excel – C # LinqToExcel read data and generate speed

I have created a function that reads an excel document.

There are 2 sheets within the Excel document.

What I do is get some data from Sheet 1 and some data from Sheet 2 and mix that data into one object and write it to another Excel document.

The problem here is that it gets pretty slow as the number of lines increases. This is because I'm using Linq (I'm assuming) to find some of the values ​​needed to complete the object because the lines from Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 are not in the row.

                                                                // Get the current line so we know where to start.
int currentRow = excelWorksheet.Dimension.End.Row;

string campaignDate = string.Join ("", sourceExcelPackage.Worksheet (DATABASE_1_WORKSHEET) .Select (x => x["CAMPAIGN_DATE"].Value));

// Start the real work.
foreach (var line in sourceExcelPackage.Worksheet (EVENT_1_WORKSHEET))
// customer number
String customerId = row["CustomerId"].Value.ToString ();

// Create a report object to keep things readable.
ReportObject reportObject = new ReportObject
EventType = line["EventType"].Value.ToString (),
Creation date = line["DateCreated"].Value.ToString (),
EmailType = line["Context"].Value.ToString (),
LinkClicked = line["Destination"].Value.ToString (),
CampaignDate = campaignDate,
SupporterID = string.Join ("", sourceExcelPackage.Worksheet (DATABASE_1_WORKSHEET) .Where (x => x["DSM_CustomerID"] == customerId)
.Select (x => x["SUPPORTER_ID"].Value)),

PathwayStageHistoryOID = string.Join ("", sourceExcelPackage.Worksheet (DATABASE_1_WORKSHEET) .Where (x => x["DSM_CustomerID"] == customerId)
.Select (x => x["PATHWAY_STAGE_HISTORY_OID"].Value))

// Add next line.
currentRow ++;

// Assign data here.
excelWorksheet.Cells[currentRow, 1].Value = reportObject.SupporterID;
excelWorksheet.Cells[currentRow, 2].Value = reportObject.CampaignDate;
excelWorksheet.Cells[currentRow, 3].Value = reportObject.EmailType;
excelWorksheet.Cells[currentRow, 4].Value = reportObject.DateCreated;
excelWorksheet.Cells[currentRow, 5].Value = reportObject.EventType;
excelWorksheet.Cells[currentRow, 6].Value = reportObject.LinkClicked;
excelWorksheet.Cells[currentRow, 7].Value = reportObject.PathwayStageHistoryOID;

// Get the current line as we like
// use this to make some kind of progress.
Yield Return CurrentRow;

As you can see SupporterID and PathwayStageHistoryOID is where I use LinqToExcel within the loop.

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psql – insert rows into a table How do you update the pasted data in another table?

I'm trying to update a large number of lines (20,000), so I've created a temporary table similar to this one. and I want to create an insert or update trigger and a function to include the inserted or updated data and to update in the B-table, where the identifier column is the unique ID in tables A and B.

The table structure will look something like this:

User (text), identifier (text), product (text), status (text), sales (numeric), purchase (numeric). in A and B table

How do I write a trigger and a function in PostgreSQL to update data in the B-table when inserting or updating in the A-table?

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Enable data and SMS on CDMA network programmed number Galaxy S7 Edge

My Galaxy S7 Edge (G935P) SIM card slot is broken. It does not recognize a SIM card inserted by me.
I have managed to program my phone number with CDMA Network in the phone. I can make calls, but I can not send text messages or activate data.
When I try to activate data, I get the message "Insert SIM card to access network service".
Same thing when I try to send a text "Submit failed".
Is there a way to fool the phone if there is no SIM card?

Google Structured Data Reviews without SEO penalties

I implemented structured data on my company website when I found this guide: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/guides/sd-policies

Well, there is one point that bothers me … "Note that reviews or reviews that are not from actual users are considered spam".

I found references like these or the worst (SEO punishment etc) about fake reviews. Well, my question is, how can Google know if a rating is fair or not?

We had our own rating system where users can post and rate posts. We can also submit Google reviews (but it will be a mix of both sources).

Now I'm a bit worried about how to handle it, as there is no information on how Google can make sure your ratings are related to content.

If I post my own reviews (how do we do it because Google is Google and our website is our website), could Google "ban" our structured data or, at worst, penalize SEO positioning?

Apart from the reviews themselves, there is an overall rating with the best and worst prices, the number of ratings and the average. Could it be interpreted as wrong or fair?

There is little information on these details that we would at first consider all of them as important to me.

Many Thanks

Technology – storage of statistical data in the database

I have several similar threads (primitive bots) in the application. Bots perform some actions until the goal is reached. I want to record each step of the thread in the database for later parsing.

Each bot has a unique identifier and I also provide it with the timestamps. The record looks like this

Group ID
time stamp

However, I do not want to block the thread while trying to save the data in the database. That's why I decided to send messages to a news broker and then use a separate process that reads these messages and stores them in the database.

But I can not decide on a technology. As far as I can understand, I can use anyone for my case – I can use any broker, can use any database (from relational to not). I like to experiment with different tools.

So what could you recommend that would be effective for my case?

configuration – Magento2 configuration data

When I get data from the configuration:

$ allowedCurrencies = explode (
& # 39;, & # 39 ;,
$ this-> scopeConfig-> getValue (
 Magento  Directory  Model  Currency :: XML_PATH_CURRENCY_ALLOW,
 Magento  Store  Model  ScopeInterface :: SCOPE_STORE

I get values ​​from either core_config_data or config.xml

How can I programmatically determine if the result is from config.xml?

In other words, how can you tell if Use the system value is checked?