A pro says my HTML / CSS approach is shit. What should I do?

I have a drama at work and I do not know how to handle it.

I started learning HTML / CSS code about a month ago because my boss wanted me to become an internal web type. I learned a lot in this forum. Then, last week, my boss decided to get professional help from outside.

The guy LOVES bootstrap and uses an app called Pingendo to create prototypes and tweak the code in parentheses. That's all he does, as far as I can tell. He literally mocked me because I said that many HTML5 "semantic tags" are superfluous. He first works on creating content and writes HTML / CSS code from scratch. He tells me that nobody cares about the underline code and he is too busy to program everything from scratch. He tries to get me to use Pingendo, Master Bootstrap 4, and to "end my misery."

I told my boss about the conflict, but his answer was, "Dude, you're a noob, why do you think you know yourself better than this guy because you've been learning alone for the past four weeks? He's a professional web designer of Years of real life experience Listen better and learn from him, ok? "

How would you handle this situation if you were me?

CSS version of materialize css not available

A local version of https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/materialize/1.0.0/css/materialize.min.css is not available

I get for the following Python code:

external_css = [“https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/materialize/1.0.0/css/materialize.min.css”]
for css in external_css:
app.css.append_css ({"external_url": css})

wordpress.com – How can customized CSS in WordPress highlight the blog title in white if this is not intended?

I've added extra CSS to my WordPress and it has influenced the main page in ways that I did not intend to do.

The following is the entire CSS code I have added.

h1 {
Upholstery: 0.5em; / * 文字 文字 り り 余 * /
Color: # 010101; / * 文字 色 * /
Background: # eaf3ff; / * 背景 色 * /
Edge down: Solid 3px # 516ab6; / * 下線 * /

h2 {
Upholstery: 0.4em 0.5em; / * 文字 の 上下 の 白 白 * /
Color: # 494949; / * 文字 色 * /
Background: # f4f4f4; / * 背景 色 * /
Edge left: continuous 5px # 7db4e6; / * 左 線 * /
Edge down: Solid 3px # d7d7d7; / * 下線 * /

h3 {
Position: relative;
Background: # f1f8ff;
Padding: 0.25em 0.5em;
Edge left: continuous 2em # 5c9ee7;

h3: before {
Font family: "Font Awesome 5 Free";
/ * content: " f303"; * /
Position: absolutely;
Upholstery: 0em;
Color white;
Font size: normal;
left: -1.35em;
above: 50%;
-webkit-transform: translateY (-50%);
transform: translateY (-50%);

#toc_container {
Background: # f9f9f9;
Edge: 1px fixed #aaa;
fill right: 8px;
fill left: 8px;
/ * padding: 10px;
Edge-ground: 1em; * /
Width: car;
Display: Table;
Font size: 95%;
/ * Edge right: 15px; * /

#L_size {
Font size: 150%;

#XL_size {
Font size: 200%;

#akamoji {
Red color;

#aomoji {
Colour blue;

#chamoji {
Color: brown;

#haikei_kiiro {
Background color: yellow;

#haikei_sorairo {
Background color: light blue;

, and the attached are before and after adding the CSS (note that the blog title "SONOTA さ さ の 北欧 通信" is highlighted white, which is not my intention.

In front
After this

How can this happen?

html – MediaWiki destroys CSS aesthetics for tags

in the MediaWiki: Common.css I gave these essential instructions:

code {
Screen lock;
Font family: Monospace;

then I created an article with this content:


After saving it looks like this:

Enter image description here

The markup is not only divided into 4 different Blocks, the innermost part also gets one

    A tag that I never created and a third blank field are displayed, even though I only used one     Label.
All this does not seem to come from HTML or CSS, but from MediaWiki itself.

How can I stop MediaWiki from changing my code in this way?

google adsense – How are the MediaWiki CSS properties determined for a given HTML tag?

I have to understand why tag has a completely different design than

    day, MediaWiki seems to me in addition to the CSS native to the HTML tag itself.
That's the way I could give it tag the same CSS in MediaWiki, which I basically try to do.

How are the MediaWiki CSS properties determined for a given HTML tag?

Magento 2 Custom module default.xml CSS is not called

I have my module files like this

app / code / Vendor / GeoIp / view / frontend / layout / default.xml


My CSS file under the following path

app / code / Vendor / GeoIp / view / frontend / web / css / popup.css

Other code of the module works fine, I have emptied the cache, s: upgrade, s: s: d often, but it does not work.

I can not find any mistakes in the code above. What is wrong?

8 – Custom CSS and JS loaded only for the display mode of a content type

Yes. You can create a new library as follows:


My content type:
Path / to / my.file.css: {}
Path / to / my.file.js: {}

Next, add this library to the node in hook_node_view_alter ():

function THEME_node_view_alter (Array & $ build, Drupal  node  Entity  EntityInterface $ entity,  Drupal  Core  Entity  Display  EntityViewDisplayInterface $ display) {
// Check the content type (bundle) and view mode:
if ($ entity-> bundle () == & # 39; mycontenttype && $ build['#view_mode'] == & myviewmode) {
// Mount your library in the form of MODULEKEY / LIBRARYKEY
$ build['#attached']['library'][]    = & # 39; myModule / content type & # 39 ;;

Now your CSS and JS will be rendered on the page if / when rendering a node of the specified content type with the specified display mode on the page.

CSS can not be loaded from the style library with the SPFx extension

I want to load the CSS file from the site's style library. I have created the Application Customizer SPFx extension.

The purpose of CSS loading is to change the UI of the Web Parts.

I have used SPComponentLoader to load the CSS.

public onInit (): promise {
Log.info (LOG_SOURCE, `Initialized $ {strings.Title}`);

SPComponentLoader.loadCss (& # 39; <> /Style%20Library/css/HomePageDesign.css & # 39;);
return Promise.resolve ();

The problem is that when I run the extension I load the CSS file that I checked with the Chrome browser debugger tool.

When I make changes to the CSS file in the Chrome debugger, the CSS will be applied successfully as expected.

I think it should be the sequence change when SharePoint renders the web parts and runs the extension.

What should be the solution?

Magento2: Save CSS – Magento Stack Exchange

We have several shops. How can we save wise CSS apply.
How can we save wise CSS apply. We have all shop has different homepage and all page.

I think to add business code in body class to identify business.

To like:

<body data-container = "body" class = " Account Login Site Layout-1 Column ajax-loading "aria-busy =" true ">

Is it the right method?