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Exmasters is a global leader in adult and high-speed web hosting that offers a new concept for affordable web hosting with no setup fees or hidden fees. Our radical low prices, fast technical support and first-class network are the key to your success.

Here are our virtual private servers (VPS), Virtual private server is a very popular option for those who need the performance of a server, but at very reduced prices. The customer also gets full root access and all the functions of a dedicated server, including control panel, etc. All of our virtual private servers are managed so that they are suitable for both beginners and experienced webmasters.

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Exmasters.com offers the following solutions:


Virtual server VPS1

  • CPU: 1 core
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard disk: 25 GB
  • Setup: FREE

Monthly price: $ 15.00 – Customize and order now

VPS2 virtual server

  • CPU: 2 core
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Hard disk: 50 GB
  • Setup: FREE

Monthly price: $ 25.00 – Customize and order now

VPS3 virtual server

  • CPU: 4 core
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard disk: 100 GB
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Monthly price: $ 35.00 – Customize and order now

VPS4 virtual server

  • CPU: 8 core
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Monthly price: $ 45.00 – Customize and order now

VPS5 virtual server

  • CPU: 8 core
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Monthly price: $ 65.00 – Customize and order now

additional information

  • We do not use a shared or oversold network, only premium bandwidth!
  • All virtual servers have a premium bandwidth of 2000 GB. Let us know if you need more.
  • Fully managed technical support available 24/7 (email, phone, ICQ, online chat)
  • Control panels and special server management available
  • Every virtual private server is delivered with a pre-installed system – everything works immediately!
  • 100% compatible with video streaming (ffmpeg etc.)!
  • Detailed real-time transmission statistics included
  • Free local server firewall, forget about security problems
  • Free ping monitoring of your server (24/7 per minute)
  • Hardware configuration upgrade available anytime (even mid-month)
  • Bandwidth upgrade / downgrade available at all times (even mid-month)
  • The activation of the virtual private server is not immediate, but is usually operational the same day
  • We can help you move all of your content from another server for free and with no downtime

If you need a custom private server (configuration, bandwidth), simple CONTACT US,
You don't need to know anything about managing private servers, it's our job!
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Zendesk For WHMCS 2.2.0 Your springboard for customer love! | Proxies-free

The last week was particularly busy for the entire ModulesGarden team – after all, three complete module updates are no coincidence!

1. Zendesk for WHMCS 2.2.0

Let us introduce you to the new update of the tool, which is a foolproof formula for real customer love and their unshakable trust in your company. Zendesk for WHMCS 2.2.0.

The outline of this revised version should definitely start with a heads-up on the new "Ticket Fields" In this field you can define which additional fields set up in Zendesk will be displayed to customers when they send new tickets via your WHMCS customer area. In addition, another level of flexibility has been introduced so that you can do this Rename your Zendesk departments – No matter whether you just want to translate them or set a completely different value, you can continue now! And last but not least, based on the voice of our customers, we gave the module the option of automatically adapting your customer's telephone number in Zendesk to the changes you make in your WHMCS.

How convenient is that?

Find out more about Zendesk For WHMCS 2.2.0 and see for yourself!

Second Dedicated EasyDCIM server for WHMCS 1.7.0

And now we want to put the spotlight on the second release this week. Our free EasyDCIM dedicated server for WHMCS module includes the WHMCS V7.9 support and a whole host of new features the 1.7.0 update that you are more than welcome to explore.

First, because of a couple of new criteria You can define jobs even more precisely, ie select the value "Any model" instead of specifying a specific server model and determining the required number of additional parts. When it comes to reordering Provisioning actions These are now running asynchronously, and if one of them is unsuccessful, the service status in your WHMCS will change accordingly. Last but not least, your customers have the opportunity to activate this "Rescue mode" to get an overview of your own partitions.

Although it looks like we've already exhausted the subject, there are still many changes that we need to address. Be sure to read the changelog notes and don't let a single change tell you!

Find out everything about EasyDCIM Dedicated Server for WHMCS 1.7.0!

