I will create a modern WordPress landing page, WordPress squeeze page, elementor landing page for $10

I will create a modern WordPress landing page, WordPress squeeze page, elementor landing page

Hello there,

Are you looking for someone to make a Responsive WordPress website or Landing page?

if yes, I am the one you’re looking for. I will design your website or landing page by using the elementor pro page builder, which is fully responsive to any device.

I have been working on WordPress jobs for a very long time and I can honestly say that I have gathered much experience in this field.

Services of this gig:

  • WordPress responsive Landing page
  • Responsive Animation
  • Contact form
  • Social media integration
  • Popup functionality
  • Live chat feature
  • Mailchimp
  • Fast load website
  • Google map

Why you should select me for this job:

  • Highly professional and top-notch service
  • SEO ready, optimized, lightweight, super-fast workmanship.
  • You will get 100% up to your satisfaction
  • Fluent and friendly communication
  • $$ back Guarantee

You are ready now? Let’s go to the next stage Be sure to contact me first before placing an order to get a special offer.

Thank you!


Hiring WordPress Designers

Hello everyone! I am seeking to hire, or contract a WordPress designer. I own a company designing WordPress websites for small and medium sized businesses, previously I performed all of the design myself. I find I can bring more projects in than I can handle, so I need to expand my team! These will be basic sites, usually 5-6 pages. Please message me/respond here with rates for such sites if content is provided.


Looking for super good 3D designers and “imagination artists”

I’m here again.

Looking for:
1. Super good 3D designers – that can design super good looking mega yachts / super cars/ floating islands (check “seasteading”) / buildings in 3D – if given a drawing, or without drawing.

2. Freehand drawing artists – for supercars/hypercars, yachts/mega yachts, floating island designs, spaceships, special looking tall skyskrapers

3. Ok to good level game characters 3D designers – from “chibi /purin pets style” to superduper high 3D level (e.g. the Black Myth: Wukong level


Looking to Hire WordPress Designers, Graphic Design, SEO & Marketing People

Hello, my name is Eric and I'm working on growing a web design/marketing company in the USA. Looking for affordable, dedicated people or team who does QUALITY work.

Interested in these outsourced services:

  • WordPress website design/development (preferred)
  • Web design on other platforms
  • Graphic design
  • SEO
  • Digital marketing

Please PM me with your contact info, samples, approximate turnaround time and best pricing. Also include your website URL or…

Looking to Hire WordPress Designers, Graphic Design, SEO & Marketing People

popup – Since late 2019, why are we seeing a massive increase in pop-up notifications, and why do UI designers think this is a good idea?

This might be slightly broad, but I think most of the questions on this site are somewhat subjective and broad anyway.

Since about late 2019, the number of pop-up notifications and potentially similar types of notifications has suddenly increased dramatically. Every other time I open a website or a program on my computer, even if it's something I use every day, I keep having to dismiss notifications that I simply don't care about. Quite often these notifications are designed to let the user know about certain updates and UI tweaks. . . but they're completely irrelevant 99% of the time and are quite stressful and distracting from the core features of the website or program.

Stack Exchange responded very well to a related question and has generally kept their sites very clean from this type of thing. Personally I feel that is one of the reasons Stack Exchange is as popular as it is: While it does provide notifications, they are generally relevant, and they are generally not distracting pop-ups that have to be dismissed.

In that context, notifications are great, but pop-up notifications and irrelevant distractions are deterrents against continued use of a site. So why, just about everywhere else except SE, have pop-up notifications suddenly multiplied since late 2019, and why do UI designers not see this as a bad thing?