Samsung – Custom Android OS / Rom with enhanced security protection [Development Help Needed]

So I was wondering (I searched the internet and various websites and unfortunately did not find what I needed)


  • I want to customize and create the Android operating system for my mobile phone.

My device information for physical tests:

  • Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace, SM-J111F
  • Run Android 5.1.1 (I've updated the ROM from 4.x.x to 5.1.1)


I would like this mod / patch to be added to the 5.1 version of Android, but if it can be integrated into all versions, that would be great, but I am amming for Android 5.1.x.

Adjustments include:

  • Q1: Password protection for the recovery menu (such as BitLocker password query)
  • Q2: Password protection for the OTA download menu (over-the-air) (such as the BitLocker password query)
  • Q3: Password protection for the flashing ABD (enter password using the ABD prompt before a user can perform updates or data uploads / downloads on the device)

In terms of Q3 (as above) I would like to limit the number of accepted passwords to at least 5 minutes per password attempt. (so 12 password attempts would take to complete an hour)

Your help

  • Could you please tell me which files may need to be changed, as well as information about the tutorials I can follow?
  • Start from the beginning (I have no Android OS development experience, except a few apk apps from Unity3D)
  • I'm a software developer and I've been working with embedded systems running C and C ++. A few web apps and some backend C # systems.

Thank you for the help and support in advance!

woocommerce – How do I add custom data for a particular product that I have programmatically and with a separate anchor to the shopping cart to my shopping cart?

function iconic_output_engraving_field() {
    global $product;

    if ( $product->get_id() !== 95 ) {

__( 'Engraving', 'iconic' ), 'value' => wc_clean( $cart_item('iconic-engraving') ), 'display' => '', ); return $item_data; } add_filter( 'woocommerce_get_item_data', 'iconic_display_engraving_text_cart', 10, 2 );

Plugins – Edit existing shortcodes in a custom field

I have a very similar question: Custom Fields Bulk Editing

I want to edit ALL data in a custom field, but instead of replacing values, I want to add an attribute to the custom field on each page. Example:

This is an existing speed dial
[idx-listings linkid="387056" count="6"]
I'd like to add an attribute that looks like this:
[idx-listings linkid="387056" count="6" showlargerphotos="true"]
Is there a way to depend on the crowd? showlargerphotos Attribute within the existing shortcode without affecting the rest of the string?

8 – Change the UserPasswordForm redirection with a custom submission

I would like to change the redirection of UserPasswordForm from Drupal's core

function maubl_user_form_alter(&$form, FormStateInterface $form_state, $form_id){
switch($form_id) {
case 'user_pass':
    $form('actions')('submit')('#submit')() = 'maubl_user_submit_forgot_pass';
function maubl_user_submit_forgot_pass(&$form, DrupalCoreFormFormStateInterface $formState){



The redirect will be done correctly, but the sending of UserPasswordForm will stop and the e-mail will not be sent. Does anyone know why and how I can fix this?

php – How to select from two different tables to display a job list with a custom column from another table

I have a table that contains additional data about customer orders
I want to create a spreadsheet on a specific page when the user logs in.

When the user logs in, I want to show him all of his orders and add a column from another table using the left link to $ order-> get_id () column.

The ID number has the same values ​​on my tables, but I can not find an option to connect to it and display the relevant output as an HTML table to the customer.

Magento2: Mass update of custom table state through the UI component grid

I have a UI component grid in Admin that displays data from the custom table multivendor_product in which id is the primary key of the table and another field product_id is the product ID catalog_product_entity.entity_id, Here's the massaction tag in the XML file of the UI component:



Now when I select the records and one of the actions, I go to the controller Custom/Marketplace/Controller/Adminhtml/Product/massStatus.phpbut I can not refresh the table.
I would like to update the table with the new status and also if the disapprove Action is selected, disable the product as well.

Could someone help me with that?
thank you in advance

To delete a custom file from the upload directory when you delete its post

I save an uploaded attachment in a custom directory below wp-content/uploads/my-directory/ and save its value in wp_postmeta Table. When I delete the post, the attached file is not deleted from the path.

So I tried to connect to that delete_post Tick ​​to clear the file from the path:

Unfortunately, the file is not deleted from the directory. πŸ™

What can I do?

macos – How do I create a custom dynamic wallpaper in Catalina?

I tried to set a custom dynamic wallpaper in Catalina, as I did in Mojave (which worked well), but my dynamic wallpaper displays the following option because you can see the image (broken).

Enter image description here

and if I want to change it the "Dynamic" option is not there!

Enter image description here

I tried to find the path of the default dynamic backgrounds and I could not paste the ".heic" files where the background image of Catalina is located. I also tried setting a default dynamic background image first and in dynamic mode. Then I switched to the custom wallpaper and did not work.

Has the dynamic background image format changed in Catalina OS?

How can I set a custom wallpaper in Catalina?

Link to the custom wallpaper

magento2 – How do I add images to custom themes?

I have to add an additional static image in the page header. Right after the logo.

My child topic tree in
(magento project root)/app/design/frontend/My_Vendor/My_Theme/

  β”œβ”€β”€ Magento_Theme
  β”‚   └── templates
  β”‚       └── html
  β”‚           └── header
  β”‚               └── logo.phtml
  β”œβ”€β”€ media
  β”‚   └── preview.png
  β”œβ”€β”€ registration.php
  β”œβ”€β”€ theme.xml
  └── web
      └── images
          β”œβ”€β”€ logo.png
          └── CUSTOM_TAGLINE.png

The CUSTOM_TAGLINE.png missing in the static files, the rest works fine.

Symlinks to images are created in a static folder (magento project root)/pub/static/frontend/My_Vendor/My_Theme/my_language/images/, My custom logo.png appears there together with loader-1.gif what I suspect comes from the parent topic. Unfortunately my custom picture CUSTOM_TAGLINE.png is not there.

In my modified Magento_Theme/templates/html/header/logo.phtml I have the lead echo $block->getViewFileUrl('images/CUSTOM_TAGLINE.png') This works as expected and returns the path to the generated static folder.

What do I miss here? Do I have to declare that? CUSTOM_TAGLINE.png somehow?