Democrats have no platform except HATE TRUMP?

They also want a universal health care and tuition that the US needs. If you do not believe that the US needs it, you love spending money and seeing others fight.

And even if the Democrats' only platform were hatred for Trump, that would be good enough for me! He is currently the biggest problem with the US.


Is that the only real reason to stand up to Voter ID because you plan to cheat? What does that say about Democrats?


The reason why Democrats tend to reject this is because it is a voter suppression tool.

The electoral pass law sets a limit between persons and elections. Democrats want to encourage people, and when I say people, I mean citizens, to vote. Anything that makes voting difficult is considered suspicious.

The justification for the electoral pass laws is the prevention of electoral fraud. But the only kind of electoral fraud that it protects against is the personal electoral fraud, where someone pretends to be somebody else and cast a vote in his name. This essentially does not exist. In Pennsylvania, for example, the lawyers who defended this state's electoral card law admitted that there had never been a documented case of electoral fraud in more than 200 years of state history. However, electoral identity laws can be an obstacle to choice. In Pennsylvania, they admitted that over one hundred thousand legal voters lacked the right ID card


Why do liberals / democrats still deny that the entire joke about collusion / disability has been completely exposed and the Dems have lied?

You live in a fantasy world.

In fact, it has been shown that Russia intervened in our elections and that Trump has been working to obstruct the investigation into this matter.

Besides, the world is round, the earth revolves around the sun, we landed on the moon, the Holocaust happened, Obama was born in the US and there are no lizardmen posing as human beings.

I am glad that I could help you with this.


Why did three Democrats voted against the Green New Deal of the AOC, but not a single Democrat voted in favor?

Almost all of the support that the Green New Deal receives is orally welcomed by environmentalists and those who are not more involved in the deal. The conversation is cheap and costs nothing. This makes one look good, as they superficially support something that is said to improve the environment; This is a good optic for progressive politicians who want to win over greener and perhaps younger voters who care more about the environment.

However, talking is nothing when it comes to doing things. Politicians make a lot of unfulfilled promises, so it's not surprising that the Green New Deal, despite its popularity with certain people physically nothing behind it. Politicians who really have to pay attention to what is in the bill, do not want to be annoyed about how bad it is. This will become apparent if it is ever passed and politics is allowed to shape. Although it's important to them to look good, they still have to prevail, and the Green New Deal is a losing position.

Now they know that the Republicans will kill the horror so they do not have to go out of their way to destroy it. That relieves them a bit, and so only three actually went against the GND when it came to votes. Most of them did not want to be involved in a pro-Republican section, so they renounced completely ruining the AOC, which is one of their own (unfortunately for them).


Why are democrats lying and saying that poor people have no chance of success?

Nobody is lying. Many do not do this because they are in a family situation where everyone has to work to do it, and college just seems to be unavailable to them. Especially given the cost of student loans.

"While many Americans believe that the poor can rise from below, statistics show that the majority does not. New research by the Pews Economic Mobility Project has shown that 70 percent of those born in the lower fifth never reach the middle of business leaders. "

Very good article on this topic: …


Did the Democrats in 2008 not vote for McCain because his fellow warrior was a woman?

No. We did not vote for him because his chief foreign policy advisers were the same arrogant but stupid neo-conservatives who brought us the fiasco in Iraq – including Crazy Bolton. The fact that McCain's running buddy was a damn fool was part of it – Palin was so incredibly stupid – that McCain let his people push him in – he later admitted it.

Republicans seem to like idiots in the executive – and in 2016 they really got their wish – they voted in a male version of Pallin.


[ Politics ] Open Question: If there are Democrats in my state, can I regard them as unwanted intruders and kill them? Is not that a justified murder?

[ Politics ] Open Question: If there are Democrats in my state, can I regard them as unwanted intruders and kill them? Is not that a justified murder? ,