ssms 18 – SQL Server Management Studio – Why is the dark theme disabled by default?

Why is the dark theme disabled by default? Are there some mistakes with this topic or something in that direction? It seems strange to me that it is purposely hampered by force.

I've found many links that I've turned on the & # 39; Dark & ​​# 39; topic for SSMS. However, I'm curious why this setting is disabled by default. Why is this a single line in the commented out? ssms.pkgundef File?

Here is one of many links that show how to expose the disabled dark theme.
How to enable Dark Them in SSMS

Basically, I'm curious if there is a consequence that I do not know when I turn this feature back on. I can not find any links that indicate why they are disabled at all.

Screenshot of the dark theme after changing from enabled ssms.pkgundef

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pathfinder 1e – How do I deal with dark magic and spell-like abilities?

As you can learn from these questions and answers, this Paizo blog post and some SRD entries, there are many ways to overcome a dark magic.

Banish with light spells

Since light spells have a number of "touches," scattering can be difficult and dangerous. You must find the object on which a dark magic was cast and touch it. When darkness comes from an arbitrary magical ability, you are crazy when trying to work with limited resources, such as: B. Magic Slots to compete against them.

against Spelling

Requires preparation for appropriate action and is generally considered an inferior strategy: Instead of preparing an action for the spell, it is usually better to prepare a damage spell or disable the enemy. When darkness comes from a magical ability, it can not be countered.

Disperse with dissipating magic

Dispel Magic has a medium range that allows you to disperse from a distance. However, it requires control of the caster level and the line of effect. Basically, you must be able to see through the darkness that emanates from an object that you are aiming at with your distraction.

Dark vision

If something grants you Darkvision, such as your race or spell, you can see in normal darkness. However, not in supernatural darkness caused by the Spell Darkness Darkness, and your allies can not see in darkness unless they also have Dark Vision.

Get a light spell of a higher level

Set an NPC to cast a Continuous Flame, which has been increased to level 4, onto your dull gray Ioun Stone. This will appear through all Darkness spells below 4 (namely, 0, 1, 2, and 3) or through spell-like abilities that work like this. This will cost you 25 + 7 * 4 * 10 = 265 gp. Ask your GM if he can buy metamagic spell services. Once you have your own Level 4 magic slots, you can do it yourself.

A simple Ioun torch would not help because, according to the blog post "Illuminating Darkness", it can not even penetrate a simple level 2 darkness spell. Even if you convince your GM that the spell is from a cleric rather than a wizard, Deeper Darkness still means you go crazy.

Buy a scroll of daylight and a few secular torches

The above-mentioned blog post says that even if daylight can not suppress all dark magic by balancing, the default lighting is set to Environment, and you can use non-magic sources such as torches to illuminate your path.

For only 5 gp you can buy a spring-loaded wrist sheath and draw a scroll as a quick action. Ask your GM if they cause occasional attacks and if scrolls are considered "an underarm item": their mileage may vary.

Use "unwelcome halo" instead of "daylight"

As clarified by Mark Seifter, a member of the Pathfinder design team, Unwelcome Halo should be able to penetrate as it uses the same wording as Daylight any Dark magic of any level at the expense of Level 1 magic slot.

Instead of Daylight scrolls, you can also purchase Unwelcome Halo Scrolls, each costing 25 gp. Do you expect to fight dark magic? Prepare one or two unwanted halos, it should not hurt much. Do you regularly fight against creatures with magical abilities like darkness? Buy a magic wand with unwanted halo!

As of August 2019, this solution is completely PFS-legal, but your GM might or might not consider using physical force if you solve so many sinister encounters so cheaply.

Note, however, that the radius of Unwillcome Halo is three times smaller, making the illuminated square nine times smaller. At some point, daylight becomes affordable and can therefore be preferred.

Be a Level 8+ Cleric of the Sun Domain

While Level 8 can hardly be considered a "lower" level, anyone who reaches it and has a Sun domain can use Nimbus of Light, the power of the Level 8 domain.

