Can Cyberpunk Red be used to create campaigns after the Unification War?

I’m considering getting the corebook, but first I would like to know how feasible would it be to use it to create a campaign after the Unification War. I know Red takes place right after the 4th Corpo War and its Night City is still part of NoCal, but I like the idea of instancing a campaign on an independent NC.

Does the core book allow a campaign like that? Or at least does it provide tools to create something like that?

Does the GM have total discretion regarding when to force an addiction roll for drugs in Cyberpunk 2020?

Cyberpunk 2020 obviously discourages player characters from voluntarily using drugs. The rulebook includes hints such as:

Remember: Drugs are dangerous. Mess
with them and you’ll probably kill your
character. Or at least mess him up beyond
repair. The choice is yours.
Just like real life.

However, the mechanics of Addiction rolls do not seem clear to me. The entry for “Black Lace” contains the following offhand comment:

If you fail your addiction save (1D10 roll higher than Body Type)

That seems to imply that players must periodically roll 1d10 after using drugs, and that any roll higher than a character’s Body Type indicates that the character is now addicted. If the GM allows a player character to have a 10 Body Type score, that player character should never fail any Addiction save! (And presumably the GM would be obligated to find some poison that reduces Body Type temporarily, then rule that the player became addicted due to the temporary weakness of his body.)

It would seem excessive to roll an Addiction Save after each use.

Example 1:


Type: Euphoric

Strength: + 1

Difficulty: 2

Cost: 100 per 6 pk

Duration: 1 D6+ 1 minutes

Smash is 2020’s answer to
alcohol-it’s yellow, foamy,
and comes in cans. It makes
you loose, happy and ready to
party. The downside is that
when it wears off, its psychological addiction component
makes you suicidal. If you fail
your addiction Save, you sink
into total catatonia; a feebly mumbling ball of
pain-a ripe target for some Booster looking
for spare change.


Clearly, alcohol addiction can raise your risk for suicidal depression in real life, but the effects of real-world alcohol in reducing reflexes certainly last longer than 1 to 6 minutes. (I might believe that alcohol only produces euphoria for 1 to 5 minutes in many real-world cases.) I interpret the rules to mean that choombas in Cyberpunk 2020 typically drink a can of Smash in 1 to 5 minutes and open another can as soon as the euphoria has worn off. Unlike alcohol, apparently drinking Smash does not increase one’s risk of crashing one’s motor vehicle.

However, a recent Cyberpunk Red podcast showed Mike Pondsmith himself encouraging his player characters to drink Smash before an adventure, so Pondsmith probably doesn’t intend Smash to be addictive for most people. Apparently the GM is supposed to make a personal judgement call regarding when a player character has been drinking too much Smash, and then the GM forces the player to roll a saving throw against addiction. I can’t find the specific rules that explain how to do this. However, once a character has become addicted, I believe Smash addicts have to deal with the “psychological addiction” rules:

Psychological Addiction (-8pts): The character is psychologically addicted, and must
roll lower than his CL each hour following
the last dose of the drug. On a failed roll, he
suffers extreme anxiety, fear and depression;
he become driven to find more of the drug
and can do nothing else. Kicking the addiction
is a VERY DIFFICULT Endurance check, and
may take as long as the Referee decides is


That would be impossibly harsh if every Smash drinker had to roll to resist addiction after every single usage of Smash. Apparently the GM is meant to make up his own rulings regarding when characters must roll for Addiction saves. Perhaps the frequency is supposed to be higher for Black Lace than for Smash.

However, the usefulness of “Black Lace” might make it very tempting to players. Thus GMs might want players to roll an Addiction Save after each and every use.

Black Lace

Type: Pain Negation

Strength: +3

Duration: 1 D6+ 1 hours

A high powered version of ‘Dorph which imparts euphoria, adrenal rush, and invulnerability to pain. Your CL is raised by 2, and you are
resistant to stun or shock effects. Lace is deadly.
Lace users become fearless, cold-blooded killing
machines-exactly what its military designers
were looking for. If you fail your addiction save
(1D10 roll higher than Body Type) roll an
additional 1 D6 and subtract the result from
your EMP stat. Treat the result as if suffering
from cyberpsychosis. If you go over the line,
too bad. Roll up another character.

