programming languages – How to develop my own software product?

I want to develop my own software in financial systems. This is my first time of thinking of that. I want to know step by step how I can start and which programming language should I use. I am a communication and electronic engineer. I learned C, C++, matlab, assembly, arduino C, VHDL and Python.
How can I start doing that?

What the correct git flow to develop on 2 independent features + 1 features that relies on both?

I’m trying to find the correct flow to manage this kind of development:


Where A and B are 2 features that are independent, but C relies on A and B.
I want to be able to push A and B for review while still working on C.
If I do branches for A and B

 --B---   ?C

I’not sure how to handle C then.
Is there a good canonical way of doing this?


Would it be a good idea for a large company to develop a device for mobile games?

I was wondering if it would be a good idea for a company to develop a device that targets mobile games. This is a device that only focuses and processes the game apps from Play Store, iOS Store or other mobile stores.

I explain why from my experience it might be a good idea. I play Clash Royale a lot, the same goes for a lot of games and I know that a lot of people around me wouldn't play because their phone doesn't have the performance requirements, or if their phone could, the screen would be too small for them to do it might consider.

Nevertheless, I find it very frustrating from my experience that even with the latest mobile phones the battery is so quickly used up when playing mobile games. We could expect a mobile gaming device to have a much better battery life.

It may be like tablets, but they can be too expensive. I think there is a wide variety of apps that you can use, for example any app from the Play Store. And the battery problem remains. Perhaps there could be a wide price range for such a device, from a few tens of dollars to a few hundred dollars?

In addition, eSport for mobile games is constantly evolving, so I think that such a device would be suitable for this type of competition. Finally, I have a little cousin who only uses her tablets for games. Such a device could be suitable for you.

It looks like a PSP from old times, but for mobile games. If this is a good idea, why hasn't a company made it? And if this is a bad idea, what are the main disadvantages?

How will crypto develop? Trustworthy spaces – Cryptocurrencies Corner

For the past ten years, the smartest programmers in the crypto world have been dealing with a difficult problem: How can you transfer cryptocurrencies from wallet to wallet faster and cheaper? And many have had great results.

The patriarch of the crypto world, Bitcoin, is a shining example. How much does it cost to transfer a billion dollars Bitcoin? Forty dollars? Fifty? It does not matter. In any case, it is cheaper and faster than through a bank.

If it's just sunshine and rainbow, then why is the crypto market cap in the prime of the year just $ 500 billion? Why isn't everyone currently using crypto because quarantine is crippling banks?

The answer is simple: in the crypto world, the level of trust between users is minimal. And what do we do if we don't trust our partners? We spend money to protect our money. I was born in Russia. Now there are trust problems for you. Police officers in Russia are like lawyers in the States. In the US, protect yourself with paperwork. and in Russia you have contracts with law enforcement agencies. And in both countries, a large percentage of GDP is spent on everything.

How could cryptocurrencies compete with fiat money? Only if we can do what I like to call "trustworthy spaces". And the construction would take another ten years. Or even more.

How do we do it We started the Fatcat auction last year. We sold twenty lots in one year. For small quantities. But we knew exactly that big sales were still far away. It wasn't the money we were looking for. We took care of something else. We made sure that every lot aroused interest at the auction. And that receiving the lot made every winner as happy as possible. And that's exactly how it went on.

What's happening now? The winners of last year's auctions are now ready to set up lots themselves. And these new auctions have no starting price. However, confidence is strong enough that sellers are willing to take such risks.

Our level of trust has increased so that we can negotiate new lots more easily and quickly. The first auctions lasted weeks of negotiations. The current ones last for hours. Our high level of trust enables us to reduce administrative costs. The higher the trust – the less time is wasted – the less money is spent on paychecks. Therefore: higher profits.

I think people will trust our auction in five years just because so many transactions have been completed. And with growing confidence, market capitalization will also increase. But I still think there is a significant lack of "trusted spaces" in the crypto world. Therefore, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies does not grow ten, hundred or even a thousand times.

If I had advice for the authors of new projects now: Don't focus too much on IT technologies or new mathematical models. It's all well and good. But that's not important at the moment. Simple human trust in your projects is important. And that's something that takes years to win. So we all have to prepare for the marathon.

Author: Nick Mokhov, co-founder of Fatcat & # 39; s Auction

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Python – How to develop a desktop application for Ubuntu / Debian-based Linux?

I want to develop one Ubuntu desktop application but I can't find a good beginner's guide.
Well, I want to develop in Python. I have previous experience with Django and Android Studio.
I want to do something scratch just like a weather application, just to start developing Ubuntu desktop applications.
Can someone help me choose the framework or development environment? (As for Android application, you can suggest Android Studio ….)
Should I choose QT or something else?
Also share the tutorial link for the same.

Is the SPFx client web part permanent? Is this a good approach to develop websites for publishing in SharePoint Online (Office 365)?

You should check out the add-ins hosted by SharePoint providers for your case. This allows you to deploy your add-in as an Azure web application, create a site-to-site VPN with your local data center (if there is no express route in your area), and SQL Server on-premises data in your add use-in by hybrid connection.

According to Microsoft, the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a page and web part model that provides full support for client-side SharePoint development, easy integration with SharePoint data, and support for open source tools. With the SharePoint Framework, you can use modern web technologies and tools in your preferred development environment to create productive experiences and apps that are responsive and mobile from day one. The SharePoint Framework works for both SharePoint Online and local applications (SharePoint 2016 Feature Pack 2 and SharePoint 2019).

With SPFx, you may be able to build your application's user interface and use SharePoint data. However, you also need to think about connecting to your local SQL Server database.

Otherwise, you may need to consider making your SQL Server data available using a WCF service and making it available online in SharePoint via BCS. This has a limited scope for working with your data compared to provider-hosted add-ins.

html – what is the best way to develop a website

My question at the moment is not so much programming, but what is the best way to develop a website, I am a beginner and I use WordPress, my friend says that it is better to do everything from scratch, without the WordPress platform, what is your opinion about you?