Permissions – If the library is not visible to you, why is the automatic link displayed in the current navigation?

I used to remember that the users who were removed should NOT see the library link if you stop inheriting permissions from above and display the automatic link in the current navigation of a library. Now you can see the library link, but if you click on it, you will see an empty library. I expected the page to have no access, but no, only the library with no content (but it can see all the metadata columns).

Do I remember wrong or has something changed? The only way to "hide" the URL is to use audience targeting in Settings – Navigation ?.

I use a classic page.

Detect if the current session was started via RDP

Because a process is running on a Windows computer (C # / .NET running as a standard user – without administrator privileges), I would like this process to check how the logon session started – as Terminal Services / RDP or as interactive logon to Console?

All I could find is the current state of the session. But I'm not so much interested in his current state (that can change), but rather in the way he started.

I spent some time digging about it but could not find anything useful.

Javascript – Migrate the current React JS project to run in Sharepoint

Our team has created a React SPA based on js and not ts. As I've seen, creating and using a Web Part requires typescript. This project is quite extensive, so I wonder what our best option would be to integrate this SPA into Sharepoint. Is converting the project to type script the best option? Are there any other ways to deploy a SPA in Sharepoint without creating a Web Part?

The other thing is that we want to have a test site that runs this on its own outside Sharepoint. Would we essentially need two different codebases for this?

sharepoint online – allow the current user to programmatically assign a list item

I'm creating an event webpart associated with a list of items. When a user participates in an event, a JSON object is parsed into a TXT document attached to that particular list item / event. with the user details. However, if a user does not have edit permission, it will not work. In that case, I want to give the user edit permissions. I use sharepoint online.

I thought about using the REST API to change the user permissions for that particular list item, but as far as I can grasp it, it seems that it only works for group permissions, and not the current user. Did I miss something or do I have to use a different method?

magento2 – Get the current custom product attribute when you run the Add Shopping Cart feature – Magento 2

I need to access a custom attribute of the current product in VendorModuleNamePluginCheckoutControllerCart, I tried to get this from the request param, checkoutSession, registry (although it is outdated), but it failed.

Is that possible? Below I show you my code,

    objectManager = $objectManager;
        $this->resultRedirectFactory = $resultRedirectFactory;
        $this->url = $url;
        $this->request = $request;
        $this->_checkoutSession = $_checkoutSession;

     * Around cart execute
     * @param MagentoCheckoutControllerCartAdd $subject
     * @param Closure                              $proceed
     * @throws MagentoFrameworkExceptionLocalizedException
     * @throws MagentoFrameworkExceptionNoSuchEntityException
    public function aroundExecute(
        MagentoCheckoutControllerCartAdd $subject,
        Closure $proceed
    ) {
        $cartData = $this->_checkoutSession->getQuote()->getAllVisibleItems();
        $cartDataCount = count($cartData);
        $objectManager = MagentoFrameworkAppObjectManager::getInstance();
        $product = $objectManager->get('MagentoFrameworkRegistry')->registry('current_product');//get current product
        $logger = MagentoFrameworkAppObjectManager::getInstance()->get(PsrLogLoggerInterface::class);

        $contactUrl = $this->url->getUrl(
        $result = ();
        $result('backUrl') = $contactUrl;


I am aware that the use of ObjectManager is not recommended. This was done for testing purposes only.

Remove current Twitter sessions

I have not been on Twitter for a while and when I signed up in the last few days, I found that the desktop version was overworked and I did not find the option to delete all of my current sessions for my account refer to these gadgets.

How can I remove all my current sessions so that only the latest gadget is displayed when I log in again?

Web Part of the current user filter in SharePoint

I want the user to see only the tasks intended for his department
For example, IT users who are logged in to the task list should see only tasks for the IT department.

I'm trying to use the "Current User Filter" Web Part, but if I select "Edit Web Part" and then go to the "SharePoint Profile Value for Current User" drop-down list, it will be empty.

Please see the attached photo and the help.

Many thanks

Enter image description here

7- D7: The field collection contains an entity reference field that uses an entity reference view based on the current NID. Adding an FC element clears all values

My node type has a field collection with unlimited values. It has an entity reference field for users. The available values ​​come from a view that uses the current NID.

The first FC element works fine, but when I click Add Element, the entire FC field appears to be updated, with no options for the Object Reference field available. The first entry is deleted.

I tried hook_views_pre_viewI tried to pass the argument [current-page:url:arg:1] In the settings of the field I have tried the regular view options like content ID / raw value, PHP.

The only thing that works is the use Fixed Value with the NID of the test node. Then the form works as intended.

Any ideas on how to do this job? This is time critical and I'm at a loss. Many thanks.