Are there any “rules as written” that specify the frequency of addiction checks, or are GMs supposed to improvise?

cyberpunk 2020 – What book specifies rules for running fast on paired cyberlegs?

In Cyberpunk 2020, suppose you have a team with three members: Apple, Banana, and Canteloupe.

Movement Allowance {MA): This is an index of how fast your character
can run (important in combat situations). The higher your Movement
Allowance (MA), the more distance you can cover in a turn. RUN: To
determine how far your character can run in a single combat round
(@3.2 seconds) in meters, multiply your MA by 3. The character can run
three times this distance in a full 10 second turn. Write this in the
RUN section of your Hardcopy Form. LEAP: To determine how far your
character can leap (from a running start), divide your RUN by 4.
Write this in the LEAP section of your Hardcopy Form.

(p.26, 2020 rulebook)

The Solo, Apple, starts with a Movement Allowance of 2.
This means he can run 6 meters in 3.2 seconds and his RUN score is 18; that is, he can run 18 meters in 10 seconds. His LEAP stat is 18/4=4.5; this means he can do a running jump of 4.5 meters.

His friends, Banana and Canteloupe, have Movement Allowances of 3 and 4. They have RUN scores of 27 and 36; thus they have LEAP stats of 6.75 and 9, respectively. Because the basic rules do not mention vertical leaping, I assume that they cannot vertically leap to any major extent.

This solo, Apple, gets paired cyberlegs.

“Characters with paired cyberlegs can leap 6 meters straight
up, or make a running jump of up to 8 meters.”

(p. 89, 2020 rulebook)

This means that Apple effectively has a LEAP stat of 8. Assuming consistent equations, Apple’s RUN score should be 32. So Apple can run faster than Banana but is still slower than Canteloupe.

As far as I can tell, even though Apple can leap vertically, he is not protected from most falling damage. (If I were GM, I would say because he can leap up 6 meters, he can also fall 6 meters without taking damage IF he lands on his feet, but would take ordinary falling damage if he failed to land on his feet. I can’t find anything in the rules about that.)

As play proceeds, Apple wants to modify his legs so that he can run very fast. In the core rulebook, I cannot find any rules covering this. Some old R. Talsorian books probably have various rules. Which books have rules for running?

On an initiative roll in Cyberpunk Red, can you roll a critical success or a critical failure?

On an initiative roll in Cyberpunk Red, can you roll a critical success or a critical failure?

The Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit rules read, “When you roll a natural roll of 10 on your d10, you’ve scored a Critical Success” (20), but this is in the context of “Resolving Actions with Skills” – which may be a different context from an initiative roll.

For initiative, the rules merely say, “When a combat starts, everyone rolls Initiative: Initiative = REF + 1d10” (24), and they make no mention of the possibility of a critical success or a critical failure.

house rules – How to create a Full Borg Character in Cyberpunk Red?

So I recently got the cyberpunk red core rule book and have been making characters for it. I’ve been enjoying character creation for it but I do have a question. See I’ve been wanting to make a solo character that has gone full chrome/borg and is on the edge of cyber psychosis, Mostly cause I think it would be fun to rp, but I noticed that the red handbook doesn’t have rules for full chrome players. I know 2020 had rules for it but I don’t think it’s updated for Red.

So my question is does anyone have any ideas on how to create or run a full chrome character whether they be official or homebrew. I think it might make sense to have a big armor bonus but also have it be majorly expensive, and cost a lot of humanity.

Cyberpunk 2077-CODEX | Nulled Scripts Download

Genre: RPG
Language: English
Size: 55.1 GB




Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

OS: Windows 7 or 10

Processor: Intel Core i5-3570K or AMD FX-8310

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 or AMD Radeon RX 470

DirectX: Version 12

Storage: 70 GB available space

Additional Notes: SSD recommended


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

OS: Windows 10

Processor: Intel Core i7-4790 or AMD Ryzen 3 3200G

Memory: 12 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon R9 Fury

DirectX: Version 12

Storage: 70 GB available space




cyberpunk red – Is there a way to increase a character’s STATs with improvement points?

