magento2.3.2 – Magento 2.3 Customer Shipping Address Custom Attribute Error saving the value in the database from the cash register

I'd like to add a custom billing address field and use the tutorial below for reference

Magento 2 Add extra billing or shipping field to the checkout

Everything is working well. However, the entered value is not stored in the database and is not displayed here.

Any help would be appreciated || very urgent

thank you for reading


Did you track customer websites when they were adults?

Today in search of inspiration … * sigh *

For those of you who host hosting, are there any customers / sites that over time have monitored and monitored how they "grew up" and became successful?

I've been working on a startup that has been stopped over and over again for problems that crop up in life. And since the Internet has changed so much since my original business idea, I'm afraid I missed my opportunity.

I try to finalize things in the months to come and go online, but I lose the courage to do what I do when that little inner voice says, "That will never work!"

One thing that would really help – at least emotionally – are the examples of small ma-and-pa sites that actually started and turned into profitable businesses. (And I do not mean the nonsense that you read in the media, but REAL examples.

For example, I have no idea what kind of traffic makes a website successful …

My website offers both free and paid content and will also be an ecommerce website. It deals with topics that appear in the news every day and that are uncontested. There is no advertising and all the money is earned through paid subscriptions and products like books and manuals.

Maybe this is a good way to get a picture of what I really want to know …

"If you had a shop where everything sells How many people would you need to visit each day to earn enough money to stay in business? "

I know, that's a vague question, but that's the point …

I am not trying to get involved in profit margins and the like, but only in a general sense check.

Does that make any sense?

Back to my website …

What makes many visitors?

Are 100 visitors a day? How about 500? 1000? Do I need more

What makes a lot of traffic?

Are 10 simultaneous users important? How about 100? Maybe 500? Do I need more

When I go shopping at Walmart, it seems like every person who comes in will buy something. I do not think it's that easy online. Do I need 10,000,000 visitors to turn this business into a business that supports me? Or could I make do with less?

Basically, I'm just trying to formulate my expectations for this business / website so I'm not completely devastated if it does not work out. I started with it because tons of people around me, mostly strangers, encouraged me to turn it into a business. I think it is therefore a viable business idea.

Unfortunately, almost everything I read online about business and entrepreneurship is totally stupid. So I do not want to be a jerk and believe a would-be blogger who says, "So and so, after the easy 7 steps, they bought $ 10,000 / month for their first month !!)

Here's hoping that someone can give me * legitimate * advice, and maybe even a little encouragement to start my own business …

Data – How to ensure that the services are used by a customer

In this case, the date of origin of the records from the database can be a hint
The newer the entry, the higher the probability that it is current. There may also be an entry indicating the frequency of use of the services, or whether they have generally been used by someone.

Often, people sign up without being consumers at the same time. It is worthwhile to determine the value of this factor

Sending e-mails can also be a possibility in addition to offering premium payments

You have thought about qualitative research?

You will get an initial insight and an analysis of the topics, which you can then confirm quantitatively

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