Customization – Best practices for designing layouts for highly configurable / customizable web applications

As the title implies, I am looking for best practices or guidelines for designing highly configurable web applications.

We are currently redesigning our HR application completely. There is no screen without discussion about the problem of configuration options. Customers love that they can tailor our platform to their needs. In fact, it is one of our main selling points. But how can you ensure an aesthetically pleasing layout if you do not know how many buttons are displayed or how many options are available? Or how complex the search masks will be … you get the idea.

Examples of configuration options are:

  • QuickActions (one button per action)
  • QuickFilters (check boxes that enable a number of filters to suit your needs)
  • Labels and pictures
  • Visibility of certain features or content
  • etc.

Our current strategy is to make sure that standard configuration looks and feels good and we even validate our designs through user testing. However, since the configuration options are almost unlimited, we may not be able to test for all cases. We try to account for extremes or corner cases, but can not ensure that the layout is still fine on "bad" or overly configured pages.

Are there best practices or design guidelines on how to ensure a minimum of usability and aesthetics? How do you deal with this kind of "blur" in your layout? Any experiences or resources are highly appreciated!

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magento2 – Look up product attributes and customizable options

I am using info_buyRequest data stored in quotation marks. There are cases where both super attributes and options are included in the buyRequest. These are only displayed as DB IDs, and I'm trying to figure out how to best access their metadata, such as: On text codes, business names, etc.

Here is an example:

 id                          =[354]
 product                     =[2131]
 selected configurable option=[1869]
 related product             =[]
 item                        =[354]
 super attributes:
   super attribute:          =[174]=>[159]
   super attribute:          =[172]=>[137]
   super attribute:          =[173]=>[157]
   option:                   =[38]=>[some entered value for custom option 38]
   option:                   =[36]=>[some entered value for custom option 36]
   option:                   =[37]=>[some entered value for custom option 37]

I need to look up the attributes with IDs 174, 172, 173 and find the corresponding strings for the values ​​159, 137, 157.

Likewise, I need to look up the custom options with IDs 38, 36, 37 and find their names.

I am not sure what the best interfaces are to do this.

Any help grateful. Many thanks.

Architecture – Design a SaaS-based web system with customizable modules

Currently, at the beginning of the design of a SaaS system that provides web-based systems for tenants.

About the system

There are a number of existing components. Each tenant may want different components in their system and should be able to customize the components that are used and displayed on their pages.

The adaptation should take place via an administration page, without this being developed by the client.

And should be able to develop new components (from SaaS providers or tenants) to expand the platform with minimal impact based on the common API / common standard.

Current design

  • For the frontend
    • Create reusable widgets, each representing a component to the site.
      (eg js / css utils)
    • On the Admin page, the user could select the widgets to use and customize each widget using the parameters provided by the widget.
  • For the backend
    • Create each function as Micro Service,
      (eg Spring Boot applications)
    • Widgets from the frontend has recalls to call these services.
  • For expansion components.
    • Wrap down the underlying resources (such as datastores) and expose them in a standard manner to simplify the work of the component developers.

The questions are

  • in the Front end Part, is there a good library or solution to put these widgets together?
    I have limited experience with frontend programming (js / CSS / html)I'm not sure how to do that correctly and efficiently.
  • Are there any other ways to achieve the goal of putting together a website / website from small widgets / features?
  • Any other suggestions on the design?

magento2 – Magento 2 – Add customizable options to the email template

I have to specify the customizable options of the product along with the price in the email template. For this I changed the code and added the code for customizable options. All are displayed well, but the customizable options are not displayed.

Here is my code added module-sales / view / frontend / templates / email / items.phtml file

getOrder ()?>

    getAllItems (); ?>
    getParentItem ()):?>
    helper (> Magento  GiftMessage  Helper  Message & # 39;) -> isMessagesAllowed (& # 39 ;, $ _order, $ _order-> getStore ()) && $ _order-> getGiftMessageId ()) :?>
        helper (& # 39; Magento  GiftMessage  Helper  Message & # 39;) -> getGiftMessage ($ _ order-> getGiftMessageId ()); ?>

escapeHtml ($ _ giftMessage-> getSender ())?>
escapeHtml ($ _ giftMessage-> getRecipient ())?>

escapeHtml ($ _ giftMessage-> getMessage ())?>

Can someone tell me what the problem is and how to insert custom options with the price into this template.

Many Thanks.

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magento2.3.0 – magento 2.3.0 Product Customizable options display an error. The required options of the product have not been entered

In Magento 2.3.0, I created a simple product
Then I added a customizable option, but the checkbox is not required.
After saving the product, if I click the Add to cart button without checking the box (because it is not required), this error will be displayed

The required options of the product have not been entered. Make sure the options have been entered and try again.

Enter the image description here

I looked for this error and found that someone has addressed this problem before github

This is definitely a critical bug in version 2.3.0 of Magento and is still not resolved by them.
We upgraded our store from 2.2 to 2.3 for testing on the dev server. After this error has occurred, it does not seem to be the right solution for updating to Magento 2.3. Can someone fix this bug quickly?

Product – Customizable Option: How to display the Personalization Text text box only if the Personalization drop-down menu is set to YES

When adding a product, I would like the user to select "Personalization" (dropdown: "YES / NO") when "YES" "Personalization text" (text box) is displayed.
Currently, I do this with the "Customizable Option" option while adding a product. Both "personalization" and "personalization text" are now mandatory.

If personalization = YES, the personalization text should be displayed / activated and mandatory.
If Personalization = NO, the personalization text should be hidden / disabled.
If Personalization = – Select Option– is selected, the personalization text should be hidden / disabled.

From where should I deal with it?