Third Client Profile Viewer for WHMCS 1.7.0

The third that is mentioned today is our extremely practical module, which was developed to give you easy access to all the important details of your customers without having to switch to their profiles. Client Profile Viewer For WHMCS in a modernized Version 1.7.0.

A single mouseover is all it takes to get even more useful information about your customers two newly implemented widgets – Send credit card information and email. The second option allows you to send messages to your customers in a single moment. What is more, you can Make your tooltips leaner a little bit because of the option to set the maximum number of records that will appear in some widgets and also adjust them so that their records are arranged in columns side by side.

Enjoy the convenience that our recently launched Client Profile Viewer for WHMCS 1.7.0 update offers along with a handful of other improvements.

Find out everything about Client Profile Viewer for WHMCS 1.7.0!

4th Google Cloud Billing for WHMCS is on the way!

Finally, but no less important, we are pleased to announce that we are expanding the scope of our Cloud Billing For WHMCS solution Google Cloud Integration! This project the same way as our original integration with AWSwill best demonstrate its practicality to all Google Cloud providers who want to automate their customer billing.

Is there anyone interested in the early beta testing of this upcoming novelty and willing to give us their honest feedback? Maybe the breathtaking 75% discount will make this decision a little easier!

Consult our experts for a much more detailed overview and exclusive beta access!

Do you need customized software development for your company?

Especially for you, we adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system that was created from scratch!

magento2 – Custom customer attribute is not shown in the admin customer grid table

I created a ph: Number customer attribute for the customer registration form. But now I'm facing an issue where this attribute doesn't appear in the back-end customer grid

Enter the image description here

The phone number attribute in the image above is what I created and the code is mentioned below

Method in my installation scheme

    public function install(ModuleDataSetupInterface $setup, ModuleContextInterface $context)
        $customField = "custom_field";
        $customFieldLabel = "Phone Number";
        $eavSetup = $this->eavSetupFactory->create(('setup' => $setup));

        $eavSetup->removeAttribute(Customer::ENTITY, $customField);

        $attributeSetId = $eavSetup->getDefaultAttributeSetId(Customer::ENTITY);
        $attributeGroupId = $eavSetup->getDefaultAttributeGroupId(Customer::ENTITY);

        $eavSetup->addAttribute(Customer::ENTITY, $customField, (
            // Attribute parameters
            'type' => 'varchar',
            'label' => $customFieldLabel,
            'input' => 'text',
            'required' => true,
            'visible' => true,
            'user_defined' => true,
            'sort_order' => 990,
            'position' => 990,
            'system' => 0,

        $attribute = $this->eavConfig->getAttribute(Customer::ENTITY, $customField);
        $attribute->setData('attribute_set_id', $attributeSetId);
        $attribute->setData('attribute_group_id', $attributeGroupId);
        $attribute->setData('used_in_forms', (


This customer attribute is missing in the following grid

Enter the image description here

Air travel – How can I contact Alitalia customer service?

Due to this recent coronavirus situation, I have to cancel the ticket I bought on the Alitalia website and I want to see my refund options. I'm having trouble reaching customer service. This is indicated on the purchases and refunds page

Reimbursement of the total or partial ticket price for flights canceled by
The passenger is admitted according to the terms of
Carriage for the ticket purchased. The conditions of carriage are displayed
during the booking and purchase process and on the ticket receipt.

Airport and security taxes are always reimbursed for all tariffs.

Refund of tickets purchased on alitalia.com through the customer center
and Alitalia ticket counters must be requested by phone
Customer center on 89.20.10 *. For tickets issued by travel agencies,
The request should be sent to the agency.

For airport tax refunds and administrative fees related
For tickets with a non-refundable tariff, please contact: 06 65 640.

* From the landline network including VAT: 64 cents / min. without connection fee. For mobile phones including VAT: TIM, Vodafone and Tre (16 cents
Connection fee + 95 cents / min.); Wind (15 cents connection fee +
98 cents / min.).

