Domain-Driven Design – Can a DDD entity rely on an infrastructure library?

Suppose I want that on mine user Entity:

user.createNewSecurityToken ();

That means:

public void createNewSecurityToken () {
var buffer = new byte[32];
new RNGCryptoServiceProvider (). GetBytes (buffer); // <--- here is the problem
this.Token = Convert.ToBase64String (buffer);

This is not a DI dependency, just a class from the infrastructure. But does the DDD "break"?

The alternative is the following:

user.setSecurityToken (token); // pass it in (probably from a domain service)

But this leads to anemic entities.

What is the preferred DDD approach and what considerations should be considered in such a design decision?

methodology – How can the design thinking framework be mapped to IDEOs?

So I think about these DT models.

Stanford describes the Design Thinking method in (5) steps: Empathize, define, visualize, prototype, and exam, IDEO describes it in (3) modes that are often but not always sequential: Inspiration, brainstorming, and implementation,

I assume that these models describe the same activities. For example, user interviews in the first research phase are part of the's empathize Step and IDEO "inspiration" mode.

So here is my question.

I wonder where the lines are drawn (or if they are naturally blurry). For example, does prototype Card on Idea, implementation, or both? Or is my assumption wrong and these models are more orthogonal than overlapping? And if so, what then? is the relationship between them?

This is what the models look like.

The model of design thinking steps diagram

IDEO's Model:

IDEO 3 modes diagram

Design – How to set the WhatsApp status image to fit all phone models?

My friend designs WhatsApp status pictures in standard format and size supported by WhatsApp and sends them to all our contacts. The status is displayed correctly, but on some phones, the view on the screen is readjusted and sometimes images or words in the status of some cell phones like s9 +, s10 + etc. are truncated WhatsApp?

I think the difference in aspect ratio on phones (~ 16: 9 ~ 18: 9) is the problem.

Please help us solve this problem.

unreal 4 – How do I add material to a created design?

My project has a cube and a capsule.

Below is an inserted cube of the Modes tab. In addition to a capsule, which was inserted from a blueprint created by me:

Enter image description here

I can drag the created material and use it in the cube, but not in the capsule:

Enter image description here

Notice that the cube has a tab for inserting the material:

Enter image description here

But the capsule I created does not have the same tab:

Enter image description here

I want to know what components I would need to add to the capsule for the capsule to have a material.

Interaction Design – Credential help with restriction to 2 dependent fields

Lukew has a section on this in his old (but still relevant) book Web Form Design (p. 186)

If the number of inputs is relatively small – one to two additional inputs – this method can preserve the context of a person's original selection and insert the required selection-dependent inputs where most relevant.

Enter image description here

I do not have the larger context of your UI, but it seems that there are only two ways in this section.

If you know the default settings that most users select, you can set them as the first selection.