8 – Geolocation & Views Proximity Filter – Can you set the default proximity to 0 (zero)?

I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to set the view approximation filter to zero for approximate values ​​when the filter is empty, so that by default the data can be sorted into another field.

What I have right now

A view in which site nodes (using the geolocation module) are viewed / rendered using the Content option. The format settings are set to force fields so we can set the proximity field information. The view has an exposed proximity filter that uses Google Geocoding, and the proximity field is set to be different from this proximity filter.

In addition, the view is sorted first by proximity and then by title.

Proximity filtering works

When users enter an address, the view is sorted by proximity and works as expected.

Desired result

A user visits the page, the places are sorted alphabetically by title. When an address is entered into the filter, the locations are sorted first by proximity and then by title.

What's happening now

When the page loads for the first time and nothing is entered into the filter, the locations appear to be sorted in an arbitrary / random order. If you indicate proximity, it is clear that it is still sorted by proximity, but I do not know, based on what.

Are there any suggestions to configure this differently? Are there any hooks I can access to set the approximation to zero if the filter is empty?

I've googled a good deal and tried to search the problem queue, but have not found any direction yet. Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer help or guidance.

Can I use the NRPT table on Windows Server 2012 R2 to override the default DNS server settings for specific domains?

I joined Windows Server 2012 R2 and need to point to a non-default DNS server to resolve names under a specific internal domain that AD can not resolve. Is it possible to use NRPT (Name Resolution Policy Table) in Local Computer Policy for this? I tried to add a generic DNS server rule because it did not seem to work.

The default setting for the image link type does not work

I'm trying to set up my site to automatically link to the attachment when uploading an image to a post.

I tried: in [siteurl]/wp-admin/options.php, setting image_default_link_type to attachment as mentioned in this tutorial. I checked that the shot was saved because I set it a few weeks ago and when I returned to options.php, it was still set to seizure, Later, I tried to set the value post Office as mentioned in this answer.

Default link type for image set to attachment

Neither of them seemed to change the behavior. When I drag a new image onto a post, the default value is Link to value of none,

Post-editor - Default value of the link to is none

  • WordPress 5.2.1
  • PHP 7.2.19
  • Maybe relevant plugins:
    • Jetpack 7.4.1
    • W3 Total Cache

Web App – How is the user notified by default of downloading files that require authorization in web applications?

Our web application must enable secure file download by requiring an authorization token for HTTP requests.

Therefore, when the user clicks Download, the file is retrieved using the AJAX GET request with the access token. Once the file is in memory, it is stored on the user's hard disk using a temporary link pointing to the file's data in memory.

Because of this, the browser does not immediately display the download progress as it does with normal file downloads (in the bottom bar in Chrome). We need a way to tell the user that something is going on, as retrieving the file data may take some time.

We think about showing a toast message and then discarding it. I have not seen many examples on the internet on many websites.

What is the default method (if any) to do this?

Samsung Contacts (version does not save the default location

Samsung Contacts (currently version has not remembered my default location for saving a new contact for about a few weeks. If I type in the + icon at the bottom right nowadays, I will be asked under which account the contact should be saved. I did One month ago, I added a new Google Account to my phone. The step was the first time to expect. Now I have selected my preferred account and typed "set as default" several times. I definitely want to use only one specific account to manage my contacts (my personal Google Account), so I do not have to select the account every time.

I would have thought that many other Samsung device users are not sure why they should save their contacts in the cloud. Therefore, this complexity would certainly penalize people who do not care about storing data on the internet cloud.

I have Android Pie on a Samsung Galaxy S8.

apple ios – A file can not be uploaded to the default document library of Sharepoint online Classic

I am trying to upload a document to the standard document library (shared documents) of a classic SharePoint online site for teams.

I can not do this because the upload button is disabled.

If you use Sharepoint 2013 classic on Windows, everything is fine

However, the upload button on the iPad is disabled in the Safari and Chrome browser ???

On an iPhone, the upload button is enabled and I can upload a file. It's okay. Works as expected

IPad and iPhone both use ios 12.3.1

When I edit the page> Web Part Properties> change the current view

Change the style from default to newsletter without lines and save
I get the 2010 Classic interface and can upload the file to the iPad by adding a document

Can someone confirm what I experience?

GUI design – What alternative ways to display tabular data instead of the default UI table?

If the data is tabular, I see no reason why you should not go with tables? Finally, the entire purpose of the table element is to display such data types.

However, if you're wondering how the table data looks better, read this article – http://darkhorseanalytics.com/blog/clear-off-the-table/.

In a nutshell, it follows the principleLess is more& # 39; by removing colors, removing gridlines, aligning items by their types (numbers or strings), and so on.

Another method would be to use graphical elements such as pie charts, graph bars, and so on.

Note: Tables are not old-fashioned. However, using tables to layout elements is recommended.

Windows Security App on Windows 10 is not fully functional by default

I'm trying to fix the Windows security warning in Windows 10, which reads:

Virus and threat protection: Recommended actions

However, when I click Open Windows Security, the following pop-up message appears:

Enter image description here

and select

Search for App in the Microsoft Store

does not deliver results.

What do I miss? Is my PC compromised or do I have to buy or install an app?

Admin, Product Page, Grouped Product Grid: The default pagination items must be changed from 20 to 50

I'm looking for a way to change the default pagination article number in the clustered product table on the product page in admin.
There is a known bug where you can not drag and drop an item from one page to another if you have more than 20 items.
So I want to have more than 20 elements on a single pagination page.
Many Thanks!