ecommerce – eBay is demanding that I register for them to “manage my payments”

I very rarely sell anything on eBay.

Over the past few months, I’ve gotten emails from them saying I must register for them (or them + payoneer) to manage my payments.

Now they’ve said I won’t be able to sell anything, ever, if I don’t register for that.

The thing is, I thought they were already “managing” my payments via paypal; they even withheld a payment made to me on an item I sold.

My questions:

  • Why is this happening?
  • Can I avoid this somehow?
  • If I can’t – what are the gotchas of this scheme? I mean, what do they want to “manage” now that they couldn’t earlier?

facebook demanding phone number

I tried to create an anonymous facebook account using email address and password. all went fine, then a day later I tried to log in and found my account had been blocked because it violated facebook policy. I don't understand why but thats what they did. In going thought the unblock procedure facebook are asking for my mobile number. I don't mind giving my number but I wanted to know if facebook have the power to trace who I am with it ie: my name and address.

How do you deal with demanding clients in business?

So one of the client asked me to make replica type web design. And then when delivered. The client was happy and then asked me to add things to it. And then after things were added he didnt liked the design. This was going on for 1 week where the design was keep on changing. And it was kind of hard to deal with the demands. And the final part of getting paid. Client thought it was not a good job. Plus already low cost project client don’t want to pay.

How do you deal with clients such as…

How do you deal with demanding clients in business?

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It is true, this crisis has unleashed cybercriminals even more and the worst thing is that they increasingly take refuge in cryptocurrencies to receive payments for their misdeeds, so we honest people who handle Bitcoin for example have to decide what we want , if privacy for our operations and so that we can feel more secure when paying for any purchase, oh if we want them to catch the vilest of the internet, it is a very big dilemma and without a doubt the most affected is the price of Bitcoin whatever it is the decision made


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    dnd 4e – What's the Most Demanding 4E Adventure / Module Material?

    I'm planning a 4E campaign for a fully optimized group of five players. I would very much prefer it to use officially published material and to optimize it where necessary. These players love to be challenged as much as the rules allow.

    I have so far …

    I'm not sure what to do for level 1-4. I think it should come from these options …

    • D & D encounters
    • Dungeon Magazine
    • Normal adventure / module during the normal life cycle
    • Adventure / Module at the end of the cycle, which will contain D & D next (it could be one of them because later things tend to reinforce it a bit more, but not sure)

    One of the players has a friend who is not part of the group who keeps all his Lair Assault material. So we have…

    • Forge of the Dawn Titan (5th level)
    • Attack of the Tyrant's Claw (6th Level)
    • Temple of the Sky God (7th Level)
    • Kill the Wizard (8th Level)
    • Spider Killer (9th level)
    • Talon of Umberlee (8th grade)
    • Into the Pit of Insanity (10th Level)

    I understand that this is the biggest challenge. They are willing not to scale to be able to play them all. Are the Lair Assault a worthy challenge?

    I think Tomb of the horrors for the steps 10-22. I think it means you can drive with a group that is two levels below the standard requirement. Thoughts?

    From the 23-30. I do not have anything. Any suggestions?

    I'm looking for an answer that has experience with optimized builds and the most sophisticated official material. If I have to tweak a bit, that's okay.