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NOW ALSO SUPPORT ANTMINER S9 / S9i / Z9 / Z9 mini / V9 / L3 + / L3 ++ / D3


I'm excited to announce the first release of Minera, a new web management system for your gridded mining devices (mini / blade).

Minera includes as Miner software: Download Minera v.0.9.1

* CPUminer GC3355 fork
* BFGminer latest original version
* CGminer latest original version
* CGminer Dmaxl Zeus fork

It should also support all CGminer / BFGminer forks.

Since version 0.9.x Minera also supports Network Miner as:

* Antminer S9
* Antminer L3 +
* Antminer D3

Since version 0.5.x Minera also supports Network Miner as:

* Antimimer S1 / S3 / S5
* Rockminer
* Each Network Miner with cgminer / bfgminer
* Other Minera system

Here you will find the complete Minera image file for Raspberry PI

v0.9.1 ->

Feedbacks are very welcome!

If you like Minera, you can send a donation to my BTC address: 1AmREReHNLec9EaW7gLRdW31LNSDA9SGR1

Edit: 09. October 2018
Minera 0.9.1 is here!

* Fixed a security error during login
* Scan network added network for scanning
* Fixed a bug that prevented Minera from running in Raspberry 3 Model B +
* Cgminer has been fixed to allow all Antminer models with or without JSON errors (S9, S9i, L3 +, L3 ++, D3, Z9, Z9mini, V9)
* The ability to purchase lifetime licenses without ads has been changed
* Fixed price for license up to $ 50 (can now be paid with several coins)
* Local miners updated (Cgminer, Bfgminer)
Added "Futurebit Moonlander 2" Custom Miner

Edit: 03. December 2017
Minera 0.9.0 is here!

Added support for Antminer S9 / L3 + / D3
* Fault has been corrected
* The manual installation should work now

Edit: September 25, 2017
Minera 0.8.0 is here!

* Fixed several bugs
* Browser mining introduced for removal of advertising

Edit: September 3, 2017
Minera 0.8.0 is here!

* Fixed several bugs
* Updated to the latest version of Codeigniter (Framework)
* Upgrade to the latest version of Raspbian Strecth (image file)
* Updated to PHP7.0
* Added Minera ID to lock screen and sidebar
* BCH (Bitcoin Cash) added to the profitability table
* Added Ccminer as local miner (need tests)

Edit: April 14, 2016
Minera 0.7.0 is here!

* Troubleshooting Limiting the number of network miners
* Improvement: host name / system name of the miner on the logon / lockout page
* Updated miners with the latest versions (Cgminer and Bfgminer)
* Updated Raspbian version on Jessie Debian version (you need to flash your SD card, see below for details)
* Removed all save buttons and introduced the new one-save button
Added protocol reset button to clean up log system files (Minera and Miner only)
* Added system information on the lock screen
* Changed position of the "Update" button (above!)
* Inserted advertisement in Minera (yes, I know you do not like it)
* The Remove Ads button has been introduced (only 0.01 Btc for the system forever, read more below).
* Many other small bug fixes / improvements

Edit: 07. December 2015
Minera 0.6.2 is here!

* This is just a maintenance release to update the dead Ghash.io multi-pool with the LTC pool.
* Bfgminer updated to the latest version (5.4.1)

Edit: 03. July 2015
Minera 0.6.1 is here!

Fixed time donation for cgmin user
* The Cgminer Dmaxl pool hash error has been fixed
* The status of the dashboard window is hidden or not
* Added Dashboard Panel Settings Enable / Disable
* References to MobileMiner have been removed
* Added the bitstamp rates Usd + Eur in the mining mining profits
* Bug with update fixed … shit! I'm sorry [IMG]

Edit: June 17, 2015
Minera 0.6.0 is here!

* Various minor bugs fixed
* Altcoin data update fixed
* Fixed change of host name
* Improved framework version (codeigniter from 2.1.4 to 2.2.2)
* Build Script Git Clone fixed
* Fixed export JSON bug
* Bug fixes in diagrams fixed
Added dashboard actions for local pools (Add / Remove / Select in a jiffy)
* Added default settings for records per page
* Factory reset added
* General options (logs and JSON attachments) added to the manual local miner settings
* Protocols have been added for custom Miner software
* The mine return field in Dashboard has been added
* The scrolling in the sidebar has been corrected
* Sidebar Dashboard Icons / Links added
* The Minera system ID has been updated based on the Ethernet Mac address
* The Minera username donation pool has been changed to reflect the Minera System ID
* Donations now come from live earnings
* Summer cleaning
* Added Bower Vendor Packages
* The Grunt Task Manager has been added to create Minera files
Added task for Minify / Uglify CSS / JS
* Added environment configurations
* The code for lock and sysop pages has been rewritten
Added CDNs for icon fonts (Awesome / Ionicons)
Added Lighttpd conf to compress JSON calls and various mimetype files (image creation only)
Added script to install Minera on a non-raspberry hardware

Edit: April 10, 2015
Minera 0.5.0 is here!

