Statistics – A / B Testing – How do I deal with minorities who have chosen B?

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Option C should be a working model that introduces the compromised hybrid solution, which seeks to calm both test groups to a higher percentage. It will always change and refine its processes through many micro-updates that are gradually changing the UX. Of course this requires a lot of resources, your undivided attention and much more – so often the answer is "nothing". They do nothing against the people who have the option & # 39; B & # 39; to prefer. They found a way to steer the scale in the right direction, and have dealt with Layout & # 39; A & # 39; resigned.

dnd 5e – How to deal with a homophobic PC

Explain it to you as you told them, "It feels uncomfortable and I think it feels uncomfortable with the other players."

It may also be useful to prepare another character "just in case" and invoke his character concept in session zero. The other players may agree and explore things in a game that would often be unacceptable in the real world. Be funny, depending on how the player handles it. You can say "If the other players agree, I will not allow that, but if you go too far and make it uncomfortable for anyone (including you), the character leaves and you bring your substitutes with you, without asking questions . "

Other players may be right, this can be influenced by how "real" they play bigotry and how real the setting is, a caricature can be fun. I myself enjoyed playing a racist (clade-ish?) Lizard people that mammals just disliked. "He still saved the world with a group of mammals, and the other players also enjoyed it, especially because he killed (and ate) mammalian humanoids well, but made extraordinary efforts to do no harm to intelligent reptilian enemies. The fact that he was a bit monstrous (seriously, he ate like a dozen people during the campaign) made it funnier and unreal not to be uncomfortable, but I also discussed it with all the other players in session zero to to make sure that they agreed to that before, and those were players who knew me and knew that I was just a monster.

GM Techniques – How do I deal with too many NPCs in my campaign?

This is my first time GM using the Fate Core system. I played role-playing games to work on my storytelling and have fun with my friends. That's why I've been doing a homebrew campaign for about a year. Unfortunately, my players are also my friends with whom I usually talk about storytelling. So, apart from a few other friends I'm not close to, I've got little or no feedback on my campaign. Nevertheless, I think that is going so well so far.

Recently, however, I came across a kind of roadblock. My campaign contains too many NPCs. My campaign is meant to be short (the only reason it lasts so long is that we do not have much opportunity to meet for game sessions) and is also very focused. There are about four sets of action and a finale with breaks (we are currently on arc three). My story also takes place in a rather unusual world (it's basically death after death with a few twists and turns), and without going into details, there's basically an overarching storyline with characters connecting each bow and the finale will play a prominent role.

My problem is that I have introduced too many NPCs that connect the arcs. It makes it difficult to get rid of them easily. The nature of my world makes it virtually impossible to kill them (again, after death), and it would be too unnatural to put them on a bus, especially as the BBEG poses a great threat and a kind of spinner, So anyone with the ability to stop him would naturally want to. This is linked to the fact that most of my NPCs are very strong-willed, capable people (since I have an ongoing theme in the history of resistance to oppression systems).

I do not want the campaign to be overcrowded with too many NPCs. As a storyteller, the idea of ​​having characters who have no reason to be there annoys me, but I can not cut them out of the story because they have already been introduced. It makes it difficult to keep track of the story and tell it coherently, and I'm worried that the number of NPCs in the future will cause confusion for my players and that they will lack emotional investment.

I see that there are a few possibilities:

  1. Find a way to take them out of history. This is difficult considering the attitude.
  2. Give them a purpose so they do not feel like they are there for a reason without overloading history with unnecessary action. The story is already quite extensive, especially for a first GM, so I hesitate about it.
  3. Of course, let them take a back seat by not mentioning them / giving them something to do. Basically, they still exist in the narrative and are technically against the BBEG, but in reality they are just wallpapers. Would probably be unnatural, since they have quite strong / prominent personalities.

Which of these options is the most natural / least disturbing for my players? And how would I do that? Or do I miss another option altogether?

If you were president, how would you deal with illegal immigrants?

First, I would admit that nine in ten illegals enter legally and do not leave. The number crossing our southern border is minimal, and the construction of more walls can not stop the flood that arrives to claim refugee status.

I would deposit a deposit for each work visa to be paid by the importing employer. If the employee does not return, the company loses its bail to track down and deport the illegal workers. I would put the bail on a number that encourages these companies to worry about whether the workers return, which also encourages these employers to hire Americans.

I would also require every university and college to inform immigration if a student does not complete their education. Graduates would receive green cards and deport failures.

