google sheets – formatting currency to be used in an email

I’m summing a range from a Google Sheet, then putting the results in the body of an email as currency.

But I’m running into formatting issues that seems surprisingly hard to deal with.

The range of the sum can be anywhere from a small amt (e.g. $1.23) to a large amt (e.g. $98,123.45).

I would like the comma to be added when necessary, and the decimal fixed to 2 places.

I found this code from another thread:

var dollars = Utilities.formatString("$%d,%02d%1.2f", totalOfOrders/1000, totalOfOrders%1000/10,totalOfOrders%10);

And that works well when there is supposed to be a comma, but for smaller amts, it still adds the comma.

e.g. if the amt is 981.97, it shows $0,981.97

If the amt is 1981.97, it shows $1,981.97

Here’s the code snippet:

var values = range.getValues();
var totalOfOrders = +sum(values,1);
var dollars = Utilities.formatString("$%d,%02d%1.2f", totalOfOrders/1000, totalOfOrders%1000/10,totalOfOrders%10);

Do I actually need to add something like an if statement to handle sums under 1000.00? Or is there a better way to do this?

plugins – Need help with Task assigning and rewarding as currency which withdrawable

I have created custom roles and registration forms by using ultimate member plugin.

  1. Mr. Y
  2. Mr. X

I’ve assigned Mr. Y to my purchasable services (I am using ez form calculator plugin for this).

Now the problem is with Mr. X
How to assign task which submit by Mr. Y to Mr. X?
How can Mr. X earn some rewards as real currency (lets say $5 which withdrawable by PayPal) by completing his task?

google sheets – How to change the sum of different currencies based on a drop-down value (currency)

I’m trying to achieve that when you select ‘USD’ from the dropdown e.g. it automatically calculate the two tickers with different currency into the currency you select. What I would like was that the columns with ‘total’ would show me the right formatting. So right now it’s only numbers but I would like the formatting to be ‘$10,150.54’ if the currency was set to USD in the dropdown and ‘10,150.54 kr.’ if DKK is selected.

I have tried something like this:

It doesn’t do exactly what I wanted but it’s close. Although, when I do something like this: =VLOOKUP(A3,J6:K10,2,0)&G10 I get an odd result of: kr. 10150.5403080106. Would I be able to change the formatting so it would be something like kr. 10.150,54?


❓ASK – Would you invest for the long term in a currency other than BTC? | Proxies-free

For long-term investments in crypto assets, BTC is indisputably a safe option.
If ETH improves its scalability and moves to ETH 2.0, it would be another option to consider.
Another currency that I like is the competition from TRON, which emerged as the competition from ETH, taking advantage of the weakness it has at the moment

A new currency rises so much that its price now resembles that of BTC | Proxies-free

Binance launched a new coin on July 21 of this year, it has appreciated 1,500% until today, approaching its price to the value of BTC. This currency is called Yearn.Finance (YFI).
This alcoin works with the Ethereum network and only 30,000 units were issued.
With a market value of more than $ 10,000, the cryptocurrency has come close to the price of BTC, but investors are wary of the project even though it was launched on Binance and despite trading $ 89 million in the last 24 hours.
The day the cryptocurrency was launched, it reached a price of $ 739.44, this has been the lowest price recorded for the altcoin.
On Tuesday, August 17, Yearn.Finance (YFI) hit an all-time high of $ 11,759.84. Approaching the value of Bitcoin that recently surpassed $ 12,000 on the market.
The capitalization market is about $ 300 million.
This altcoin, which has risen 1,500%, now operates in 93 active markets with 88,008,969,876 traded in the last 24 hours.
For today Wednesday, August 19 in the morning, the altcoin traded at $ 11,870.
Of the 30,000 units in total, 29,960 have already been issued, leaving only 40 units to issue and complete the current offer.
“Yearn.Finance has a current offering of 30,000 with 29,961 outstanding.”
According to some, YFI could be a trap for being a new project.
No matter that the project has achieved an appreciation of 1,500% in less than a month, investors show distrust in the cryptocurrency, as denoted in a post in Bitcoin Brazil on Facebook.
A facebook user comments “The coin (YFI) started at $ 5,000. I remember the Bitcoin B2X, it started with $ 1,000 and it just fell, fell and fell, today it doesn’t even exist anymore.”

❕NEWS – Crypto Currency Now Accepted In Nigeria | Proxies-free

Thanks for the clarification. But I want to add that, when you say accepted, it means it is the means of exchange of goods and services. I can recall a friend of mine was arrested because he did a transaction buying bitcoin and on his transfer info to the seller he wrote payment for bitcoin. But with this latest development, such a thing can’t happened.