Deleting a label via google contact api v3 deletes the label, but moves all contacts to other contacts

Deleting a label via google contact api v3 deletes the label, but moves all contacts to other contacts. I'd like to delete the label and all its contacts instead. The called URI is provided by Google Docs and is under the label. That's in ruby

request = @ client.generate_request (

: uri => "",

: http_method => "DELETE",

: parameters => {

: v => & # 39; 3.0 & # 39 ;,

: xoauth_requestor_id => & # 39; me & # 39;

: headers => {
& # 39; If-Match & # 39; => & # 39; * & # 39;

Answer = execute! (Inquiry)

Somehow, Page Up automatically deletes the Bash history on the command line in Git Bash

I can not say if this is a keyboard shortcut, but in my Git Bash for Windows console I accidentally pressed Page Up on the keyboard when I tried to press Up. After pressing the Enter key (I thought it was my last command), it was executed cat / dev / null> ~ / .bash_history

I currently have none ~ / .bash_history File (I'm on Windows 7 Pro right now), but running history shows 103 entries … luckily it has not deleted anything.

When I run History | grep bash_historyit shows the command in line 1 and in a few other lines as well … I honestly can not remember having done this, definitely not as the shell's first command, though the query looks familiar and I probably already do once done, although it did not do anything (probably only accidentally).

Trying to find information on it just shows me how to clear history with this command … which obviously is not what I'm looking for. Is this some kind of standard command in Git Bash? I imagine Page Up (maybe Windows only) fills the first command in the story, but that's a bit scary when my Page Up and Up buttons on my laptop are right next to each other (curse Dell).

Server – Ubuntu sporadically deletes "persistent" Windows shares and fills the local drive

In my homelab, I set up and rebuilt a few Ubuntu VMs (I think these issues were related to my own configuration), as I have difficulty finding the cause of this problem, where my "persistent" windows Shares constantly break. I worked with Ubuntu Server 16.04-18.04 and the same Windows 2016 Datacenter file server. I've mapped the shares using the following using the "Include password protected network folders" method. Here is an example of a fstab entry of one of the shares:

// cifs vers = 3.0, credentials = / home / matt / .smbcredentials, iocharset = utf8 0 0

Note: Although I tested the IP and hostname mapping of the server, the same result. Add cifs vers = 3.0 was required due to security updates on the Windows file server. I can successfully mount the drive (no errors), but then the sporadic problems begin.

The VM downloads files and saves them to the network drives. However, as soon as the drive "breaks down", the files are no longer stored directly on the network drive, but locally stored in / media / {share} and the 16 GB disk is full. This leads to system errors. I've searched GOUG (Good Ol & # 39; Uncle Google) for mappings of Windows network shares, but always get the same methodology as described in the wiki above. Is there a more modern way to permanently mount a Windows drive or do I start something else?

Shortcut Keys – Is there a command that deletes only the previous mark, as in macos with cmd + L?

Basically, I would like to look back at my previous console issue from time to time, but also the cleanliness of the console is important to me. So if I spent something wrong on the console, I'd like to remove that part.

something like that, but ignore the command in the picture.
Suppose I have already spent something with the previous command to preserve the yellow part in the image. I think that the youngest part distracts and wants to remove it. How can I just delete the yellow part and leave the green part and the entire output in front of the green part as they were?

Macos has a shortcut cmd + l to accomplish this, but in Ubuntu, spending is actually just rolling up. While the delete command removes all outputs.

Many Thanks – E-mail notification deletes the message from both mailboxes

I've set up two mail accounts in that are common in some of my institution's mailing lists. When a message is sent about it, I get a notification, I click on it and the message is displayed. Then I get another notification, which of course comes from account "B", and I click on the "delete" button. The previously displayed message is also hidden. The message is now not in any of the inboxes.

What can I do to fix this problem if only one message is not deleted?

Drupal 8 deletes session variables when resetting the password. Returns 403 access denied

I have a clean install of Drupal 8.6.13, by default everything without custom themes or modules. It was created via:

drupal-composer / drupal-project: 8.x-dev with the Drupal site: new Command.

When I use a one-time login link, I get a 403 access that was declined because the session data (timestamp and hash) is lost on forwarding UserController :: resetPass to UserController :: getResetPassForm,

Here's the source code for reference:

When I log the session variables when they are created reset pass They are saved and displayed correctly.

When I log in the session variables getResetPassForm They are not there anymore. This will execute the following code, which returns the 403:

if (! $ hash ||! $ timestamp) {
throw new AccessDeniedHttpException ();

I am not sure if this is a drupal problem or a symfony problem or what.

Everything worked well on previous versions of Drupal 8.6.x. I noticed the problem when upgrading from 8.6.8 to 8.6.13. I've just tested a clean install of 8.6.13 and see this problem.

Server is nginx.

Any ideas?

Mouse – The Macbooks keyboard deletes and copies random text. chooses too much

Sometimes, when I select text – even just a letter – and press the backspace key, the cursor erases the text very far away. It is also repeatable if I select the same text again. Unfortunately, if I change the program – I want to record it – the problem goes away.
This usually happens in chrome – probably because I use a lot of chromium.

In Intellij Idea I mostly get a selection error, in which I select only one word with the mouse and it also suddenly selects the top and the bottom row.

Selection works funny in Macos? Still have this problem.

The InfoPath form deletes filled-in fields when they are reopened after delivery

I have an InfoPath form with a drop-down box for a category and multiple fields under the category box. When someone moves from one category to the next, I have set rules to clear all fields under the category and to refill them.

When the form is sent, all filled-in areas are displayed in the list. However, if the form is opened for viewing or editing, any fields that I set when changing the category to hide are displayed as blank without being changed anything from the original template.

Is there a rule I have to do to avoid this or what I miss?