Drupal 8 Webform – Display Administrative Description in Views

I need to create a Views report for all web forms on our website (we currently have 27 forms), which shows the total number of submissions per form.

The problem I have is that we need the Views report to also show the administrative description of the form, but I do not see that as a field option in views.

Any ideas on how to do that?

In the Youtube description, enter where I have my pictures from

I start posting videos with a few celebrity pictures. I have the right to use the pictures

I see how some people in the description of their videos indicate where they get their pictures from. is that necessary. If I do not apply for monetization, they reject me for no reason and are not confronted with anything and can not tell them or show them where I got them from. Simply decide at your own discretion who they think they have used images legally, or simply reject them

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8 – How can I translate the field group description?

I've created two field groups on the Manage Form Ad tab for a content type. I also added a description.

In the interface translation I can translate the field group names, but there I can not translate the description of a field group. As if I search the description there, I can not find any results.

I also checked it in the configuration translation, but the field group does not exist on this page.

Is there a way to translate the field group translation?

8 – Migrate input formats for taxonomies with empty description

I am trying to write custom migrations to migrate my Drupal 7 website to Drupal 8. I am currently using Drupal 8.7.10 and Drupal 7.61 for a copy of the production website.

I tried to migrate a description from Drupal 7 and set the format for Drupal 8 to "full_html".

For example, I have read many sources
Migrating input formats causes errors

I used this code for the migration

description/value: description
description/format: format2

and for process plugin

public function prepareRow(Row $row) {
  $row->setSourceProperty('format2', 'full_html');

However, the format was not saved for a blank description.

How do I save the format if the description is not filled out?

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How do I change the description / thumbnail of the site?

For standard WordPress, see your site's dashboard (example.com/wp-admin/) under Settings> General. There you should see the title and description of your site.

If you have an SEO plugin (like Yoast or SEO Framework) you need to check the settings of the plugin.

If these do not work, there may be a problem with your topic. If you have access to the code, check in the header.php and see what's set in the Keywords.

8 – Dynamic meta tags and description in custom pages

I have a custom Drupal module that generates pages for players on my site. The Player Statistics data is updated most of the time. For the sake of usability, I have created a custom module for the player pages.

I have an external database where all player information is stored. My module defines a URL pattern and displays the player's information from the external database upon receipt of the pattern.

My problem is that I was unable to display meta tags and descriptions for my player pages because there is no actual node for my pages. I tried meta tags module and meta tag route modules. However, with these modules I could only define one static meta tag and one description for my entire module, ie there is only one meta description for all pages. I want them to be dynamic and vary from page to page. I've tried the following examples, but I can only add static strings. I want the player to get a wise meta description.

Generate Meta in Drupal 8 Controller

In Drupal 8, add a meta tag to the head

Here is my code structure.


name: Player Module
description: Creates Page for Player.
package: Custom
type: module
version: 1.0
core: 8.x


      'variables' => ('result' => NULL),
      'template' => 'player-page-formatter',


  path: '/player/{player}'
    _controller: 'DrupalplayerControllerPlayerController::content'
    _title_callback: 'DrupalplayerControllerPlayerController::title' 
    _permission: 'access content'


      '#result' => $result,
      '#cache' => ('max-age' => 0),


  public function title($player) {
    $title = "";
    /* --------------
     code logic here 
    ------------------ */
    return (
      '#type' => 'markup',
      '#markup' => $title,


I'm stuck with this topic for a long time. Every help is appreciated.