Finally, I would like to address the problem in Central America that caused the refugee crisis: the United States of America. I admit that we are responsible for financing the terrorists who have previously destroyed stable governments and I would stop doing so. I would tackle the problem of our former co-workers, the Contras who are still there, by providing funds and troops to wipe them out. I would use the troops in the Middle East.

Once Central America is stable and nations no longer have to fight our former employees to protect public peace, the flood of refugees will dissipate.

Nude photography – How do I deal with excitement as a photographer in boudoir recordings?

Sexual thoughts that are absolutely professional should be a long way from a photographer's mind during a photo shoot. But it happens every now and then, either because the model is particularly sexy or because the model herself knows that it is sexy and the photographer likes teasing and unintentional, embarrassing movements in the underwear of the photographer – which is the case with unprofessional models makes her self-esteem increase.

How do you deal with these situations? How do you deal with the model and the situation on these occasions in order to maintain the professionalism and the name?

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pathfinder 1e – How do I deal with a DM that makes major changes to a PC without the player's permission?

You can explain that you are angry, that you do not appreciate the changes you made and that you want them to be taken out of the game again. And he can either appreciate it, apologize and repeat it, or he can not. Ultimately, you only have control over whether you want to play or not.

It's probably best to speak privately, in any case, best to talk out of season (even if you appear to play just a little earlier), and it's definitely best not to blame him – not that it is retribution or reaction to things you have done that he did not like, nor anything else. Just assume that he meant well and just make a mistake. No matter how implausible that is. (And if it's really implausible, you should really reconsider your decision to continue this game.)

It's probably not relevant how he behaves with other PCs when their players are not present. If you get so far into an argument – if you question your simple position: "That's my character and that's not what I want for them" – that's not worth discussing. This is not a negotiation. that is you get up and say "no" and then let him take it or leave it.

But do not try to make it an ultimatum. that never works. Playing together requires trust and cooperation – it has damaged your confidence, but you have decided to keep playing. That means you have – you must have – a certain level of confidence in him. If you need an ultimatum, it is not trust. And if his answer is not favorable – if it undermines the trust you have – you will want to go, and if you "force" him by ultimatum, it will not change that this is a bad game for you must see that he acknowledges his mistake and takes action to reverse it, not because he is "forced" to do so, but because it is the right thing to do. If he does not, I do not understand how you can trust him enough to keep playing.

As we often say here, bad play is usually worse than no play. For me, this would be a pretty "bad game" if everything is as you say it. I would probably pretty easily explain my position, ideally as simple as "not cool, man". And I would expect that to be respected pretty much right away, and an apology and apology that it comes pretty soon. If that was something he honestly thought was cool, and he's sorry to learn he was wrong, then it's fine. If there is instead one more thing– Defending, justifying, changing the subject to something I did before would prove to me that I do not want to have anything to do with this DM.

dnd 5e – How do I deal with requests from players for attacks to cripple the enemy?

I'm taking part in a recent campaign with 5 new players. They are completely new for role-playing and role-playing games.
In a fight, they often phrase their attacks as "I aim my eyes to blind him and shoot my arrow," or "I try a quick shot forward to pierce her leg with my sword to the inability to act to reduce." their movements, "or" I unleash a mighty strike between helmet and chest plate to try to behead this enemy, "etc., and expect me to make the enemies suffer the consequences of their detailed actions, especially when they roll up on the d20.

My players are pretty excited about the RPG and tell them what they are doing and demand the same from me. I think that's great, because I love this style of play, it's easy for me to quench your thirst for narration, and I like to write. However, I tried to explain to them that such a combat approach may prove uncomfortable to the point that even the rules themselves simply avoid the subject:

The loss of hit points does not affect a creature's abilities
until the creature drops to 0 hit points.

PHB p.196, hit points

They were disappointed and wondered after the discussion, what is the meaning of the Kampfer count at all. They therefore began to misunderstand everything they say in battle: "I attack him", "I cast spells on him". This led to cold-mechanical struggles and boring narratives, though I tried to create a creative account of events without their influence.

I definitely do not want to get debilitating wounds into fighting because it can be pretty hard to rule over anything, and it's just a spit-pot from a shot at an enemy due to a critical hit "upside down". It would also overwhelm the PC if I did not balance it by allowing intelligent opponents to think the same, making everything even more complicated.

What can I do to engage my players in the fight count without them falling into insanity looking for headshots? How can I promote role-playing in combat without causing crippled and condition-causing wounds (such as arrows in my eyes)?

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