Can you recommend an NJ provider better than my current one?

I do not want to reveal the name of my current provider, but it's a very popular NJ provider.

What I have currently put together:

2x 2U @ $ 89.99 per total so I pay about $ 180 / month

Details by:

13 useable IPv4

15 TB transmission at 1 Gbit / s

2 amps


As I said, I have two now, but I would like to put together two more servers, but paying the price per server is a bit costly. I wonder if a reputable supplier could do it better. If so, let us do it. There must be a better deal in New Jersey!

In my ideal world. 2x in NJ, and 2x somewhere on the West Coast or in Central America. My biggest concern is the bandwidth. I would like more than 15 TB. Joe's data center offers 33TB, but it does not offer an NJ location. Thanks.

Google Sheets – How to Get the Latest Version Registered Spring Security client and save it to Thread Local. Then pass the value to the current tenant resolver class

Following the approach of the Hibernate Multitenancy database I am developing a multitenant application in which approximately 500 users can log in at the same time option, a logged in user from Spring Safety to the CurrentTenantIdentifierResolver class.

Get the current logged-in client from spring security and set the value for the local thread modifier class

This is the local thread class that contains the currently logged on client

public class Modifier {

private Tenant tenant;

 private static final ThreadLocal CONTEXT = new ThreadLocal<> 

  public static void setTenantId(String tenantId) {



  public static String getTenantId() {
    return CONTEXT.get();

  public static void clear() {


Here I am trying to get the value of the client from the local thread, but after login I get the client value as zero

package com.domain.multitenancy;

 public class CurrentTenantIdentifierResolverimpl implements 
 CurrentTenantIdentifierResolver   {

 String DEFAULT_TENANT_SCHEMA = "tenantId1";

public String resolveCurrentTenantIdentifier() {
String tenantId=Modifier.getTenantId();

if (tenantId == null) {


   return tenantId;


public boolean validateExistingCurrentSessions() {
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub
    return true;


This code was also used. Due to static loading during multi-tenancy, the instance has been updated each time and does not display the correct database associated with the user who is viewing a different database

public class Tenant {

private static String tenantId;

public static String getTenantId() {
   return tenantId;

public static void setTenantId(String tenantId) {
    this.tenantId = tenantId;


dual citizenship – was there any case of applying for a visa ever in a case where a embassy was asked to prove their right of residence in the current country?

I think I've heard cases where a Chinese citizen living in the US was trying to extend his passport. He was asked for proof of why he was resident in the US because his expiring Chinese passport did not contain a US visa (the person was a US dual citizen) citizen).

Well, has such a thing ever happened when a person applied for a visa for another country and instead received a similar request to justify what legal basis they are in the current country?

To give an example, what I mean when a Chinese citizen living in the US has sent his Chinese passport (without a US visa) to apply for a tourist visa, for example, at an Australian, Russian, Polish, etc. embassy. Just one example, you do not have to be a Chinese citizen or one of the countries mentioned and try to see if this is possible / has happened.

sharepoint designer – 2013 Workflow is not executed if the option "Update workflow status automatically to the current level name" is deactivated in the document library

SP 2016 OnPrem:

I'm using an API to do a custom upload to my document library. After the first upload, my script collects basic information about the user to set default values ​​and update the document properties. The article is uploaded almost immediately and saved a second time. After that I will immediately open the document properties so that the user can add more details, all within the same process. I have set a 2013 workflow to run on update so it fires on second save.

This causes a conflict error when trying to save the document properties for the third time (in the UI). (While I opened the document properties, the workflow was running in the background.) It's the same problem described here: Document properties can not be saved when workflow is enabled

I can work around this by disabling the "Automatically update workflow status to the current level name" option in the workflow. This prevents the conflict, but also prevents my workflow from being triggered on this UI backup.

I've checked the end date in the workflow history, and I'm sure it will not run on the third save. However, when I close the document properties, reopen and save, the workflow is triggered.

So the problem has something to do with uploading via API, updating via API, and opening the document properties in the UI at one go.

It makes sense why the conflict would occur, but not why the workflow will not run if I disable this option.

Any advice?


Is there a way to compare a column value of the next row with the current row in a Dataset object in Spark using Java?

I am trying to convert an existing dataset to the new schema using the scheme below using Java

current scheme

id roll_no student
1 1232 John
2 1456 anna
3 1832 mike
4 2002 Dave

should turn into a new schema based on roll_no and add next_student if roll_no is next to the current student

id roll_no student next_student
1 1232 John Mike
2 1234 anna dave
3 1233 mike anna
4 1235 Dave zero

Is there a way to compare the column value of different rows in the dataset to do this. I would appreciate any hints to solve this problem.

Scala and PySpark display Window Object Lag and Lead methods, but I want to know if there's a way in Java

office 365 – PowerApps – The SharePoint Person / People field can not be set to Current User

I can assign a person field to the current user in a PowerApp. I've followed the tutorial below, but the dropdown control is not set to the current user. This approach seems to be the general consensus on how to achieve this. I have to miss one step.

PowerApps Set SharePoint Person field to Current User

OnVisible property of my screen:

//Here I am setting the person field record to a variable 'myself' with current user values
Collect(Collection1, {Pressed: Button1.Pressed});UpdateContext({ myself: { 
 '@odata.type': "#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedUser",
  Claims:"i:0#.f|membership|" & Lower(User().Email),   
manager: Office365Users.ManagerV2(Office365Users.MyProfile().Id).mail,
varAlwaysTrueForTest: true})

Default property of the drop-down control for person fields:

//This should show the current user in the dropdown control after my screen becomes visible
If(varAlwaysTrueForTest, myself, Parent.Default)

Update the property of the Person field DataCard:

//DataCardValue6 is my person dropdown control
If(varAlwaysTrueForTest, myself, DataCardValue6.Selected)

Result – should be filled out with the current user

empty person field

homepage – I would like to change the latest post headings in my current WordPress theme

Enter image description hereEnter image description here
I'm currently using the topic "Elixer" in my WordPress site
I designed the homepage according to the page builder theme. But after adding the latest blog post option, it looks so bad. I want to design and give it a box shape in the title – "Latest on BlogLeet" and please tell me how I can avoid the frame shape and these blanks. I want all options with full width.
Thank you very much.

Term Store – When you click on a link in the Enterprise Wiki category, only the current page is returned

In Sharepoint Online, I have an enterprise wiki that I created with CSOM.

I have a term store and on each page there is a section with categories where the terms are displayed:
Enter image description here

If I click on one of them, I would expect to see a list of all pages with the same term / category. But I only get 1 result: The page itself:

Enter image description here

I can add new ones to the terms created with CSOM, but they behave the same way.

Everything looks normal with the Term Store Manangement Tool:
Enter image description here

Why do not I get the list of pages I expect?

How do I find the current URL after the Google webmaster interrupted a link?

I would like to find the current link for the link below. The Google webmaster has fixed the issue and is not indexed on the Wayback computer.!category-topic/gmail/share-and-discuss-with-others/3J3r2JqFNTw

The link leads to the post of Iranian colleague who asked for the [unexpected] CA change for GMail, which eventually exposed the failure of Diginotar.