[OVH 120s server] From a long time customer of OVH, have been waiting 52 hours.

Hello, I’m here to share a bad experience with OVH, I’m kind of lazy to do something like this but this time it’s really piss me off.

On June 1st I ordered a 120s server of OVH, my payment method was already verified because I’m a long time customer (7 years, from 2013)

http s://i.imgur.com/Gtlh3T8.png

I though the service will be delivered quick, but no, after 14 hours, I sent them a support ticket:

http s://i.imgur.com/OM8GG08.png

Ticket content:

Hello, I’m a long time customer and I have purchased many servers in the past few years.
But this order, I have wait for more than 12 hours but its status still be ‘Confirmation’, while I am already a trusted/verified buyer.

I have an urgent work that need this server fast, if you could not provide this server soon, could you cancel this order so I could rent this urgent server elsewhere?

Thank you and have a nice day.

And they have not replied, from the time I ordered to the time I make this post, it’s already 52 hours. I cannot cancel the order too.

If they treat a long time customer like this (already verified, pay every months, renting many servers), I don’t know how would they treat new customer.

Thanks for reading.

magento 1.9 – Creating XML RPC method in customer module

I am creating a rpc method in the local customer module. But I am getting invalid path error. After hours of debugging also I am not able to figure out the missing portion. I was able to create in my local sales module but somehow its failing here.

In local/Mycompany/Customer/etc/api.xml :

        <customer translate="title" module="mycompany_customer">
            <title>Customer API</title>
                <setCustomerWhatsappStatus translate="title" module="customer">
                    <title>Set whatsapp status for customer</title>
            <faults module="mycompany_sales">
                    <message>Invalid data given. Details in error message.</message>
            <customer translate="title" module="mycompany_customer">
                <setCustomerWhatsappStatus translate="title" module="mycompany_customer">
                    <title>Set whatsapp status for customer</title>

And in my local/Mycompany/Customer/Model/Customer/Api.php :


class Mycompany_Customer_Model_Customer_Api extends Mage_Customer_Model_Customer_Api
    public function setMethod($phone) {

And I am calling this method with dbaux_customer_customer.setCustomerWhatsappStatus but get Invalid Path error meaning that its not able to reach the method mentioned.

Please let me know if I missed something.

confluence – Best webapp for having a customer information site with authentication?

At a startup we have a short list of resellers and early users, so we need to create a customer/user resource website, usually I would suggest Confluence but I’m thinking there may be a better alternative where we can host documents and information and still have users authenticate for access.

magento2 – How to disable auto logout customer function in magento 2

I have some customers in my Magento2 application, now I try to delete them from backend. When these customers status is “Logged-in”, they will auto logout by the system when they refresh the page.

Now I want to disable this function, and move it into checkout module, auto logout when they do checkout. So the problem is, which file should i modify? Is it come from the core-module?

Rackspace awful customer service | Web Hosting Talk

I went to move a customer of mine to hosted email, the colo provider they are with are getting blacklisted by Hotmail making email sending unreliable. I read a review on Rackspace and thought it seemed ideal and had good reviews.

I filled all the forms in, made my payment and was then told they would take up to 1 business day to review my account. I received and email the next day telling me my account had been refused and to contact this email if I wanted to know more. That was over a week ago. Today they have helped themselves to money from my account. I have raised a support ticket however if it’s anything like my other emails it will be ignored. I will no doubt have to raise a chargeback for a tiny sum of money which will cost them a fortune.

The company in question is a tiny manufacturing company which sends less than 50 emails a day, a zero bounce rate(or near as) and has been established over 5 years with physical premises and active website.

Avoid this lot. Zoho did the job in the end, no problems and running in 20 mins.

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magento2 – How to monitor something(e.go customer points) by using a custom indexer

I’ve created a custom module (magento 2 commerce version) which is going to index all customer points into a custom flat table, but i don’t know to implement the the followings:

1) when customer’s point is changed, set the customer indexer to “invalid” for indicating the indexer need to be re-indexed
2) how can i get the customers ids which are needed to be re-indexed?