See the ability Darkness

This ability also allows you to see through supernatural darkness. There are some spells that grant it, there are Tieflings who can accept the talent Fiendish SIght twice, Rogues with Darkvision can take on this Rogue talent, and some very expensive items that are probably too expensive for groups of stages mentioned in the OP Lake grant in the dark.


  • Scrolls of unwanted light (25 gp each) and scrolls of daylight (375 gp) reset the light level to ambient light (the default setting), regardless of the intensity of the dark magic in question. Then flashlights (1 SP each) and similar non-magic means can be used.
    – If GM allows it, load your scrolls into spring-loaded wrist covers.
  • Increased level 4 flame can overcome most dark magic applications. Even if this is not the case, it is not lost, but is only suppressed for some time.
  • If you happen to be a Sun-domain cleric and have reached level 8, you're in luck because you have a special power to fight magical darkness.
  • If you have Darkvision or can easily get it, supernaturally dark rooms are not visible to you.
  • In some cases, it is possible to have the ability to "see in darkness" and ignore darkness altogether.

[ History ] Open Question: Why was the mid-late 90s so dark and weird?

I was born in the mid-2000s, so I did not have any experience in the '90s, but I like to read stories about it, and my parents were both born in the' 70s, so they knew a lot about the culture of the '90s. I find it scary, because when I see a lot of pictures of '90s make-up, I noticed that the women were wearing PALE Foundation on their face, very light blue or green frosted eyeshadow, black eyeliner, dark red or brownish lipstick, dark lipstick and darker Nail polish (eg Gwen Stefani, Spice Girls, Jennifer Lopez) resembles in my opinion a vampire. And mid-to-late 1990s clothing was usually dark (eg maroon, red, black, brown, forest green). Another thing that struck me in the 90s was that the rock songs always contained dark lyrics like Semi Charmed Life, Slide. Self esteem, fell on black days. Semi Charmed Life is in my opinion the darkest song, since it is a crystal clear meth addiction, but it sounds like a normal loose pop song. It also has a scary-looking title page for the song. It is a dark red picture with a woman and open mouth and a hand on the forehead. Another thing I find very scary was the rave clubs they used to have. I watched Thunderdome's rave party video on YouTube in 1997, and the way they dance is as scary as hell! Nineteen techno / rave music sounded so weird in comparison to electronic music in the 2000s-2010s. Why were the '90s so scary and weird? (tagsToTranslate) Yahoo (t) answered (t) questions (t) Arts & Humanities (t) History

Editor on dark sites unreadable

If you go to Appearance → Customize, you can change the background and text colors to give your site a dark theme. After that, however, the Gutenberg editor inherits your custom text color, but not your custom background color, so white text appears on a white background when editing.

I know I can fix this by adding custom CSS to get behind the editor's background, or by forgoing and using a bright theme. However, I wonder if there is an official way to use Gutenberg on dark websites without any custom code or plug-in.

dnd 5e – A torch in the dark: how high is the light level?

The lack of a light source does not affect the brightness of another

The brightness of a flashlight does not depend on whether its light overlaps with a background light source like moonlight. This is evidenced by the fact that a torch in a pitch-dark cave (where there is no moonlight for sure) works as well underground as in a moonlit (or not moonlit) night on the surface. In addition, moonlight is usually already considered dark, as explained in the description of darkness in the section Vision and Light of the Rules (emphasis added):

Darkness creates a heavily hidden area. Characters are exposed to darkness outdoors at night (even most moon nights)Within the confines of an unlit dungeon or subterranean vault, or within a range of magical darkness.

So there is no mechanical difference between a moonlit night and a moonless night anyway.

I can not find anything in the rules that explicitly states how the lights are made up of multiple light sources, but the most logical rule I can think of is that the brightest light source prevails. That is, when an object is illuminated by both bright and dim light, that object will be brightly lit. If another object is illuminated by two weak light sources, it is dimly lit.

