desktop computer – PCI Express not detecting graphic card

I have an old dell T1650. Everything was working fine until few days ago. I have a graphic card with dms-59 that split into 2 vga. for many year, everything has just worked fine. Few days ago, it stopped working(When I try to connect graphic card, there is not output on the monitor), I tested the pci express card on another computer and my pci express is working fine. The build-in vga interface works fine, but since I use dual monitor, vga interface is not working fine for 2 computer. currently, I am stuck with on monitor and it borders me. I have tried to reset bio, but it did not help. I have try multiple other pci express card, but no respond. I thing the issu is the motheboard, but I am not sure. Since I don’t have money to spend on new graphic card and computer?

Is there anyway to solve issues related to motherboad ?
Any advice will be very help full

unity – Detecting a mouse click While in a Trigger

Why does the following code not working? (weird, sometimes it works sometimes not )

I want to move player by touching on the screen and change the color of gameObject when detect trigger and release mouse click.

“Drag and move” script works correctly I just add following code and sometimes it works sometimes not

  private void OnTriggerStay2D(Collider2D colider)
    if (Input.GetMouseButtonUp(0) & colider != null)
      colider.gameObject.GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>().material.color =;



There is a full script :

  private Camera _cam;
  private Vector3 _daragOfset;
  (SerializeField) private float _speed = 4.55f;
  private bool isEntered = false;

  void Update()
    if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0))
      _daragOfset = transform.position - GetMousePos();

  private void OnTriggerStay2D(Collider2D colider)
    if (Input.GetMouseButtonUp(0) & colider != null)
      colider.gameObject.GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>().material.color =;

  void Awake()
    _cam = Camera.main;

  void OnMouseDrag()
    transform.position = Vector3.MoveTowards(transform.position, GetMousePos() + _daragOfset,_speed * Time.deltaTime);

  Vector3 GetMousePos()
    var mousePos = _cam.ScreenToWorldPoint(Input.mousePosition);
    mousePos.z = 0;
    return mousePos;

enter image description here

lo.logic – Detecting non-negativity of a single constraint by polyhedral constraints – $II$

Let $$langle a,xrangle=b$$ be a linear constraint where $xinmathbb R^n$ and every entry in $a=(a_1,dots,a_n)$ is in $mathbb Z_{geq0}^{n}$ (non-negative) and the entry $b$ is in $mathbb Z_{geq0}$ (non-negative) and are of $m=poly(n)$ bit length.

Is there a polyhedron $Byleq c$ (depending on $a,b$) satisfying the properties

  1. $Binmathbb Z^{qtimes(n+1)},cinmathbb Z^{q}$ where $q=poly(n)$
  2. $log_2max_{i,j}|B_{i,j}c_i|=O(n)$ ($O(n)$ bit length)
  3. $B,c$ constructible in $O(log n)$ time in $poly(n)$ processors ($NC^1$ complexity)
  4. $exists xinmathbb R_{geq0}^n:langle a,xrangle=biff B(a,b)’leq c$ or at least $B(a,b)’leq cimplies exists xinmathbb R_{geq0}^n:langle a,xrangle=b$


I think there might be (perhaps every entry of $B,c$ can be computed in $O(log n)$ time).

S6 not connecting to Windows 10 even not detecting the device

Can some one help me to identify the root cause of this issue I tried almost every available solution online and nothing work around.

Installed smart switch
change 2 cables
Put on Usb debugging mode change to MTP settings doesn’t works

Cables only charging my phone.

Laptop: Nitro 7 (i use port 2.0 for connection that doesn’t works too)

headphones – Macbook Air + Logitech G773 headset speeding up videos and not detecting mic input

I recently bought a Macbook Air (Late 2020 M1). I also bought a Logitech G773 headset. Since the receiver is USB-A, and the ports are USB-C, I have an adapter/hub that I am plugging the headset receiver into. If my computer is on when I plug the receiver in, the audio works, but the mic input does not (even after selecting the proper audio input/output in both the app and System Settings). The weirder thing is that when watching videos, such as on Youtube or elsewhere, the video will speed up and go back to normal speed, somewhat randomly.

Things I have tried:

  • Rebooting audio via this answer
  • Unplugging and plugging it back in.
  • Uninstalling/reinstalling the Logitech app
  • Using a different USB adapter (with no other devices)

Restarting fixes the problem, but it is kind of a pain to do it every time I plug in my headset. Has anyone had a similar issue and can offer a solution?

Detecting and understanding malware/spyware [closed]

Recently, stumbled upon the new FB 500m+ leak and decided to satisfy my curiosity and poke around.

Basically just wanted to see how 500m+ user records were kept and what info was released( it was pretty much all publicly scrapable data with ocassional email address.)

Curiosity satisfied, I guess.
BUT.. what is this! Slowed response, unusually high resource usage, ridiculous boot times, amongst other things this laptop just got a lot worse! Could it be… has BonziBuddy finally returned? No seemingly just another piece of malware…

…no results from Defender, MalwareBytes, all the big names.

Well to be expected I guess when you download dodgy shit, but I’d love to know what is happening in the background of my computer right now.

So my hopefully decipherable question is this:

1 Ignore anti-virus programs.

2 Using the simple tools we have at our disposal(taskmanager/monitoring active net connections/sniffing packets with wireshark.)
Is it possible for a layman to figure out exactly what is going on in the background of their computer?

I can open wireshark but I cannot figure out what is what, going where, or for what purpose(admittedly I know nothing about this software)

I can run netstat, which is like the simple-mans wireshark without the packets displayed, look at active connections and corresponding local address and foreign address, along with PID, trace that to an executable, but do I know what is actually happening?

Is it impossible to see exactly what processes are doing what because without the original code we end up with undecipherable compiled jargon?

I can see files behaving strangely(unprecedented resource hog) but that alone is meaningless, what is it actually doing and can I find out?

To those people understand my ramblings and this field of computing a bit more and are impartial enough to want to shed light, what do YOU do when you have had an infection slip under the radar? Restore/Reformat? Do you use virtual machines on suspect files? What are your red flags? Dont you ever have a desire to pirate software you cant allow yourself to buy, because its for a short period of time or the use is not for commercial gain but simply out of good old primate curiosity?

Detecting patterns in a graph network

If we create a random graph

Chop(LowerTriangularize(RandomReal({-1, 1}, {10, 10}), -1), 0.6) /.0 -> (Infinity) // MatrixForm

enter image description here

How can we detect repeating patterns in larger graphs?

Particularly, patterns including a negative or positive parameter:

 EdgeStyle -> {x_ :> (PropertyValue({%, x}, 
       EdgeWeight) /. {a_?Positive -> 
        Directive(Thickness(Abs@a/400000) , Opacity(.5), Green), 
       b_?Negative -> 
        Directive(Thickness(Abs@b/400000) , Opacity(.5), Red)})})

enter image description here

The only thing that comes to mind is using the graph as an image and trying some pattern detection that way