twitter – How to add a new Tweet to old ones on desktop?

According to this official Tweet, when I write a new tweet, I can choose an old tweet to attach to. But I couldn’t figure out where this feature is on desktop browser.

This document says the first step is:

Tap the compose icon.

But I couldn’t find such an icon either.

20.04 – I recently attempted to install Unity Desktop Enviroment! It didnt work out!

I have recently tried to install Unity desktop enviroment! Once the Desktop Enviroment installed I restarted! I log in to find out that Unity doesnt work and it just crashes upon login

Ubuntu VER 20.04 | Gnome VER 3.36.2 | PC SPECS Intel core i3 intel integrated graphics 4 GB of ram and a 1 TB hard drive |

.desktop – Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop Disappeared

Although the PC still runs well and the Desktop folder is there and has everything in it, the icons that were on the actual visible desktop have disappeared. I realized that some of the environments don’t have desktop icons but this wasn’t one of them unless it somehow changed itself between boots. They were there, then after a reboot they were all gone. This post talks about a similar but not identical issue and its ideas do not seem to apply to mine. Any ideas?

Launching the application on startup before starting Desktop GUI

I am trying to launch an application(for example browser) on startup. I want this to be launched before Desktop GUI appears.

  1. I tried gnome-session-properties and adding the application. But it opens the desktop and then opens my application.

  2. I also tried

    sudo vi /etc/rc.local

    and writing shell script:

    exit 0

    and then chmod +x , and rebooting the system.

  3. Also tried and creating mystartup service in systemctl, and rebooting the system.

How can I achieve this? Launching application as soon as I power on the Ubuntu PC.

How can I add bookmarks to Google Collections from desktop browser?

This page says that (for some inexplicable reason) you can only add images and job searches (though they forgot to mention that you can save map locations from as well) from a desktop browser to your Google Collections (formerly “Saved Pages,”) but on a mobile device you can add a bookmark from any site to your collections.

There must be a way around this, outside of running an Android emulator on a desktop computer. Google had an official Chrome extension to allow this but killed it for some inexplicable reason. How can I add a regular URL to my Google Collections page from a desktop computer?

I want to add "View Desktop Version" for mobile visitors for my wordpress site

I am trying to add a Desktop view button only for mobile visitors. if I can remove the responsive viewport meta there is a way to do that but I could not make it work. anybody can help me how can I do it for my WordPress site?
here is a screenshot what I want to do


c# – Avoid desktop software antivirus/windows defender detection

I’m currently learning C/C++ programming. Whenever I run a C/C++ program as an .exe file, security-related stuff happens, such as:

  • Antivirus popping up (rarely)
  • Windows Defender or Smartscreen (always, I guess)

How can I develop my own C/C++ (and eventually C#) software avoiding this? Do I need to get some sort of certificate to my application? Do I need to send my application to Microsoft in order to get their approval?

I’m new to this field and Google does not answer me :/

Thanks in advance