? – crypto currency corner

Cryptocurrency exchanges are popular FinTech applications that allow users to buy and sell various types of cryptocurrencies and coins. Crypto traders and Altcoin enthusiasts use crypto currency exchanges to invest in cryptocurrencies. The popularity of cryptocurrencies has led to an increase in krypton users. The development and establishment of crypto currency exchanges is a lucrative business.

However, there are some challenges in developing cryptocurrency exchange that need to be proactively addressed to avoid legal issues and financial losses. Read on to understand how the challenges can be met so that businesses can do business efficiently.

Challenges in Developing Cryptocurrency Exchange



market acceptance

Let's take a closer look at the individual challenges.

Security Challenges

Safety is important to cryogenic users. According to a poll conducted by Encrybit, around 40 percent of retailers consider security as the biggest bottleneck in cryptocurrency exchange. The growing security concerns of cryptocurrency users are underpinned by the growing number of cyber attacks on cryptocurrency networks. Over the years, the number of DDoS attacks, phishing attacks and hacking instances has increased dramatically. According to GIB, a cybersecurity corporation, cyber-attacks on cryptocurrency networks will increase by 700 percent in 2018. In addition, ransomware attacks on cryptocurrency transactions have increased enormously.

Several crypto exchanges were attacked by hackers, black hats and cybercriminals, resulting in millions of dollars in losses. The list includes some well-known exchanges like Poloniex, BitFinex, Huobi and Bitstamp.

The above text is a summary. The full article can be found here.


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Are you looking for the ideal website for your flight and hotel bookings? Would you like to make your online reservations with crypto currency? Or do you just need a unique website to get the best deals? If the answer is yes, then you are right here.

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IPB Image

FreedOm Of MOvement WItH Over 40 CryptOcurrencIes!
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MoreStampsGlobal is a crypto enthusiast dedicated to planning the perfect vacation tailored to your interests. We create some unique itineraries related to tours and travel, including booking hotels, flights, etc. online through our website.(/Size)

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We are an online travel agency based in Hungary and offer services worldwide. We are a crypto-enthusiast and specialized in planning the perfect holiday according to your interests. We create some unique travel itineraries related to tours and travel, including online booking of hotels and flights (national and international) through our website.

Our style is different from other travel agencies, as we offer customers the ability to book more than 40 cryptocurrencies. We offer a variety of travel deals, such as flight and hotel bookings, tour packages and more.

WHO We Serve?
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More Stamps Global offers a kind of sophistication for your online bookings that you will not find elsewhere. You can book cheap flights to your desired destination with over 40 cryptocurrencies. We value the satisfaction of our customers. For this reason, we always strive to give you the best deals and expand our list of payment methods with more cryptocurrencies.

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I will create a $ 600 cryptocurrency exchange website

More than 2100+ cryptocurrencies available85 Supported currenciesLive tradingRetrieve your wallet balanceBuy / sell crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) in Market & Limit modeAdvanced coin pageDownload chartBookingPrivate blockfolioAdvanced merchant chart candlesticksTechnical indicators fully customizable10 Technical indicators fully customizable (parameters) Coins History data from 1 minute to 5 monthsLive dataLive trend in graphDetailed market analysisNews & SocialWatching listHeatmapTop MoverLive market (sell / buy) with market balanceCalculator (cryptocurrency currencies) Up to 6 charts in dashboard9 Types of dashboards availableMobile notifications, browsers and Windows notifications Simple Double-click chartNotifications center inSubscriptionsCredit card payment gateway (Stripe) Customizing plansFree trial-time configurationReactive (mobile, tablet) and optimized look -Alike application on the mobile advanced admin panelGoogle Analytics ics easy setupMultilanguages ​​ready6 Already translated languages ​​(English, French, Russian, Chinese, Latvian, German) admin panel

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User Behavior – Which Layout is Suitable for a Live Cryptocurrency Newsfeed?

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Crypto is a new domain, I could not find any research regarding the buttons. Likes dislike fud shilling bullish bearish etc the options seem to be, does it really need so many options? In terms of layout, I think 2-panel layouts are the most effective, but there are 2 options, one if the right-hand window is always open and the other in which it opens as an overlay when you click on an element on the left. Some UX suggestions would be very grateful