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Website creation with customizable tree view – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

I am interested in creating a website in the form of a traditional book
with an additional function of a clickable tree view of chapters, subchapters and individual pages
with text and pictures.

During the building process, this tree view should be easily customizable, i.e. H.
With simple mouse clicks you can add, delete and rearrange all of the above.

Nothing special, except to make nested groupings of my pages and to be able to change their structure easily.

I would like guidance on how to best do it. My previous survey shows
that most web hosting platforms do not include a tree view tool.
Am I missing something fundamental here?

Unit – How do I program a series of customizable changes to a game (architectural / organized)?

The bottom of my game (tower defense) consists of a series of dice. I want to change this on some waves. I have a list of changes that need to be made for each shaft in a floorController class. However, to decide which floor cubes should appear or disappear in each round, I had to assign a bool to each cube for each wave (if this is set to true, the floor in that wave changes). However, this process is lengthy and not easy to change and adjust to experiment with the level. How can I structure this system better from the perspective of architecture programming?

Plugins – Customizable collection topic

I'm creating a truck listing page.
However, all topics relate to vehicle lists and the fields for adding new offers are incorrect. I need to be able to adapt these fields to my site.

Can anyone recommend a topic or topics can you change these fields (if so how do I check)
Or should I just create my own entry?
I don't want to buy a topic and it doesn't help me.

Conversion – is Adventures of Middle Earth material customizable for Rolemaster?

I am currently running a Rolemaster campaign in Middle-earth, TA 1640. I have source material for Rhudaur (where the group is currently located), Rivendell and Angmar.

I came across this bundle of books, which contains many interesting regions, but the system is not Rolemaster or MERP; it is "Adventure in Middle-earth".

Will it be easy to use this material for Rolemaster, or are they very different systems? At what age is it set?

Magento2 Show the text field for customizable options on the invoice and in the backend

We have a customizable option for a single product that is set to Text> Field. However, the text is not displayed on the order page in the backend or on the sales receipt or invoice.

We had the same custom option for Magento1, but it doesn't appear in Magento 2.

Thanks a lot!

9.0 pie – How do I install apps on an SD card with little internal storage – customizable, app2sd, Xposed?

I tried to install an app on my 9.0 phone for hours today.

App size: ~ 1.5 GB

Internal memory: 13 / 16gb.

SD card (formatted to be adoptable): 4 / 64gb

I have read the answers here explaining why this doesn't work. Others mention symlink or terminal commands, and others talk about link2sd and root options.

Basically, from here I have a lot of outdated and incomplete answers, without really checked current solutions.

I thought this was an easy search, but I'm trying to get a coherent answer before I have another day to do with my cell phone.

It's a shame that I can't use my Stack Overflow employee for a bounty. Thank you very much, dear people, for your time.

(Hopefully, if someone knows a final, rooted, and unfounded solution, that answer can help someone else find an answer for 2020.)