finite automata – space complexity for accepting word decision problems of DFAs

It is known that the decision problem $ w in mathcal {L} (M) $ for a DFA $ M = (Q, Sigma, Delta, q_0, F) $ is in $ mathcal {O} (| w |) $, To prove this, we assume that the successor status calculation can be done in $ mathcal {O} (1) $for example with an array of size $ Q times Sigma $,

My question is: is there a better way to save the transition function with the same runtime complexity? When $ Sigma $ is very large, the table is very memory intensive. It is even worse for NFAs that contain a list of states in each cell of the array.

It's been 30 days and I have not received a decision regarding my visa application for a visit to the British family

I am from Ghana and applied for a family visa in the United Kingdom on November 22, 2018, which was due to travel on December 21 and return on January 4, 2019.

To this day, January 8, I have nothing in front of them, not even an e-mail message. What does that mean? What are you doing with my passport? Is that a sign of rejection?

Us. Court decision in support of legal sports betting

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Opportunity expected! American law and policy makers are working on a framework for the introduction and support of the legalization of sports betting.

Last week, the United States rejected a 26-year ban on sports betting, giving the 50 states the opportunity to re-establish their policies to allow legal betting on popular competitive sports. Nevada, the only state to have been active in the market for nearly 26 years, has reported that Nevada Sports Books had generated $ 4.8 billion in operations in 2017.

Other reports from the American Gaming Association estimate US illegal sports betting is worth $ 150 billion a year. With the recent change in legislation, enthusiastic players will soon have the opportunity to participate in the thrill of sports betting in a safe and open environment.

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The legalization of sports betting will help the gaming community enjoy the betting activities, but how can we maintain the integrity of the bookkeeping? While existing online sports forecasting industries have undergone rapid development, all current underlying technologies are based on centralized algorithms, internal computer systems and winners' announcements.

Traditional online sports prediction platforms are faced with a number of problems, such as the unfairness of customers due to manipulated algorithms, fraudulent behavior of sports operators (especially for small forecasting platforms), as well as hacking attacks and false information in credit card transactions.

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The solution? Block chain technology.

With extensive industry experience, the UniGame team is at the forefront of using blockchain technology in the field of sports forecasting and is dedicated to resolving the issue. By storing the platform data in the blockchain, all users can be sure that the data is credible, traceable, verifiable, and unmanageable, eliminating background tampering.

UniGame is strategically positioned to become the market leader in this multi-billion dollar industry.
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Through strong partnerships with IP holders of global top events, seasoned team members and game licenses in multiple countries; UniGame has focused on the blockchain-based sports competition industry and laid the groundwork for the launch of its real-life application.

UniGame's global chain-based sports prediction platform covers kickboxing, football and basketball events and is licensed exclusively to the International Boxing Federation (IBF), Kunlun Fight and Glory of Heroes (GOH).

Participants may use Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) in return for UniGames UniCoin (UNC) tokens. UniCoin (UNC) is now officially trading on HitBTC.

More information and a copy of the white paper can be found at

Turing Machines – What is the difference between an oracle and a decision maker in Computational Theory?

I'm just learning about Turing Reductions and just wondering if there is a difference between an oracle and a decision maker. I understand the meaning of an oracle in that we do not need to know how it gets its answer, but it will always give us the right answer.

An oracle for a language B is an external device that can report if a string w is a member of B.

That's exactly the same as a decision maker. Is there a difference between the two?

Max Test is an informed decision as to whether you want to try the product or not.

The manufacturers who normally resort to spamming to sell their product would suddenly disappear and are sometimes used just for your learning and understanding, which is especially important for your success. Determine if watching videos is better for you or if you're better off following detailed instructions. Look at men's testimonials and boards for more information and the support you need from those who have been successful in their studies. So how will it be a moment …

Max Test is an informed decision as to whether you want to try the product or not.

uk – 41 working days have not yet taken a decision of the UKVI for a visa

I had my biometrics on October 24, 2018 from New York,
My wife and daughter in Nigeria had their own on November 1st.
Both received their visa on 13th November and since then their visa.

I applied for the hope of spending Christmas with them, be it in the UK or Nigeria.
Since October 24th, when I sent it off, no decision had been made for me. I took two weeks of work from the 21st of December until the 5th of January, which starts tomorrow

I contacted them after 15 working days just to put them in another queue, which took another 15 working days.

I received an e-mail stating that it will now prioritize it and that they should decide in 5-7 business days. today it will take another 10 working days.

I seriously dare to take my passport so that I can at least travel to Nigeria, but I have learned that I can wait another 15 working days before I can get it back, unless I speed up the termination.

The agents of the paid telephone service or the e-mail address can only tell you the status. Any suggestion as to which other options I have not explored, is there an office that can be reached, how long does it take to return a passport without having to pay for my passport

Today it's 41 working days for a visa, when I sent my passport and I caught my passport and I can not even travel from the US.

Decision complexity of a TM s.t M (0) = Accept

Below is an example of 2 homework tasks where Im is not sure which complexity class they fit. You also need to set the complexity class of the complement. These two confuse me mainly because I have received a different answer and I feel I'm missing something:

S = {: M is a TM s.t. M (0) = accept} U = {: M is a TM s.t. M (0)[20000] = accept

The options are P, NP, coNP, EXP, Decidable, Recognizable, Lang (all strings).

S: I'm reading this as & # 39; M checks if the input is 0, if yes accept & # 39 ;. My first instinct is that S is in P, as it simply checks if the input is 0, which is a single operation, so I would say it can be solved in polynomial time. Someone else chose RE for S and long for S-complement, which I just do not understand.

U: I read the same as S, but executed 2000 steps (maximum?). I would also state this in P for both U and its complement. Another answer is also P, but I do not see how the addendum of 2000 makes a difference.

Thanks for any clarification.

Performance – Design the decision for a cross-platform text editor optimized for speed

When designing a cross-platform text editor that's optimized for speed – have I heard that uses node.js, would that be slow? I've heard that sublimer text uses C ++. Would it be very tedious to be cross-platform and create GUI? I'm trying to figure out some of the best ways to achieve performance, cross-platform, easy GUI creation and maintainability.

dnd 5e – Is my decision from Sanctuary correct?

This question already has an answer here:

According to sanctuary It says:

Until the end of the spell, a creature targeting a creature you choose with an attack or a harmful spell must first cast a wisdom roll. If failed, the creature must choose a new target or lose the attack or spell. This spell does not protect the guarded creature from area effects.
When the guarded creature makes an attack or cast a spell that affects an opposing creature or deals damage to another creature, that spell ends.

My question is, did I correctly resolve the above spell based on the following scenario:

  • Character A discards Sanctuary on Character B.
  • Creature 1 tries to attack character B and fails his wisdom retention.
  • Creature 1 sees character C within its movement speed, so it moves to character C and attacks (whether or not it has a multiple attack).

The player controlling Character A (the one who acts on Sanctuary) believes the attack was wasted and unable to attack Character C after Creature 1 did not punish the saving throw. They acknowledge that Creature 1 can switch to character C but not attack.

However, I am relying on the wording of:

If failed, the creature must choose a new target or lose the attack or spell.

Feel that a creature can move and execute an attack, as it does not specify anything about the movement speed and clearly states that another target must be sought.

Was I right? If not, please explain why.