The primary microphone works, but the secondary microphone does not. The phone I have is an HTC Desire

They can hear me perfectly when I make a call, but when I plug in the headphone video chat, I make a video or put it on the speakerphone. It is transmitted and goes past the primary microphone to the secondary microphone. Can I get around this anyway and only use the primary microphone? I tried to clean the little hole but it made it worse.

dnd 5e – Do resistances granted by scrolls of desire count against the cap of the magical item?

During Season 8 of the Adventurers & # 39; League, Scrolls of Wish were relatively easy to acquire as Level 3+ adventurers. Many characters who dived wizards or wizards would buy these scrolls to resist any damage of their choice.

At the beginning of season 9, a new guide was the FAQ on sustained effects. According to the FAQ of the Adventurers & # 39; League (v.9.1):

Articles with lasting effects

You can only benefit from one magical item
this grants the same lasting advantage once (e.g. band of
Understanding, bag of beans, etc.). These instructions are retroactive.
In addition, elements that have given a lasting effect (e.g. a manual from
Golems, about wishes of lucky blades, etc.) count against it
The character's magical item limit, as long as it is
Use – even if you do not own the item or it has lost its magic
Characteristics. You can replace or give up the item as usual.
but the advantages it conveyed (resistance to damage,
Ability increases, etc.) are lost.

Desire Scrolls used to resist a type of damage now count against a character's magic item limit, even though they are consumable magic items?

dnd 5e – Can the stress of desire prevent wishes from other sources from being used?

The stress of pouring wish For creative effects, there is a 1/3 chance that the caster will never be cast wish again. (There are many quotes everywhere in RPG Exchange.) This precludes the use of requests from sources that do not include PC casting wish?

Does a character have negative effects when using a wish spell from a magical item? – This question is about an element that enables the PC to "transmit that wish spell out of it ".

Do the negative effects of the wish apply to free wishes? – The second bullet of this question is similar to my question, but it is formulated in such a way that the properties of elements can be used that enable a PC to work wish.

Does the wish-fulfilling Efreeti from an Efreeti bottle suffer from desire stress? – Here it is discussed whether an Efreeti a wish suffers from desire stress. This approaches my question: Can a PC that cannot pour wish Did your Efreeti or similar wishes come true due to the stress?

(This question came from a dream I had last night: Dream-me took a ring that I had collected during my adventure days. It was not Ring of three wishes, more like a ring like the lamp in "Aladdins Wonderful Lamp" by Arabian nights: The guest ship for a Djinn who can fulfill wishes without numerical limitation. I negotiated with the Djinn on the wording of a wish that would remove the contagious aspect of SARS-CoV-2; The Djinn told me that if I wanted that, I would never be able to use it again. I was willing to pay that price; wouldn't you?)

fastboot – Unlock the bootloader on the HTC Desire 320

I'm trying to unlock the bootloader on Desire 320, but do not get the OEM number:

$ fastboot oem get_identifier_token
FAILED (remote: unknown command)
finished. total time: 0.004s

I also tried restoring with TWRP directly using flashing

$ fastboot flash recovery 

But that failed with security denial, error code 0x2017. I rooted the phone with KingoRoot, but that did not change anything.

I even tried an automated application HTC Bootloader Unlocker, but this app failed in the same step as me. After examining the logs, this app also tried to read various variables using fastboot and could not read any of them.

I also tried to update the ROM directly from restocking using both the SD card and the ADB Page Loader. Both installations have been canceled (however, the page charger is working).

The phone specifications and requirements:

  • Android 4.4.2, core version 3.4.67
  • Developer mode unlocked, USB debugging enabled (adb / fastboot commands could be sent)
  • Unverified applications can be installed (KingoRoot could be installed)
  • OEM unlock option can not be enabled as suggested in many manuals (This option is not available in my phone)
  • RUU can not be used (my phone does not have a mobile service provider)

The question:

  • Am I screwed on or can I unlock this device (and how?)

Famous quotes from Padma Aon Prakasha

Very few people want to feel their pain because it is painful! "
– Padma Aon Prakasha, dimensions of love

What moves the soul through every death are the keys of humility, desire, choice, and prayer. "
– Padma Aon Prakasha, dimensions of love

Relations are based on collusion, wounds and interdependence. Security and happiness should be found through material objects, jobs and other people. Vulnerability is seen as a weak point in this world of appearance. "
– Padma Aon Prakasha, dimensions of love

The First Sphere is more about survival than life. You live for outside; defined by occupation, status, social agreements and you obey what is expected of the family and partner living in these patterns. "
– Padma Aon Prakasha, dimensions of love

Yesterday I was smart and wanted to change the world. Today I am wise and change. "Rumi"
– Padma Aon Prakasha, dimensions of love

We seek from others what we lack in ourselves. Why do not we give what we need most instead? "
– Padma Aon Prakasha, dimensions of love


Magic – What exactly is the scope of desire?

I looked at various questions about the Wish spell on this site and see many people answering the list of things that the player can reliably do in the manual and saying that anything else is capable of being twisted by the DM become.

However, the player's manual states explicitly that the DM can twist desires if it demands something BETTER than the listed items. What if something almost definitely matches the performance level of these things or is less, but not very similar to them?

I've seen people say a request that's very similar to an existing spell is reasonable. But what if it is not? But is still the right level of performance? Can the DM still twist that kind of desire?

Even in the event that these kinds of things are allowed as safe uses of desires, I have a follow-up question:

How do I know if the performance level of an object is in the correct area? Especially if it is not comparable to an existing spell. When I look at the list of spells at a given level, I can not say exactly what level of power that level is.

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