currencies – Is there a cryptocurrency exchange where you can ‘upload’ your crypto?

Sorry if this question is more general to cryptocurrencies and not about bitcoins.
All of the Cryptocurrencies Exchange I know of only support popular cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin…) and community requested ones (like Dogecoins or Putincoins), so my question is: Is there a Cryptocurrency Exchange where everyone could ‘upload’ (not a technical term) his own cryptocurrency and make it available to buyers and sellers, so not implemented just because it’s already famous/used? If this doesn’t exist, is it infeasible by some techincal means?
Thank you.

currencies – How to get fundamental analysis report for Cryptocurrencies similar to what we get for Stock market?

Before I invest in stock market, I take a look at the stock’s fundamental numbers.

I like to have a similar approach before my Cryptocurrency investment.

Reading below article I learn that the fundamental analysis in Cryptocurrencies is different and it needs lots of manual work or research:

Is there any resource that provide a concise fundamental analysis result for major Cryptocurrencies – similar to what we have in stock market?

magento2.3.3 – How to add/restore currencies to the Allowed Currencies selection box?

It seems that, for whatever reason, the Allowed Currencies box is limited to only USD… no other currencies are available.

I didn’t “delete” or remove them intentionally (and I’m not sure how that would work…If I did, I suppose I could just work through the process in reverse to solve this problem…) but I suspect this might be an unfortunate side effect from the Magento1->Magento2 Data Migration Tool.

It seems that in other places in the Magento admin, such as currency settings and exchange rates, etc. the currency types are included and functional…just not in the Allowed Currencies settings.

I checked ‘../vendor/magento/module-directory/etc/config.xml’ and it seems to show the currencies and so forth as expected…

            <installed>AZN,AZM,AFN,ALL,DZD,AOA,....and so on....</installed>
            <allow>AZN,AZM,AFN,ALL,DZD,AOA,....and so on....</allow>

I have other Magento2 sites, but I can’t figure out how I might “harvest” the currencies from existing databases and “install” them in this particular instance. Looking at the XML above, it seems that the currencies are listed as installed already….

Where are these currencies stored? Can I just “poke” records into the database to include the missing currencies? How do I add/restore currencies to the Allowed Currencies selection box?

enter image description here

mining theory – Do multi-PoW currencies open up additional attack vectors on a blockchain?

I’m curious if there have been any technical evaluations of the vulnerabilities of cryptocurrencies that utilize more than one proof of work algorithm – for instance, myriadcoin or huntercoin.

Myriadcoin uses five different PoW algorithms, with different algorithms targeted towards different hardware, so that people are able to mine with ASICs, GPUs, and CPUs. The idea is that this will make it more difficult to centralize mining and harder gain control of 51% of the hashing power, while also making mining more accessible to as many people as possible.

I’m wondering if there are any potentially unintended consequences to this that maybe some folks have already identified.

❕NEWS – Investors are rushing to invest in Crypto currencies as the price surge. | Proxies-free

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❕NEWS – 29 Crypto currencies delisted on liquid exchange to comply with Singapore’s FATF regulations. | Proxies-free

In line with the standards set by federal action task force of Singapore. The major Crypto currency exchange platform in Japan has delisted the 29 Crypto currencies below:
There transactions are already halted.


❓ASK – How legal is Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies? | Proxies-free

From what I know, a person doesn’t need to actually used bitcoin to purchased a product such as food and drinks to be legitimate. As long as the government allows it and doesn’t consider it illegal, then it’s legit. I think it’s been legal here in the Philippines since the creation of sometime in 2014 which facilitates it’s ease of use, and the introduction of Bitcoin ATM in May 2015.

currencies – How can I get a new Bitcoin exchange up and running?

Your initial concern should not be with the technological aspect of a Bitcoin exchange, but with a legal one. You shouldn’t aim to start a service that would in the end be deemed illegal in the countries you operate, or have servers in. There was a polish exchange that closed down as its owner didn’t want to deal with potential gray areas of local law in regards to running such an exchange.

Then, you should keep in mind the business aspect of things – how will you get money in and out of your exchange and who you will be working with. There have been a couple exchanges like TradeHill that closed because of problems with money flow.

Only having such aspects covered should you deal with the software part of starting an exchange.