Architecture – Modern Web Apps: Is server-side rendering a dead legacy technology?

First, I'm not talking about PHP. PHP is here to stay long term.

Instead, I question huge older frameworks like Java Server Pages or ASP.NET.

With the shift to single-page applications (SPAs), a lot of complexity has shifted from the server to the browser.
Frameworks such as Reactjs are used for modern frontend development, so the server only needs to provide a REST API and a small static HTML page that loads the Js code.

So my question is:
Is server-side HTML rendering already considered legacy technology?
Should I bother learning a framework that allows server-side rendering?

Malware – Imprudently clicked, a day-long phishing email link seemed dead

Was multitasking and thoughtlessly clicked sqaurespace phishing e-mail. The page did not load and I immediately noticed my mistake. Completed several malware scans that returned clean. The source for the button link was "". The domain was registered on the 8th of August, I received the e-mail on the 9th of August, but I did not click it until the 11th of August. The domain is no longer active. Did it save my ass that I came to the e-mail late? I searched, but found no other history in the domain than the one marked as phishing. 9th of August. When checking the source of the link, no other links could be found, unless I miss something that is very possible.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hardware – Repairing a Suddenly Dead Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2
bought used for the variety of Android tests during app development. Died suddenly a year later.

I still want to keep it running. It no longer has a life sign when plugged in, but
since the battery last 3 hours charging was loaded, I suspect that the sudden death occurs
not caused by the battery. The battery would have shrunk slower.

  1. Net Chatter indicates that the USB port is breaking down easily. Have you been there? Is that repairable?
  2. I'm happy to use it with the power cord attached. However, replacement battery vendors suggest that a working battery is required. Have you been there? Can you confirm that anyway?

I used the 10.1 tag because the 12.2 in build quality (or lack thereof) is the same as 10.1. Your experience with the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 10.1 is probably very relevant.

Automatic re-upload of bot admin / user interface (no more dead links) | WJunktion


I have a script that creates an encrypted URL that you share
Each time your video is deleted, another video is automatically re-uploaded
And this encrypted URL shares the new video
Example of a Verystream URL:
Admin interface:
– Add, update and remove users and their API keys (3 user types = Administrator, End Poster and Session)
– Generate an encrypted link
User interface:
– Generate an encrypted link

Send me a message if you're interested in purchasing the entire script or having a POSTER session.

Is not it illegal to steal from the dead?

Technically, you can not steal from the dead. Only living persons or organizations can own things. If a person dies, there will be a "legacy" with a living personal representative. This person is appointed by a court; She could be a relative, she could be a believer, she could be someone in the local government who has this as part of her job. Even if this person has not been named and appointed, it will eventually be.

Their roommates steal from the estate, and the personal representative will eventually pursue them. She can sue the police for a thief and sue her personally for a lawsuit.

I could call the local prosecutor and tell them what you think happened. Is there a "public estate administrator" in your county?

Guest blogging is dead? | Proxies-free

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    Not so long ago, I read an article that said that blogging by guests is now dead and quoted Matt Cutts, the Google guy.

  2. Tess
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    Well, I read an article in a blog last week. Then read the bio box below. I clicked on the author's page, his Facebook page, etc. and found that they have hundreds of thousands of followers and I have not heard anything about them. So I think blogging is still alive with guests.
    Maybe you do not have that much "power" for the link, but that you still get good leads. Facebook links and other social networks are becoming increasingly important in SEO. So it also helps to have a large number of likes on a link from FB to your own site …

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    Blogging guests is still effective. It's the best way to get high-quality backlinks and helps to rate your keywords and improve domain authority

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balance – Adjusting the power of Animate Dead in a custom DarkSun campaign with slower recovery (24 hours / 1 week for short / long breaks)

tl; dr Because of the slower recovery mechanics, my assistant can not lift or sustain as many undead as a RAW 5E wizard. What would be a fair change to the spell to reconcile it with the intended effectiveness?

I'm a player in a custom DarkSun campaign that has been switched to 5E, focusing a bit more on the coarser mechanisms and realism (resource management and player vs. environment). One of the changes is that the recovery mechanic has been changed to 24 hours for a short break and 1 week for a long break. We do not do back-to-back dungeons, so it fits in well with our style of play.

My character is a Lvl 5 wizard, would-be necromancer. It has become obvious that my character RAW may not be able to take full advantage of the Animate Dead spell. From level 5, the character has two level 3 magic slots, but can only recover one level 3 spell per day / short break. ,

The problem:
My claim is that a normal 5E sorcerer could possibly summon and sustain up to 4 undead. It would take a few short / long breaks to reach the maximum, but once there, it would be easy to sustain it and even replace it occasionally. However, with our modified detent mechanism, I am unable to get over 2, and even then it is assumed that the DM is generous in timing (the casting time is 10 minutes plus 10 minutes for the recast, but I need exactly 24 hours or is 23.5hr good enough?). I'm not worried about splitting hair in this last point, but it helps to illustrate the muddy situation.

My DM seems to agree that my character will be shut down a bit by this mechanic, but he does not know what kind of modification would be appropriate. Do you have any suggestions?

My thoughts:

  • Animation Time – Because our long break is 21 times longer than RAW's
    and a RAW-animated death would endure three times a long break, why
    Will not my animations take longer? Downside is that holding a zombie
    One month in one Darksun campaign or another is not useful
    Campaign in which you spend a lot of time in civilization (not
    that DarkSun is so civilized but undead still is not
  • Casting Time – The 1 minute casting time makes the application impractical
    the spell responds. However, we also do not tend to have back
    Counter-fighting in a dungeon either crawls. Maybe leave everything else behind
    the same, but let the spell cast as instant spells.
  • Ritual – Because of the slower recovery mechanics, I love my rituals.
    What if this spell was rewritten as a ritual cast?

Last thought, in my mind, I tried to balance the effect / power of this spell compared to others that were less affected by our rest mechanics. For example, for the price of two Level 3 slots, I could instead cause 16W6 fireball damage across multiple enemies (if it were 3 each, that would be 48W6!). But in our last fight, my zombie was pretty focused (to save us from healthy damage), but only successfully executed three or four strokes (that is, ~ 4d6 damage for a single target). Given the apparent benefit of mass control, a few zombies / skeletons should obviously not match the damage potential of a fireball, but they certainly deserve more than this?

Thanks anyway!

Samsung – How do I get data from a completely dead Android phone – where should I start?

Phone worked perfectly. Then one day totally dead, nothing. It could have been that "one day" was after some time of laying around, can not remember.

Model: Android AT & T Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-i747 SKU S9255)

Already tried;

  • Charging the phone: no visual output, no LEDs
  • Removing the battery during charging: no visual output, no LEDs
  • Try to turn on: no visual output, no LEDs

I need our family photos from this phone (stored in internal memory). The hardware / phone itself interests me less.

Thank you for any help you can offer!