Restaurants – Do Home Deliveries of Food in the United States Have "Tamper-Proof Stickers"?

I never ordered food at home where I live, and certainly not in the United States. One thing that really worries me is the "trust factor"; Not only do I have to trust that the restaurant staff won't spit into my food or otherwise contaminate it, I do too Likewise I have to trust the person who delivers it, who most likely doesn't love his job / life and can do something with my food out of defiance, especially if she chooses not to like me for some reason.

An extremely cheap and elegant solution would be if the food area put some kind of cheap but effective "custom sticker" on the food packaging so that I could at least be sure that it would not arrive at my door between leaving the food area and being opened. It could say the name and logo of the restaurant with a little text:


This would cost them practically nothing extra, but would give me a lot of rest. It is also in line with numerous other such "security measures" that apply throughout society today, so it would not be a fancy thing to suggest or do so.

This would be especially useful for pizza boxes, but I've never seen this in a movie or anything, so I'm worried that it couldn't be done. It's really an important reason why I don't want to order pizza to my home. Just the idea that the deliverer opens it and spits on it (in a way that is not obvious to the customer) makes me restless.

Is that already done? If so, it is consequent done? Or just from a few big chains?

Energized Web Hosting – VPS offers with 30% discount on the voucher code, limited deliveries! – Low end box

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HudsonValleyHost – Buffalo, NY USA

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Shipping – How can we programmatically create partial deliveries with rest api?

I would like to create a partial shipment to manage the reorder
Here is what I am looking for

Customers place the below item
Item1 Quantity 5
Item2 Quantity 10
Item4 Quantity 8

I wanted to ship the available product and the available quantity for the first delivery and then the grater for the second time

Here is the product and the quantity that I have to ship first

Item1 Quantity 1
Item2 Quantity 5
Item4 Quantity 3

Here is my model class

  _orderRepository =   $orderRepository;
        $this->_convertOrder = $convertOrder;
        $this->_trackFactory = $trackFactory;
        $this->_shipmentNotifier = $shipmentNotifier;
        $this->_shipmentFactory = $shipmentFactory;
        $this->_transactionFactory = $transactionFactory;
        $this->_logger = $logger;
        $this->_esnFactory  =   $esnFactory;


     * Get Shipping update.
     * @api
     * @param ShipmentDataInterface $shipment
     * @return ShipmentDataInterface|void
     * @throws MagentoFrameworkExceptionLocalizedException
    public function saveNewShipment($shipment)
            $order  =   $this->_orderRepository->get($shipment->getOrderId());
                $data   = array(
                $orderShipment  =   $this->prepareShipment($order, $data);
                if ($orderShipment){
                    $order->addStatusHistoryComment('ITEM SHIPPED', false);
                    $transactionSave =  $this->_transactionFactory->create()->addObject($orderShipment)->addObject($orderShipment->getOrder());
               // return $orderShipment;
        }  catch (Exception $e) {
            throw new MagentoFrameworkExceptionLocalizedException(


     * @param $order MagentoSalesModelOrder
     * @param $track array
     * @return $this
    protected function prepareShipment($order, $track)
        $shipment = $this->_shipmentFactory->create(
        return $shipment->getTotalQty() ? $shipment->register() : false;
     * @param $order MagentoSalesModelOrder
     * @return array
    protected function prepareShipmentItems($order)
        $items = ();

        foreach($order->getAllItems() as $item) {
            $items($item->getItemId()) = $item->getQtyOrdered();
        return $items;


and here are my postdata with shipping

    "shipment": {
        "order_id": 123,
                "carrier_code": "DHLNew",
                "carrier_title": "DHL EXPRESS",
                "tracking_number": "TESTDHL12345",
        "items": (
                "sku": "item1",
                "somedata": "somedata",
                "ShippingBoxNumber": "1",
                "Qty": "1"

                "sku": "item2",
                "somedata": "somedata",
                "ShippingBoxNumber": "1",
                "Qty": "5"
                "sku": "item1",
                "somedata": "somedata",
                "ShippingBoxNumber": "1",
                "Qty": "3" 


Every help is appropriated

Search – How do you delete or manage pending Kindle deliveries?

Attempts to manage outstanding deliveries as follows:

Amazon Device Support> Managing Your Amazon Devices, Content, and Accounts>

Bring items to your fire or Kindle

You can provide content from "Manage Your Content and Devices" to your device or the Kindle app for reading.

You can deliver content through "manage your content and devices" on compatible devices.

Manage your content and devices

From your computer:
1. Go to Manage your content and devices.
2. Select the title and click the actions [...] and then select the option to submit the content to your default device or to others.
3. If you selected Other, select the devices or Kindle Reading apps from the drop-down menu, and then select Deliver.

Note: If the selected title is not compatible with a device, the name of the device is displayed in gray in the drop-down menu.

4. Select Deliver. Your content will automatically be sent to your device or read app when connected to a wireless network.

Note: You can select pending outbound deliveries from the Show drop-down menu to view songs that have not yet been sent to your device or the Kindle app.

However, I have three outstanding deliveries that I can not delete. How do I delete outstanding deliveries?

There is a button with three points in the action column. ...Clicking displays the title of the book, the device to which it is to be delivered, and the date it was sent. These three articles are from the 16th of November last week.