Hey guys, I’m posting this here because I haven’t found a better place to do it.

I wanted to share this with the community to thank you guys for the support you have been showing.

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I will create different realistic t shirt mock up mockup in 1 day for $100

I will create different realistic t shirt mock up mockup in 1 day

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gnome – Countdown Timer to a specific day beside the Clock

I have tried searching for a countdown timer app which shall count the number of days till a specific date (for example, Christmas) so that it is visible to me all the time but, I’m not able to find any extension or app like that for Ubuntu.

I’m using 20.04 LTS.

Could you suggest me some apps/Gnome Extensions?


  • alarm-clock-applet seems to be discontinued, and I did find an extension for Chrome, but I use Firefox, hence inefficient.

  • There is a question here with the same demand, but could not be resolved: Days Countdown Timer in Ubuntu Menu Bar

plugins – pick up day for woocommerce products with email notification

I searched the web for a kind of plugin or code that suits our need.
We have a local food store and we want to sell products with an online shop.

The ordered products can be picked up in the local store then. So we have products which are ready for pick up a week after the customer ordered, but also have products which are ready for pick up 2,3 or 4 weeks after the order.

I want to notify the customer one day before he can pick up his order via Email!

Does anyone know a plugin or how can i achieve this instead?

❓ASK – Day Trading – Let’s Start | Proxies-free

Day trading require strong pshycology on market moves, it can be really profitable if u are experienced trader. I really recommend you swing trading, and journey all your behaviors, there is a group Elite Traders, the best on the market so far, it is just a signal provider. Trading requires learning with your mistakes, so there no 100% winning accuracy like those gurus promise

france – Does the 14 day self-isolation period in the UK end if a travel-corridor starts?

From 8th June there’s been a mandatory 14 day self-isolation period for people entering the UK. From 10th July, travellers from some countries are exempted from the self-isolation via a travel-corridor. If more countries are added to the list of exemptions then the date for each country will be later than the 10th July.

If a traveller entered the UK from a country that is not on the exempt list and that country is added to the exempt list prior to the end of the 14 day self-isolation period does the self-isolation period end early?

For example, if an individual entered the UK from France on the 5th July, should they remain in isolation for 14 days or does the isolation end on the 10th when France is added to the list of exempt countries?