Landline that I'm calling is From Abroad +39 06 65649, but all I get is standard machine voice (sorry you have to wait …). I could send a direct email but they don't seem to have one for Italy so I contacted an office in Serbia customer.relationsCS@alitalia.itAccording to the customer and service link, they have an office in the U.S., but I'm not sure if this only applies to U.S. or worldwide service.

How can I contact them for a refund?

Hardware – Apple MacBook Pro data recovery with T1 and T2 & Customer Data Migration Tool (LifeBoat)

Since Apple introduced non-removable SSDs in 2016, there's been a lot of blurring. If you spill water or drop the notebook, restoring the data can be a problem because the SSDs are proprietary (the ultimate guide to Apple's proprietary SSDs can be found here).

The models based on T1 and T2 differ significantly in how data is restored (see Macrumors).

Since I have a water-damaged 2016 MacBook Pro, I wondered if anyone could lead me to a detailed method of how to extract data from this model using a T1 chip.

This is the connector of the Customer Data Migration Tool as it appears in MacBook Pro 2016. (Source: MacRumors)

Connector for the Customer Data Migration Tool as it appears in MacBook Pro 2016.

There is an Apple part # 076-00236 that has already been discussed on iFixit. Apple Gazette has conducted a more in-depth investigation and concludes that "a tool that doesn't seem to exist is popular". There is a recent video of someone opening this Apple tool.

It-tech.com.au offers even more information on this topic and above all a circuit diagram for the "LifeBoat".

Circuit diagram of the MacBook Pro Touch Bar A1707 lifeboat

Has anyone tried this successfully at home? Can you point me out for more information and advice: I want to know if data extraction is feasible and feasible for a person with adequate DIY and soldering skills.

magento2.3 – Send an internal notification email for an order when a certain customer group has placed an order

I am aware that you can send a new order email in Magento to a specific email address.

However, I would like to send a specific email to an internal email address assigned to a customer group (for credit accounts) when an order is placed so that it can take action.

Is it easy to get to or is there a module that already does this?

magento2 – In the customer processing page of the backend in the shopping cart tab, all offers are displayed if the customer does not have an item in their shopping cart in Magneto2.

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CanSpace is Canada's leading provider of hosting services. Our Web hosting plans are 100% Canadian, and fully managed solutions – We take care of managing your server so you can focus on your business. CanSpace.ca is a CIRA certified Provider – certified annually by the Government of Canadaand we've been in the hosting business for over 30 years ten years, Our headquarters are located in Canada. Our data centers are together with all of our servers is located in Canada, All of our employees are here in Canada and we only charge in Canadian dollars. We are the leading Canadian .ca domain registrar, Canada's largest companies and organizations trust us. If you haven't guessed yet, CanSpace is a very proud Canadian company – just like your own.

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3) 30 days guarantee – When you choose CanSpace for your company's web hosting needs, you choose security, professionalism, and security. We are so confident that you are satisfied with our web hosting services that we will refund your money if you are not! All of our standard web hosting packages are covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee with no risk.
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Existing customers can submit one Unterstüzungsticket about our customer area. Our support technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, We strongly recommend existing customers to use our ticket system so that we can properly track your issue.

TEL:: 1-888-99-DOT-CA
E-mail:: (Email protected)
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Database design – anonymize customer orders

In my database I have customers with their orders.

All orders older than 3 years must be "anonymous", but I need them for statistical reasons (including nationality, age, number of orders, etc.).
If a customer has an order 3 years ago and an order yesterday, I should only keep the last one for the guest, the older one should be "anonymous".

In a way, I should "detach" the order from the actual customer and tie it to a similar customer (ie with acceptable characteristics such as age, gender, nationality). And probably get rid of customers after that who have no more orders.

I'm not sure how to do it. I have the additional problem that customers come from an external data source with their own unique key. Therefore, creating new anonymous guests with a different key is very risky, which can lead to duplicates.

I could turn such guests into negative ID cards … but it sounds like a terrible workaround for me.

I don't know if I'm missing something in the problem. I am interested in the database structure. Perhaps I am doing something unusual here and anonymous data is transferred to another database as best practice.

I'm looking for a standard solution, not a workaround.