* Possibility to add network miners like Antminer, Rockminer etc.
* Possibility to add another remote Minera system as network miner (this only works if the Network Minera uses bfgminer / cgminer as a local miner, not for cpuminer)
* Automatically scan the LAN network to discover Network Miner
* Add / Remove / Select pools on the fly for Network Miner
* New Network Miner Widgets
* Fixed changing the web password
* Fixed incorrect pool in Mobileminer
* Ability to change the system host name through the settings page
* Ability to change the system user's password on the settings page
Added option to not attach the JSON configuration file to the local Miner command
* Added Eur / Usd BTC rates
* Added error from the log file if Miner does not start
* The dashboard page has been redesigned if the local miner is not running (now other information is displayed, even if the miner stopped or does not start).
* Added Network Miner to Mobile Miners (you have a new Miner System for every Network Miner you have)
* Built-in local miners updated to the latest version
* An update for the libusb library has been added
* Added preconfigured miner options (I've added several preconfigured options to the settings page so novices get everything ready to start)
* The top bar widgets have been redesigned and are now visible on all pages
Fixed focus event in Firefox (duplicate table rows when reloading pages)
Updated JQuery
* Rewrite many code

Edit: February 28, 2015
Minera 0.4.1 is here!

* Pool Proxy Setup added
* Github star button added
Added algo info to statistics
* Added donation pool for automatic switching based on Algo (you can donate now also in SHA-256 mining time)
* The sending of empty statistics to mobileminer has been corrected
* Pools bugfix
* New Minera image with Raspberry PI 2 support (see Wiki page if you are updating over the internet)

Edit: December 22, 2014
Minera 0.4.0 is here!

* Vulnerability fixed
* Fixed bug with MHz
Fixed a problem with the concurrent pool
* Re-encoded Mobileminer actions
* Improved security
* Web password hashed
Added Coinbase Donation Buttons
* Possibility to add custom miners
* Skin selection (black / blue)
* New blue skin
* Minor corrections

Edit: October 16, 2014
Minera 0.3.8 is here!

Fixed a big bug in the minerStop method that prevented every Miner except cpuminer from stopping
* Bfgminer / Cgminer updated to the latest versions

Edit: October 10, 2014
Minera 0.3.7 is here!

* Bug fixed in MobileMiner SHA256
* Bfgminer / Cgminer updated to the latest versions

Edit: September 29, 2014
Minera 0.3.6 is here!

Updated Miner binaries
* Small corrections
Added script to create miner

Edit: August 19, 2014
Minera 0.3.5 is here!

* Switcher instead of checkbox added
* Added export / import of full system settings
Added Save / Load / Share Miner configurations
* Fixed issue with cgminerStartupScript
* BfGminer has been updated to 4.7.0 and CGminer
* Fixed header added
* Many minor bug fixes

Edit: 03. August 2014
Minera 0.3.4 is here!

* Fixed a major bug that caused stored data to be lost on reboot. Now every storage unit contains a Redis BGSAVE to immediately save the data on the hard disk
Added the ability to start the Miner process as superuser / root instead of the Minera process. This may be useful for some devices that need to access special things in the system
* Bfgminer has been updated to 4.6.0-6-g8f60a5f and Cgminer to 4.5.0

Edit: July 29, 2014
Minera 0.3.3 is here!

* This release only updates Bfgminer and Cgminer to their latest relative versions.
* Reverse Cgminer Dmaxl Zeus fork in support of Zeus & Gridseeds (Note, it is known

Edit: July 21, 2014
Minera 0.3.2 is here!

* Added MobileMiner actions to start, stop, restart, and switch
* Send anonymous statistics
* Temp / Freq added if available
* The logging with cgminer and forks has been corrected
* Fixed Pool Hashrate dmaxl
* Bfgminer and Cgminer-Dmaxl have been updated to the latest versions
* Added reset buttons
* Fixed many bugs

Edit: July 15, 2014
Minera 0.3.1 is here!

