Dual Citizenship – Has there ever been a case of embassy asking for proof of the right to be in the current country when applying for a visa?

Aside from the countries where trapping dual citizens is not allowed, an essential part of applying for a visitor visa is that you are closely connected to your home and plan to return after your visit. If you are in a country where you are not a citizen in the long term, the consulate would like to make sure that your situation there is legal and stable and that you can return. If you are in country A without legal status, country B is unlikely to issue you a visa because they reasonably fear that you are likely to land in your country without legal status.

Britain is one such example. In your Evidence Guide: Visits to the UK, they're listed under "Other Documents You May Want to Provide – All Visitors":

Confirmation of legal residence if you are not a national of the country in which you are applying or if your right of residence is not included in your passport

Similarly, France notifies those who need short-term visas and are applying from the United States:

If you are not a US citizen, please submit your legal status (green card, visa and I94 or I20 for holders of an F1 visa or DS2019 for holders of a J1 visa. The signature "Travel Endorsment" is valid for one year and must be valid for one year not expire before the date of return to the U.S.).

France is not there to enforce the U.S. Immigration Law, but it wants to make sure that visitors are likely to leave France at the end of their stay.

Plugins – How do I check the current user before all actions and filters?

I'm working on a plugin with more than 50 actions and filters. All actions and filters only apply to users with a certain user meta (b2b). I especially want to check this user meta. How can I do that? A simple check like get_current_user_id DOES NOT WORK before init.

I don't want to check this within a single action and filter function either, that seems very, very inefficient.

function __construct() {

        // This function user check will not work. What can I do?
        if ($this->is_user_b2b()){

            // Add conversations to My account WooCommerce user menu
            add_filter( 'woocommerce_account_menu_items', array($this, 'b2bking_my_account_add_conversations'), 10, 1 );
            // Add conversations endpoint
            add_action( 'init', array($this, 'b2bking_conversations_endpoint') );
            // Add content to endpoint
            add_action( 'woocommerce_account_conversations_endpoint', array($this, 'b2bking_conversations_endpoint_content') );
            // Add content to individual conversation endpoint
            add_action( 'woocommerce_account_conversation_endpoint', array($this, 'b2bking_conversation_endpoint_content') );

adb – How do I get all process PIDs on the current Android version?

Previously with Android KitKat or Marshmallow, commands like ps -a or htop returned the full process tree along the threads and zygote and init.

Now, however, only the processes of the app from which they were started are returned (also as root), while the complete PID list remains legible under /proc.

How do I re-list the full process list?

Pagination – Finds the number of posts displayed on the current page

I am currently trying to implement a function for loading additional functions, which is described in this stackoverflow article. To do this, it must be known how many posts have already been loaded. So I try to return the number of current posts on a particular page.

The code in question is as follows:

0, 'posts_per_page' => 6 )); while ($posts->have_posts()) { $posts->the_post(); ?>
max_num_pages > 1) echo '
More posts
'; // you can use as well ?>

Although the WP_Query only returns 6 posts, the functions work get_query_var('posts_per_page') and $wp_query->post_countIf you get a call, return 10. Any ideas what I'm missing here?

Thank you in advance.

How can I enable the Expand and Collapse (Accordion) menu in the current navigation for a SharePoint site with classic experience (SharePoint Online)?

As far as I know, you can use Code to enable expanding and collapsing in SharePoint navigation. The following articles describe how to use expand / collapse code for quick start in SharePoint, which may be useful for you.

Simple Expand/Collapse for the Quick Launch in SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Online

Expand Collapse SharePoint Left Menu Navigation using JavaScript

You can add the script to a single page to make it work on one page, or you can add it to the master page if you want it to work on all pages of the site collection.

Online resources – Where can I find a current list of curfews and closings related to COVID-19 in different countries?

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Data structures – Determine the area of ​​the current node in the segment tree

I tried to find a method for determining the range of a node, although it failed quite miserably $ n $. By range I mean an interval $ (l, r) $ via the base array, which can be reached from the subtree rooted under $ n $.

I'm sorry I used the wrong terminology. I am inexperienced in formality. If my explanation above doesn't make sense for this reason, I'll give an example instead:

For the segmented tree based on $ A = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 } $, the root $ n_1 $ would have a range $ (0, l-1) = (0.7) $ to the $ l $ as the length of the base array.
The left leaf of the root $ n_1 $, would then have a range $ (0, left lfloor frac {l-1} {2} right rfloor) = (0.3) $.

The motivation for this is a recursive update function, in which only the interval to be updated and the current node are required: $ update (l, r, n_i) $

How can I copy the current subtitle to YouTube without having to open the transcription window?

How can I copy the current subtitle on YouTube to the clipboard without having to open the transcription window?

Example: In the following video I would like to copy the current subtitle

However, if it lands in the air, the virus can land on a particle and hover there for up to 3 hours.

to the clipboard

Enter the image description here

As mentioned above, I don't want to open the transcription window:

Enter the image description here