How to leave or completely mute a channel in Discord for desktop?

I’m in several Discord channels, some potentially useful but full of irrelevant “@here” messages, and would like to get rid of their notifications in my task bar. I’ve already muted them and set their notification setting to “Nothing”, yet still get the red message count icon on my task bar button even with the latest version of Discord. How to completely stop channel notifications, even by leaving the channel? Editing the channels is forbidden according to my mouse cursor.

applications – Mac desktop says “Unable to download App” but the App is downloaded on the iOS device?

My desktop is now running MacOS 11.1 (Big Sur). I also have several iOS machines.

On my iPhone I successfully downloaded the iOS Axos app. On my desktop, I am now seeing this error:

enter image description here

This is confusing, because I did not attempt to download the app on the desktop, there is no Axos app for the desktop, the App Store says nothing about Axos, and I see no error on my iOS device (which successfully downloaded the Axos app.)

Any thoughts on how to clear this?

air travel – Flying with a desktop computer (as checked luggage)

I personally would take some precautions. First of all, make a backup of your data. Leave on in your home and take another one with you so that you can use it in your destination place. Then when transporting a desktop computer, the most fragile part is almost always the hard disk drive. So I would dismount it if possible and take it into your cabin luggage. You could also do this for other sensible parts like for example other drives, the processor, or the RAM bars. This I would pack into anti-static bags and take it into the cabin.

The tower itself you can put into protected pc transporting bags like this one. This bag will be checked so that you can’t smuggle and weapons or drugs. But you shouldn’t normally fear that this will damage your computer.

And last but not least, you could also think about sending your computer with a carrier. I quote this from a message board:

Send it via a Secured Carrier, RPS(Royal Packaging Service), Which
Delivers Things in the most pristine state Possible. Door to door
Service, White glove care. But i warn you, Its pricey. 15lb =

user accounts – With Sharepoint hosted Excel file I’m getting the error message “trouble signing in” when trying “Open in Desktop App”

I’m unable to Open any Excel files on my Desktop Excel App from Sharepoint “Open in App” or Excel online “Open in Desktop App”.

I’m able to log into my company’s Sharepoint, and Office365 with my business credentials using my company login, which for the sake of argument I’ll call I have an old personal hotmail account that I use on my desktop, Frank**** And I have Excel Professional 2010 Desktop installed.

When I try to open an excel file from Sharepoint on my desktop with “Open in App” or “Open in Desktop App”, I get the sign in error as pictured below. Where even though signed in as Excel is stating that User acccount Frank**** does not exist in tenant ‘Mycompany’.

I’m using a newly installed Edge browser that doesn’t have me signed in on anything with my personal email, Frank****, so where is Excell getting Frank****, and why does it think I should be singing in with that, instead of opening it and singing in with my company credentials,

Excel does explicately ask for a sign in, it just does this automatically. Also, I can download the Excel file from Sharepoint or Excel online and open it with my desktop Excel with no problems.

Anyways, I appreciate the help.

enter image description here

Office.Settings not retrievable in Excel Online when created and set in Excel Desktop

According to the API docs, the Office.Settings objects are saved per add-in and per document. That is, they are available only to the add-in that created them, and only from the document in which they are saved.

I’m a bit confused regarding the Office.Settings interface. I’ve created a gist in the ScriptLab Add-in where I set 2 setting objects (queries and queryIDs) and then retrieve them (log them to console).


If I run this gist on Excel Desktop, then I can create the settings and retrieve them successfully. If I save this workbook and open it in Excel Online and run the gist again then I cannot retrieve the settings, it returns null for both settings object.

According to my knowledge the ScriptLab Add-in is the same for the Desktop and Online version, am I missing something, or is it the intention of OfficeJS to not make the settings available/visible in the Online version if it was created and set in the Desktop version?

Settings desktop found:
The settings objects was found in Excel Desktop

Settings online null:
The settings objects was NOT found in Excel Online

untagged – Looking for a desktop app to sort my photos library by face

I am looking for a desktop application that can index my local photo library and understand faces on its own. As a 2nd step I want to copy these found photos per each person into a separate folder. I am not looking for apps where I need to tag people first.

I believe Picasa was able to do that many years ago, but it no longer exists. I tried several new ones without success. I tried Google photos by uploading but it does not work with my account/country, there are many bugs reported around that. I am sure there must be a desktop application.

Any help or hints are appreciated. Thank you!

Feedback – does designing for 2 layouts (mobile plus desktop above 1200px) seems appropriate?

The lead dev in my company suggested designing for mobile and desktop above 1200px. It’s a new way of designing for me so I just wonder does one of you heard about this way before? He suggested that design up to 1200 px will be mobile and above 1200 desktop. When the desktop will be bigger than 1200 (ie. 15 inches screens) the margins on the size increase.

linux – Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTE Remote Desktop

I have been struggling with this for about two days now so I figured it’s times to ask you all for some help.

I’ve read a ton of different suggestions on how to enable Remote Desktop over Ubuntu but none of them have worked.

I’d prefer to use RDP, but any protocol/program that allows me to view my Ubuntu desktop remotely will work.

I’m connecting to a headless computer via an Ethernet cable. I’ve already set the static ip via /etc/network/interfaces and can successfully ping the machine.

Thanks in advance for any help!!