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rooting – Pixel 4a : adb detects device but fastboot command doesn’t work

This is a self answered question that is different and may save hours of frustration to somebody

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My situation

  • After more than 6 months I thought of updating security patches on my Pixel 4a Android 11 (stock) and root it again.

  • I uninstalled Magisk , applied OTA update , extracted boot image and patched it with magisk (see this). All smooth


I needed to run fastboot flash boot patched.img to root the device. But when I run the command response is <waiting for any device>, which was strange since adb devices shows device serial.

Things tried, without any luck

  • Updated adb on Lint Minux, it was latest

  • Switched to Windows 10 and updated

  • Andrew in chat pointed to an XDA thread, which was better covered by Izzy here How do I get my device detected by ADB on Linux?. Added udev rule but then no dice.

  • Firelord in chat suggested it could be plugdev issue so tried the solution mentioned in this Stack Overflow question, though the problem wasn’t similar

  • Multiple cables , rebooting Android, Windows, Linux when I was at a loss to figure out

  • Variations of fastboot like fastboot flash boot_a patched.img, fastboot flash boot --slot all patched.img and sudo fastboot devices

Finally, the solution ….

nfc – Software not showing acr122u but windows detects it

When I plug in the acr122u it gives me a notification on Windows 10 saying that it was “setting it up” and that it assigned it to COM13 but there is no light on the device nor does it show on any software for it, however, it does show on device manager. I have used zadig to change the driver but it still doesn’t work, It has worked before but now it doesn’t, Thanks!

applications – I need to play audio file when microphone detects noise

I have some pretty rare use case.
I’ve recorded audio file and I want to play it automatically
anytime when microphone detects any noise.

I assume it can be done using smartphone with Android with some app(s).

What’s the best way to do it?

Just for the sake of example. Imagine I’ve recorded “Go away, we are home!” and put smartphone in dining room. The mic is working all the time, listening to noises and if someone breaks glass and gets inside a house, my record will automatically play and scare the thieves.

Thank you!

differential equations – NDSolve problem: WhenEvents detects the event, but the derivative of the function does not change

I have struggled a lot lately with the combination of NDSolve and WhenEvents. At this point I think it must be a bug of some sort.

I solve a differential equation with NDSolve, using WhenEvents to detect “impacts”, i.e., time instants when θ(t)==0. At that time instant, I want to reduce θ'(t) by multiplying it by, say, 0.5.

Here’s an example:

α = 10 π/180; p = 1.4; αp = 5 g Tan(α); g = 9.81; tmax = 1;

Eq = θ''(t) + 
    p^2 (Sin(α Sign(θ(t)) - θ(t)) + 
       αp (Sin(1 t) - Cos(8 t))/g Cos(α Sign(θ(t)) - θ(t))) == 0;

s = NDSolve({Eq, θ(0) == 0, θ'(0) == 0, 
    WhenEvent(θ(t) == 0, {Print(t), θ'(t) -> 0.5 θ'(t)}, 
     "DetectionMethod" -> "Interpolation")}, θ, {t, 0, 1});

When I run the code, it detects an impact successfully (as t is printed), around 0.43 seconds:

enter image description here

Yet the derivative is not changed. If I plot θ'(t), it shows that “something” happens to θ'(t), like a change in its slope, but there is no step change as I would expect.


If I change the code into:

s = NDSolve({Eq, θ(0) == 0, θ'(0) == 0, 
    WhenEvent(θ(t) == 0.000001, {Print(t), θ'(t) -> 0.5 θ'(t)}, 
     "DetectionMethod" -> "Interpolation")}, θ, {t, 0, 1});

i.e., when I change θ(t) == 0 into θ(t) == 0.000001, within the WhenEvent, then the change in derivative works:

θ'(t) as it should be

I have experienced similar problems with other excitation functions instead of αp (Sin(1 t) – Cos(8 t))/g, which is just an example. Sometimes even if I put 0.000001 in the event, the derivative sometimes changes, sometimes doesn’t. I have tried all “detection method” options too.

Any ideas?


display – suddenly monitor detects no signal — how to troubleshoot?

I’m using Kubuntu 20.04 and the external monitor I’ve been using for several months suddenly stopped working. The external monitor is blacked-out, and when I plug it into my laptop it will for a moment flash a blue screen with message “no signal detected” and then go back to black. xrandr --query says that DP-1 is disconnected. I don’t know what else to check or what to do.

Wireless adaptor detects the network but doesn’t accept the password (Windows Vista)

I have an old HP notebook running Windows Vista 32bit. I bought an adaptor (TP-Link TL-WN823N) because of previous network problems, for which I blamed the wireless card. What happens now is that it can list all the available networks, however it can’t connect when I type the password. I made a test disabling temporarily the security, bypassing the password, and I’m able to connect! How could I fix that? These are some configurations of the router (in WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK):

Channel: Auto
Mode: 11b/g/n mixed
Channel bandwidth: Auto
WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK: Auto (But I tried both versions)
Criptography: AES
Enable Wireless Router Radio (Ticked)
Enable SSID Broadcast (Ticked)
Enable WDS (Not ticked)

What happens when ZFS RAID0 or RAID1 (single disk) detects data faults?

There are many articles about how ZFS protects the data and detects bit rots etc. There is even a question asking about ZFS on a single drive. zfs on a single device: what happens when a file is corrupted?
But the answer is use copies=2. What I am wondering is what exactly happens if one have no redundancy.

However I could not really find what happens exactly if there is no redundant copy of that data. People who spread FUD seem to imply that a single bit fault will cause all data to be lost. However it seems unlikely that ZFS is so badly designed.

So what really happens from the point of OS when ZFS finds a bit rot and there are no redundant copies of data? Does the OS show IO Error when accessing that specific part of filesystem/file?

Perhaps rest of the things continue working? If the part with error is overwritten then error disappears? or ?

Is there any clear documentation about these failure modes that you can point to?


malware – Norton detects intrusion attempt from virtual machine – how is this possible?

Sometimes I have to fix an infected WordPress website. I always check the infected website from a virtual machine (Oracle VM VirtualBox). I’m also running Norton 360 DeluXe on the host machine.

In the 2 most recent projects, for both, I received a notice from Norton that ‘an intrusion attempt was detected and blocked’, on the HOST machine. So apparently the malware can ‘breakout’ a VM? (Despite having read this article, that it should be totally isolated.)

As how can Norton otherwise detect this as the page was opened in the VM?

Also Norton says: No action required, is that really true? Could the host be infected with stuff Norton did not detect?

enter image description here

It does not feel safe anymore to use a VM to visit infected website. Should i be worried? Did i do anything wrong? What are the alternatives?

c++ – Libtorch cannot detect the gpu,but pytorch successfully detects the gpu


win10 + vs2017;

python 3.7.7 + pytorch 1.4.0;

libtorch 1.7.0 + cuda 10.1

In python

print(torch.cuda.is_available()) //True

In libtorch

std::cout << torch::cuda::device_count() << std::endl;//0
std::cout << torch::cuda::is_available() << std::endl;//0
std::cout << torch::cuda::cudnn_is_available() << std::endl;//0
std::cout << torch::hasCUDA() << std::endl;//0

And In the

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