Recording Technique – What is this effect when millions of colored points of light surround people in the dark?

The correct term for what you refer to is a "blur circle" that occurs to mark blurred markers. The blurrier a point is highlighted, the greater the blur circle to the size of the entrance pupil (which is the ultimate limiting factor).

Bokeh, derived from the Japanese word boke (ボ ボ, "haze" or "blur"), simply refers to blur … usually background, but also foreground. Boke does not specifically refer to blurred highlights that form blur circles. Blur circles are a specific aspect of photography. When made with a high quality lens that produces high quality blurs, they are usually quite appealing.

In your photo, it looks like blur circles, but with relatively little blurring. I also suspect that they are generated by very small point light sources … Christmas lights, possibly the result of firecrackers etc.

Dark Patterns – Why does the price change on the second page in many apps?

There are price differences in India for food delivery and cab aggregator apps.

In food apps, I add the items from the restaurant menu. it shows a total of 240 rs. I navigate to the order page. All additional fees and taxes are now displayed.

In apps for cab aggregators, a price is displayed on the first page. If you select a specific category or variant and continue on the second page, all taxes and deposits and other fares will be added and the price increased.

Is not that a dark pattern? As a user, I often feel misled and confused with this type of pricing. Is it just me or someone else?
So the question is why the industry practices this. I have some theories, but I'm interested in knowing what others think.

How do I wake up a MacBook Air (2019) display in macOS Catalina (10.15.1) when it suddenly goes dark (does not sleep anymore)?

This has happened to me a few times since the upgrade to macOS Catalina (10.15.1) and the cause is unclear.

I download something with Firefox, push Firefox away to do something else. I use Safari – or a text editor – and then … I like … the screen goes dark … not sleeping … just dark … and I can not see the desktop or anything.

I know that the underlying system is still active, because if I'm SSH enabled from another device / system, I can see that the OS is still active and does not hang. And in case of the download, I can still see data downloaded with the command-line tool nload (which I have installed via homebrew). And after that, the brightness controls on the keyboard still work … But obviously the screen is dark – and not turned off because sleep mode is on – and I can not see anything.

In most cases, I would just say a few words "select," hold down the power button, and wait for the computer to boot up when it restarts. This download is in progress, so I do not want to do that.

So what can I do to reboot the screen of my MacBook Air?

BLOK Dark | NulledTeam UnderGround

In case you do not want to get any further

BLOK is a clear geometric design that is easy to use, easy to customize and fast. Do not you like the geometric art? It can be deactivated! Do you want a different background pattern? Simply switch between four existing presets. Would you prefer to use the standard icon set or one from another addon? No problem. Everyone…

Mobile Application – Accessibility Requirement: Dark / Black Theme / Design

For accessibility reasons, it is recommended that apps add a high-contrast mode [dark / black theme / theme] to assist users with eye disabilities.
Generally and to the Stack Exchange / Overflow Apps.
There was a feature request on the Meta Stack from 2016 with only the discussion of whether it is a duplicate, but nothing about the reasoning and the consequences. 🤔
Please discuss and consider this request, which is still valid!

SEOClerk's Dark Mode – Chrome Extension for $ 9

SEOClerks Dark Mode – Chrome extension

10 good reasons to use the new SEOClerks Dark Mode Extension:

1) Be cool

2) Be the first to brag about with your friends

3) Protect your eyes, relaxing / relaxing for your eyes

4) Do more work, no glaring white glare off the screen

5) Ideal for the hard worker who spends hours on the ground

6) Good for night workers, low light environments

7) Special order, exclusively for SEOClerks from Procoder

8) One-time purchase

9) Trusted seller, longtime SEOClerks employee

10) Fast and reliable customer service.

Enjoy the same dark theme that you love about Twitter / Reddit and so on. Not just dark, but overworked. We have optimized every aspect of the subject's appearance to provide a relaxing and relaxing experience for SEOClerks. An ideal solution for sellers and buyers who spend long hours on-site, eye-friendly. You know how painful it can be to look at the screen first thing in the morning to get a glimpse of glare. The new dark theme of SEOClerks solves this problem and provides a relaxing and relaxing site experience. An ideal solution for the hard-working salesman (or buyer) who spends many hours on site. You no longer have to deal with the momentary pains associated with the neon-white dazzling screen that hits your eye at 3am. Now you can enjoy a peaceful surfing experience every time you visit SEOClerks. The dark theme is more than just a black background. We have completely revised the look for maximum comfort. More user-friendly design elements.


What are you getting?
The extension in a ZIP file along with the documentation that explains the installation.

What is that exactly?
It's a Chrome extension that puts the white design of SEOClerks in dark mode.

Does this extension work in other browsers?
The extension currently only works with chrome.

Can I install on all my computers?
You can install the extension on any of your computers / devices you want.

What about a license?
The extension is a one-time purchase, ie you only pay once.

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