What does the color of the iOS keyboard depend on?

I've noticed that on iOS, the keyboard color varies in different parts of the operating system. Sometimes it is dark and sometimes bright.

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What is important?

I found a question about stack overflow and asked how to change the keyboard color.

Does this depend on the encoding of the application?

I felt it depended on the wallpaper, but when I changed it to a lighter color, the keyboard was still dark.

Deployment – The image can not depend on multiple virtual machines from the WDS server

background: I have 3 virtual test machine, WDS + DHCP + DC and two clients. if I'm going to deploy win10 on a machine, everything is alright.
I did not change the default. Dhcp is running on port 67, and pxboot option 60 is set.

problem : but if I try to mount two windows at the same time, an error is displayed that the request on port 4011 has not been answered. Otherwise there is no boot image.

thanks in advance for help.

SQL agent jobs depend on the last run date and time

For maintenance tasks in my LogShipped environment, I run a T-SQL script to disable and then enable the job to copy / restore the agent for the duration of the maintenance.
When I activate the jobs through TSQL, the schedule (on the last run date) seems stuck and will not execute future schedules, and LS DBs are out of sync. Restarting the SQL Agent and starting the job manually will resolve the issues.

SQL Server 2016 SP1.
Use msdb..sysjobs to disable / enable the job and
msdb..sysjobschedule for deactivating / activating the schedule

Anyone any ideas?

Controls – Should a light switch be small or large, or does this depend on other factors?

I like the big "button" switch (second). It is easier to find and beat in the dark. It has a strong design. I really know a rule that should be applied to electrical appliances like this one (switcher). I heard it from my teacher at school:

The switch should be in the UP position – switched on
and should be in the DOWN position – be off.
It is a law for accident prevention. If a person turned on the switcher and he / she was hit by electricity, he / it fell down and pushed the switcher to turn it off. I think it's a historical story 🙂 but you see that this rule is applied in 90% more cases, I think.

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