Design Pattern – Where can complex business logic be placed in a state machine?

I have a state machine that has about 10 states. Each time I receive an event that is valid for the current state of the state machine I will process that event and the state machine will change to another state.

The business logic used here is quite complex. Therefore, I delegate this responsibility to a different location using the mediator pattern because I do not want to feed 20 services in my state machine.

However, this basically means that starting from state A, I get an event and call the dispatcher pattern for the work to be done, which puts the machine in state B.

Now I feel that my state machine is not really doing anything. The logic for deciding which state the state machine should transition to is no longer there, so it becomes somewhat anemic.

Is this the right approach? What else are some best practices for dealing with complex business logic in a state machine?

Database Design – Scale users in MongoDB

Our team has been tasked with a fairly open request for a MongoDB with multiple users who can access documents and submit them to collections for a senior class. The team is new to MongoDB and unsure how to handle the user store.

The internal team discussion serves the following purposes: a] Create a new user with limited role at the database level, when each user logs on to the service, or b] Create a user collection and store users and hashed passwords.

Does anyone have any advice as to which method is better and why?

Unique web design for a very low price for $ 125

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Contest – $ 25 Minimal Sloth T-Shirt Design

Looking for a minimalist sloth design for a t-shirt!

Some key words, ideas & themes (which may have to combine a few bold):


This will be on a white luxury T-shirt, so do NOT look for something super-cute or overly complicated. Think of brands like Balenciaga, supreme, Givenchy, who often label their brand name. Instead of just the name, we also add your minimal design for sloth lovers.

Please do not copy the graphics of others, as we have seen most images and graphics on Google and will check this. I've added a few examples, but be creative and invent your own style.

Have fun with it! Ends 2 days after this post.

git – Design source control for SaaS with B2B and B2C software


I'm working on a SaaS product that runs in production. However, we will now sell this product so businesses can work locally on their servers.

I am currently working with the following branching model:

Master Branch <--> Development Branch <--> Features Branches


Everything would work well until companies ask for changes. You should have a separate branch that will be updated with the latest changes that apply to the B2C master branch.

So actually there are 3 problems with me.

  1. Move bug fixes from B2C to B2B
  2. Move certain features from B2C to B2B.
  3. Leave the customer branches unchanged with custom requests (because a customer may have a custom request that they do not want to override through the B2C update).

Which solution should I apply for?

design – application that checks URLs from different locations

I am creating an application that monitors the availability of hosts / IP addresses. I use Laravel + VueJS.

Therefore, the app should check many URLs every minute and save them in db http responses. I've never worked with highload before, so I'm struggling a bit.

The thing is: I can save my application to a VDS, run queues using Redis, and run asynchronous jobs. It works for some URLs.


  1. I have no idea how to scale that. For example, when I talk about load balancers, they are used when users make a lot of requests, in my case, it's cronjob, running Linux and running PHP processes.

  2. More importantly, how should the architecture be constructed if I have to check the same URL in different places (like US, Europe, China, etc.)? Of course, I need a lot of servers, but I have no idea how to connect them.

Expected workload: Marking 100,000 requests per minute

How do you measure SEO success?

How do you measure SEO success?

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Community – UX / UI Design College Club

As the title implies, I am setting up a college club based on UI / UX design. Because the college is based on computer science, programming and web development, web design is very closely related, though there are no courses offered by the school. The purpose of the club is to give those who might be interested in a design career an idea of ​​the area and to support those who already have some knowledge to build a beautiful community.

The question is, what fun activities do you suggest? The learning plan is straightforward, but I do not want to turn the club meetings into general college classes. I think it's a good idea to do something fun and creative while learning to keep them excited and ready to get better.

Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you very much.