* Fixed several bugs after version 0.3.0
* Added web terminal window to log in to the system directly from the dashboard

Edit: July 14, 2014
Minera 0.3.0 is here!

Added Miner Software Switcher
* Included CPUminer, CGminer, BFGminer, CGminer Dmaxl Zeus fork
* Scheduled event added (restart / restart)
Added Ajax methods for saving settings and Miner actions
* Various bugfixes

Edit: 04. July 2014
Minera 0.2.3 is here!

* Digital clock added
* Cryptsy timeouts fixed
* Added button to remove the pool donation
* Frequency step changed from 5 to 1
* The legend of the display devices has been corrected
* Average statistics have been added for 1 minute, 5 minutes, 1 hour and 1 day
* Charts added hourly, daily, monthly, annually
* Added average stat badge
* Various bugfixes

Edit: June 16, 2014
Minera 0.2.2 is here!

Added time-based donations
* Temperature scales C ° / F ° added
* Sortable box for touch devices added
* The merit calculator has been added to the dashboard
Increase Altcoins to 5
* Added lockscreen autofocus
* Rewriting JavaScript Code Can Be a Fixed Dateable Random Problem (?)
* Rewrite PHP code to add support for BFGMiner / CGMiner
* Credits added in README
* Various bug fixes

Edit: June 11, 2014
Minera 0.2.1 is here!

* Added custom altcoins rates (go to settings and choose your favorite, max 3)
* Added Autorestart if X devices may be dead (go to Settings and enable this option if X devices do not send shares for more than 10 minutes, the Miner will be restarted)
* A fixed Minera donation pool has been added. (Do not panic!) This does not mean that there is a Minera fee, you can still add as many pools as you like and keep the Minera pool for the last one.)
* URL pool check removed when adding a new one (you can enter any string as the pool URL)
* Added system availability
* only on reinstallation – added wicd-curses package to easily manage WiFi cards (if you just want to run it: sudo apt-get install wicd-curses)

Information Architecture – Best way to manage multiple users on the mobile dashboard

I'm designing a mobile dashboard that will allow the administrator to manage between 20 and 100 users.

For each sub-user, there are several possible actions, eg. For example, bill paying, bill analysis, updating login details, and so on. The actions can easily include too many categories to be on a page.

It would be best to get the administrator to select the subuser in question and from there proceed as a top-level task and then select from a task, or select the task first and then the user.

Selecting the task first means that the administrator has to sort multiple users for almost every task in the dashboard.

I've tried to find mobile apps that engage multiple users to inspire me, but have trouble finding apps like this until now.

The Google Analytics dashboard does not display search query data, even if it's linked to the search console

My site's Google Analytics account is linked to the Google Search Console. I see all search console data in the Capture report.

If I create a custom dashboard and create widgets to get "search queries," there's no data. Why does the dashboard not have this data?

WordPress administrator notifications are sent to the dashboard

After adding the third notification, I can no longer see or edit the list because WordPress redirects me to the dashboard whenever I click notification in the menu.

After manually finding the latest notification item and removing it from the database, I can view the list and edit any existing 2 ones.

If I try to add 1 more, I am in the same situation again. Why? 🙁

Main menu vs side menu on the dashboard

I prefer to reserve the top menu for top-level interactions. Things like: accessing the homepage of the site, changing to a completely different workflow, accessing the user profile, etc. These activities are rarer and users intuitively look at the top of the page for these higher levels of activities.

The page menu may be more useful for actions that a user performs more frequently. If the actions you group are part of the same workflow (for example, navigating sections of an Inbox or monitoring sales in different categories), I would use a side menu to keep users logically in the same workspace.

If users frequently switch between these dashboard menu items, I would recommend the page menu. I would need to know more about the workflows to suggest something else.

Examples include: Pivotal Tracker, Facebook, Gmail and CircleCI.

menus – Hide Submenu in Dashboard, wp v 5.2

I know there are many threads and tutorials out there. but nobody worked for me.

I am trying to hide a submenu of "users". A plugin creates this submenu. My code is as follows …..

add_action (& # 39; admin_init & # 39 ;, & # 39; nek_remove_submenu_pages & # 39;);
Function nek_remove_submenu_pages ()
remove_submenu_page (& # 39; edit.php? post_type = acf & # 39;);
remove_submenu_page (& # 39; apexnb-lite & # 39;);