Do the Democrats know that publishing the pristine Muller report would be illegal?

Yes, they know that much of it is actually CLASSIFIED MATERIAL.

They want it to be completely released just so they can pull another person into their BS and use another Republican in jail for publishing classified information.

Many of them have no room for secret or top secret things and they can not wait to run it out and blame someone else, especially if they are not a good friend.

They still do everything and everything to try to keep the CLINTONS and or OBAMA's from looking closely or exploring. ,


Should not Democrats deal with their 2020 candidates who want reparations for slavery while Groper Joe Biden hides?

Since 300,000 Republicans were killed in the civil war because they freed slaves from the Democrats, the Democrats are legally required to pay the Republicans reparations.

Democrats were the slavers because the Republican Party did not exist when the Democrats lashed their slaves.

I want my reparations money now Democrats


Why do not Democrats care that over 100,000 illegal immigrants crossed the border last month?

Stop arresting people for a paper script and the system will not be overburdened. You create the problem that drives you crazy. Give the scope to the actual cartels and smugglers, rather than to anyone who wants to legitimately apply for asylum (which is legal, by the way), and you will be able to handle the job much more easily.

The borders are good, they are cowards who are insecure.


Why do Democrats make life so difficult?

Anyone who says that higher taxes apply to paid things like roads, bridges and infrastructure, etc. only blows smoke in the butt. The majority of the tax money goes to special interests, lobbyists, waste, fraud and other things that are sprayed by Democrats and marsh rats.

Everything that actually goes to programs goes to programs that are badly misused, wasted and spent on their money. For example, for a government paint job that would cost about $ 5,000, they pay a special interest contractor who has special agreements with the government because the owner knows someone who pays $ 40,000 and everyone winks, shaking hands

Much of the remainder goes to social programs and other social programs that are themselves abused, wasted, exploited or otherwise used by lazy people because they do not really want to work hard. There are some people who need it, but many who waste it.

Choose Republicans, spend your money wisely, and keep more


What is the most painful defeat for Democrats?

Both are the same for our liberal friends! lol

You see, for the "liberal" follower of YAP-YAP, today's date is November 9, 2016. IOW, they have never … MOVED! Roflmao

And so the Müller report snaps her to this day. A nice trick, right?

The only thing that has happened between the American liberals is that they have their preference for RAGE, ANGER and HATRED the … max. Sorry, I know, but what can you do with them?