Your DM can, however, set up new rules

Nevertheless, the DM can implement any rules. It is possible that the "non-magical" darkness of this moonless night is just another kind of magic. The Sage Advice Compendium explains:

You might think, "Dragons seem pretty magical to me." And yes, they are extraordinary! Their description even says that they are magical. However, our game distinguishes two types of magic:

  • the background magic that is part of the physics of the D & D multiverse and the physiology of many D & D creatures
  • The concentrated magical energy contained in a magical item or channeled to create a spell or other focused magical effect

In D & D, the first kind of magic is nature. It is not more compatible than the wind. A monster like a dragon exists because of this magically enhanced nature. The second kind of magic concerns the rules. When a rule refers to something magical, it refers to that second type.

In view of this, it would not be unreasonable for the DM to decide that the darkness of a moonless night in the world in which they build up is not only a lack of light, but beyond that, a little supernatural advantage has all the light a little darker , This would be particularly appropriate in a horror campaign.

dnd 5e – The rules of concentration of Eyes of the Dark


The description of this ability is below:

When you reach level 3 in this class, you will learn the Dark Magic, which will not be counted against the number of sorcerers' known spells. You can also cast it by spending 2 spells or using one spell slot. When you do it with witch points, you can see through the darkness that the spell creates.

Nothing in this suggests that the normal rule of concentrating on just one spell is removed if you use the Darkness spell in one of the two methods. If you cast another concentration spell, your concentration on the Dark Magic will end.

Vampire of the Dark Ages – Splitting Dice Pool between actions with and without dice roll

I'm a bit confused with the rules for splitting the cube pool in situations where you want to take multiple actions and do not roll any of the actions.

Suppose I am a Ravnos and want to use Ignis Fatuus to create an illusion AND simultaneously attack with a sword. The first action does not require a die roll. Only the output of 1 point willpower. The second action requires a die roll. But what would happen? Could I just assign 1 dice to "use" my discipline (not dice but use willpower instead) and then use the rest of my pool to attack?

For reference only, I play vampires: Dark Ages

Evolution question! If people have developed dark skins to avoid sunlight, why are not the dark skinned brighter now?

If you really do not want to know the truth
You can read this
but dismiss it.

That is absolutely your vocation.

Go ahead and dismiss what I say if you want.
Nobody has a gun on his head.

Speciation (as in dog breeds) is not evolution.
Adaptation to the environment is not evolution.
Evolution is a lie.
Every lie comes from the father of all lies.

They were programmed to believe it.
You are not alone, we were all there.
I will try to wash you away with the truth now.
Sit down and be quiet.
You may need to read it two or three times to get the information.
That's the truth that will set you free.

– Test everything.
– Set your prejudices aside.
– Do not take my word: go and check the facts.

The word "fossil" comes from the French and means "dug up".
The word "dinosaur" comes from two Greek words meaning "terrible lizard": a word invented in the 19th century to describe reptile fossils.

Everything in the mud under extreme pressure during the global flood turned to stone.

For about a year and a half, minerals permeated plant and animal tissues. The mud also turned to stone when compressed under the weight of billions of tons of water.
– Stone can not be dated.
– Once around the sun is a year: you can not hold up a stone and decide how many times it was around the sun.

** When a fish dies, it rots or gets eaten. **
It does NOT become a fossil.

Yet there are fish fossils all over the planet. even on the tops of the mountains.

Every fossil in the world is the result of the worldwide flood. Period.
** Everything lived ten times longer before the flood **

that's why

and reptiles were huge.

I used to work with reptiles: I learned, among other things, that they NEVER stop growing as long as they live.

In the air 50% more oxygen was contained before the flood.
As in a hyperbaric chamber, everything lived longer because of the air quality. We know that because we have air samples before the flood; extracted from bubbles enclosed in fossilized juice (amber).

Adam lived until he was 930. Noah was 600 when he built the Ark (Google Noah's Ark Turkey – a tourist attraction since the 1970s).

The belief in lies about evolution makes you guilty of making God a liar. This is slander against the Most High: spiritual betrayal.

You have heard of bacteria that "evolve"?
No, simply, the harder bacteria were not killed by the antibiotic at all. The weaker bacteria were. All that remains are "resistant" bacteria. They were never exposed to antibiotics from the beginning. They have never evolved & # 39;

Do you want to see evolution?
If God wants to raise children for Abraham from the stones, He can do it.
He does not need any of us.
He can change in an instant … He does not need millennia.

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