ssms 18 – SQL Server Management Studio – Why is the dark theme disabled by default?

Why is the dark theme disabled by default? Are there some mistakes with this topic or something in that direction? It seems strange to me that it is purposely hampered by force.

I've found many links that I've turned on the & # 39; Dark & ​​# 39; topic for SSMS. However, I'm curious why this setting is disabled by default. Why is this a single line in the commented out? ssms.pkgundef File?

Here is one of many links that show how to expose the disabled dark theme.
How to enable Dark Them in SSMS

Basically, I'm curious if there is a consequence that I do not know when I turn this feature back on. I can not find any links that indicate why they are disabled at all.

Screenshot of the dark theme after changing from enabled ssms.pkgundef

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Attached Property always has the default value in style

I work with WPF and try using the attached properties to manipulate some aesthetic details of my controls (especially in terms of reviews).

To explain my problem, I have to add code.

My attached property

public class ToolTipExtension
    public static readonly DependencyProperty ShowToolTipProperty = DependencyProperty.RegisterAttached(
        "ShowToolTip", typeof(string), typeof(ToolTipExtension), new PropertyMetadata("Deffault"));    

    public static void SetShowToolTip(DependencyObject element, string value)
        element.SetValue(ShowToolTipProperty, value);

    public static string GetShowToolTip(DependencyObject element)
        return (string) element.GetValue(ShowToolTipProperty);

My dictionary is something simple, like the following:


As you can see in the dictionary, I try to bind the property Text With the value of my attached property, I apply the style as follows:

The problem is the following, the value Prueba? It just does not show up, and when I try to use the Dynamic Visual Tree, I find the following:

Enter image description here

Everything perfect, the property has the value I expect ..

To my surprise, however, the view gives the following:

Enter image description here

It should be made clear that Deffault is the default value of my AttachedProperty

Question in SOen

configuration – wp-config.php will continue to reset to the default settings

A few months ago, I migrated a WordPress site from a Unix instance to a Windows server with ISS. The migration was quite difficult, but it worked well.

About a week after the migration, I found that the site was inaccessible because the database could not be connected. I checked the wp-config.php file and found that it has been reset to the default file. Of course I entered the information again and everything worked again.

Now, about 3 months later, it happened again. During the search, I could not find any information about why this is happening. I hope someone has seen this before.

One change I made after the last occurrence was moving the wp-config.php file to a folder (from the main web directory).

I'm not a big WordPress or ISS type because I mainly work with Unix and PHP or Node. Any help would be appreciated.

Color – Why are photos in Nikon not alive by default?

Most cameras have color profile settings that can be changed. They are called Nikon cameras image control, For more information, see pages 155-163 of the D5600 User Manual.

  • Preferences include: Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Portrait, Landscape, and Flat.

  • You can adjust the following: Sharpen, Clarity, Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, and Hue.

In the photos, the color of the butterfly on the Nikon photo looks a little brighter. The Canon photo looks brighter because the background, frame and focal length are different. You may want to try using a lens that allows you to zoom in and focus closer. When evaluating photos, make sure you're using a computer monitor. Not the camera LCD.

sharepoint online – The default value in the mandatory column is not displayed

I created a content type in a library. Created a template for the library because hundreds of other libraries need to be created. There is one field in the content type that is mandatory, and library by library must be changed to the default value.

In Word, the property sheet on the side of the document does not display this default value while clicking "File" (Backstage view of the document). In fact, the document can be saved even though it is not in the Frontal Properties window.

This annoys me for weeks, as I have already checked the column in the content type in the library and the default value is displayed. I checked the settings for the column default values ​​and they are there. To be 200% sure, I even add them again.

I can not put the default value in the original content type (site column) because it changes the library library and is set when the library is created.
I even checked the default Word template.dotx in forms and this template contains the default value.

There is no problem with Excel and PowerPoint, because these 2 do not have the property sheet on the page, but they take you to the "File" view where the default value exists.

Can I try something else?

Sharepoint Designer – default text in the body of your posts

Do you use discussion Forum App? You can add a default value to your body text area in the new standard form.

Open your list, click on the "List" tab in the top ribbon and select Form Web Parts -> New Standard Form:

Enter image description here

In the default view, add a Content Editor Web Part for the new form editing mode. Click the Web Part area and then click Edit source on the ribbon. Then paste the following script:

In case you do not want to get any further

Windows Registry – I accidentally changed the default value of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

I accidentally changed the default value of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, which means I clicked on the default HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT file and changed its value to "exefile" now when I try to open an exe. File simply says that you need a new app to open this exe file. Can someone help? I can not restore my PC and I should have reduced the initial value. I should go to the EXE folder instead of just changing the default value HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT … can someone help me?

How do I activate the default value of a custom field created through Advanced Custom Fields?

I'm using the ACF plug-in to add a custom field for each page that determines whether the header image is displayed or not.

The field type is true / false and the default value is true. The problem is that this default value It seems to take effect only after I update an existing one, In other words, it does not apply to an existing page until the administrator / user has updated this page.

This is the logic I use in my template:

$show_header = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'show_header', true);   
    if ($show_header && $show_header == 1) {
        if (has_post_thumbnail()) {
          $url =get_the_post_thumbnail_url();  

        } else {

How can I force the default value to take effect on every page without republishing it manually?

Drupal 8 follows symbolic links within default / files

I use Drupal 8.7.6.
My default / files is a shortcut to a read-only mount:

files -> /mnt/files_ro

Drupal needs to write to a few folders because it aggregates and caches assets like CSS, JS, PHP / Twig, …
So I created a read and write mount. And made a bunch of symlinks from / mnt / files_ro:

css -> /mnt/files_rw/css/
js -> /mnt/files_rw/js/
styles -> /mnt/files_rw/styles/

Now Drupal generates the same errors it would have if default / files had bad file permissions. But my files_rw directory belongs to the Apache user and is writable.

I've done enough testing to make sure that the issue is not a simple file permission.

I also know that you had to patch the core in D7 if you wanted Drupal to follow symlinks.

How do I get D8 to follow symlinks in the / files / directory? Has anyone else done that?