Dashboard – Public tableau error – Data extract required

I'm trying to load a workbook from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Public, but it will always return an error stating:

"The Tableau server on which you publish does not allow external database connections. Use the Data menu to create an extract for the following data sources."

I have created the data extract and still get the same error. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

Dimensional Modeling – How to determine the number of FACT tables needed in a data warehouse?

How does a developer, when analyzing data sources that need to be included in the data warehouse, determine whether a schema is a star type or a constellation type?

Business process mapped to one of 3 levels (transaction, periodic snapshot or accumulating snapshot).

However, there may be business processes where the collected data at each of these levels is actually the same for any number of these processes.

What are the remaining considerations? (Performance..)

database – An attempt to create a data frame from another created with the merge feature

Good day from the Canary Islands. I need a database containing the variables (columns) of 2 other databases, in particular the national budget health survey (MICRODAT_CH) and the National Adult Health Survey (MICRODAT_CA).
As I have already explained, I would like to compile these two databases of both surveys and then stick to certain variables.
To connect both databases, I create a new one with the merge function and connect the data with the IDENTHOGAR variable

at try it Create the data frame (DATA1) with the variables that I need MICRODAT_CA_CHI get the following error:

mistake in (.data.frame(MICRODAT_CA_CH ,, c ("CCAA", "IDENTHOGAR", "ESTRATO",:
undefined columns selected.

How do I get the data frame I need? Are there any other functions or arguments within the merge function?


Actually, I need a lot more variables, but no matter if I input only a few or all of them in DATA1, the same error appears.

Excel external data from everywhere

I am using Windows 10 Professional and MS Office 2016. I want to retrieve external data in my Excel workbook, but I would like to use this workbook in different places and on different PCs as well as with and without Internet. For example, I have the main price list as external data and want to make the data available in my workbook. Please specify how to set up the external data and how to include this data in my workbook.
Thank you in advance.

Data Structures – Forbidden Sequence Dynamic Programming

Given a finite amount $ Omega $I have the following problem. Suppose there is a list of prohibited subsequences $ F subset Omega cup Omega ^ 2 cup Omega ^ 3 dots Omega ^ infty $Although we do not know the contents of the list before, we can query each sequence $ S in Omega ^ i $ to see if $ exists f in F, f subseteq S $, I want to construct a sequence $ S in Omega ^ n $ so that $ f not subseteq S, forall f in F $,

I want to construct all sequences $ S in Omega ^ n $ so that $ f not subset S, forall f in F $,

The approach that I thought best was dynamic programming. We construct iteratively valid sets $ V_k: = {S in Omega_k: f not subset S, forall f in F, | f | <k } $by adding each subsequence of $ s in V_1 cup dots V_ {k-1}, forall s subsetneq S $and then remove all $ S in F $ with queries. My question is how to build most efficiently $ V_k $? A simple way would be to take $ V_ {k-1} $ and then add each element $ Omega $ in the end, and then some additional queries, but is there a better way?

In addition, there are elegant ways to use incomplete valid sentences $ I_k subseteq V_k $where if $ I_ {k + 1}: = {S in Omega ^ {k + 1} setminus F: s in I ^ 1 cup dots I ^ k, forall s subsetneq S } $ Is it empty, can we try to expand everything without having to start from the beginning?