I’ve just been checking the new Cyberpunk RED rules. The improvement points section (page 411) describes how your character skills (normal and x2) and your Role Ability Rank can be improved. However, since you are limited to a maximum of 8 in your starting STATs (INT, REF, DEX…) I supposed that it would list a cost for raising your base STATs as well, but can’t find any mention of such a thing.

I don’t know if I just missed something, or if it’s only intended to be able to achieve such levels with cyberimplants (I doubt it), or another reason. Maybe a STAT has the same cost as Role Ability Rank and is mentioned somewhere?

Is there a way to increase a character’s STATs with improvement points?

How to Build a Combat Viable Cyberpunk 2020 Character that DOES NOT Use Guns

I am a first time player of Cyberpunk 2020 and I am eight sessions into a campaign with a party of four. We have a Rockerboy, a Solo, a Nomad, and a Fixer (me). When I started making the character I did not really want to focus on using exclusively guns nor did I want to get so cybered up that I would be in danger of cyberpsychosis. With that in mind, I put a few points into hand guns (I’m at a skill level of 3) and then quite a few more points into basic melee skills. Dodge & Escape (3), Melee (3), Brawling (3), and very recently Wrestling (4). I have realized that the most beneficial skills to learn will be some martial arts and I already had a tendency to do a Topple, Grapple, Hold, and Choke series of attacks so Wrestling will make that much more viable.

Combat ends up showing how I made a mistake in the path I’ve gone down, the Solo and Nomad are both using decent guns that deal 5, 6, or 7D6 that I did not put skill points into and would rather not spend all my future General IP to learn. I use a Heavy Handgun that deals 3D6 when it hits and when I am in close range I either wield a chainsaw for 4D6 but with a heavy loss in accuracy or I resort to chip damage with punches, kicks, etc. (The Rockerboy is in a similar boat to me, but has decided that he will be spending most of his money on grenades.)

The party is also very short on money right now as we were recently kicked out of the gang we were with and the local corporate power has a bounty on our heads, so I only have about 1500 to spend on gear or cybernetics. In the future, I believe we will have more to spend than right now, but I would like some advice on a build that I can start now. I am looking for a solution more permanent than buying a bunch of explosives to augment my damage for a few sessions.

We are only using items, abilities, gear, etc. from the core rulebook.

I have a body type of 8 to give a small bonus to melee attacks and I have max reflexes to make sure any attack has a better chance to hit.

I am comfortable with getting cybernetics, even if they end up taking away 15-20 humanity, as I am currently at 93.5. (I have a cybernetic eye with some augmentations to see in the dark and see more details.)

With this information, what would be some valid ways forward to deal more damage without straying too far from my original idea for the character?

Cyberpunk RED – Increase STATS with improvement points

Just checking the new Cyberpunk RED rules, and looking the improvement points section (page 411) it says the way to improve your character skills (normal and x2) and your Role Ability Rank, but, since you are limited to a maximum of 8 in your stats (INT,REF,DEX…) I suppossed that there will be a cost for raising your base STATS, but can’t find any mention.

I don’t know if I missed something, its only intented to achieve such levels with cyberimplants (I doubt it) or another reason.

Maybe a STAT has the same cost as Role Ability Rank and is mentioned somewhere?

cyberpunk red – Ways to run net runners that doesn’t monopolize time?

We have started a cyberpunk red game and one of our party is a net runner. However we have found the game slows down while he is doing his thing. It doesn’t seem to be the players or DMs fault it is just the nature of the mechanics of hacking to allow us access to somewhere, get information out, turn off alarms or cameras or take control of the systems.

It can result in a 10-15 min break while the DM and Netrunner make all the various rolls and decisions. If there are 3-4 hacking attempts in a session this can eat up slot of time. It isn’t just us that feel this the DM and Netrunner are also conscious of the fact.

Is there a way to streamline this at all? Our netrunner has suggested writing an app linked to roll 20 that the DM can use to set up hacking challenges so the net runner can then sit and do it by himself while the DM carries on with the rest of us. But are there any suggested mechanics or ways to speed up net running?