Aggregate Query in SQL Developer

Assume you have the following table TAB(name,value)

name value
a        2
a        3
a        2
b        4
b        5
b        5
c        6
c        6
c        6

what are the result sets of the following queries

query 1:

select name, sum(value)
from TAB
group by name
order by name

query 2:

select name, sum(distinct value)
from TAB
group by name
order by name

query 3:

select name, value
from TAB
group by name
order by name

Lisboa Junior Web/Mobile Developer M/F

AZURREO is a service provider specialized in the Telecommunications industry.

Our experts leverage more than 15 years of experience and methodologies, and best practices to help our customers successfully tackle their challenges.

We work across disciplines at any point in the project lifecycle, from strategy to design to implementation to operations and maintenance.

Responsibilities :

As part of our development, we are now offering a new career opportunity within our development team. We’re looking for a Junior Web/ Mobile Developer who will play a key role on our team and will have knowledge in all stages of development.

The chosen candidate will have the following responsibilities:

• Participate in the planning, analysis and design of applications,

• Build high performance and scalable applications,

• Write clean, maintainable and expandable code.

• Maintain quality and ensure responsiveness of applications.

A strong sense of responsibility will be expected from you.

This opportunity will allow you to work in an international environment, and develop your skills in the world of development. An integration and advanced training course is planned as part of the start-up. So choose Azurreo to develop your skills and have a unique professional experience.


• Perfect understanding of object-oriented programming.

• Reliability, rigor and application of structured working methods.

• Autonomy and good analytical skills.

• Experience on Front End dev using (for example; Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, JQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS).

• Experience with PHP (for example; Laravel Codeigniter).

• Knowledge on Java and mobile experience (appreciated).

• Knowledge on databases.

• Experience with cloud message APIs and usage of push notifications (appreciated).

• Knowledge of project methods and good teamwork practices.

• Sensitivity to technical issues (performance, security, robustness).

• Knowledge of code versioning tools such as Git – Bitbucket.

• Good level English (oral and written) and ideally French.


– Full-time

– Status: permanent contract


If you are ready to take up this challenge, apply now and your application will be considered immediately.

Send us your CV on

We are always listening to motivated people. Please specify in the subject of your email, the title of the post in question.

architecture – Junior Developer Looking for Mentorship or Advice!

I am a Junior Developer in my first year of professional work experience, I have joined a very small start-up company where I am one of the few developers. We have two junior devs and an outsourced developer that helps with senior dev roles when needed. I am often tasked with jobs and tasks that are more likely to be given to an intermediate/senior developer and am having to learn a lot as I progress through development cycles and make mistakes.

I do not really have access to a senior developer to help mentor me properly and I feel as though I might be learning bad practices as I do not have someone that looks over my code. I generally work well and can get these tasks done but sometimes have to ask the outsourced developer for help, even in the tasks I complete although I think they are performing well I feel as though I am just getting by and not actually understanding half as much as I think I am.

I am wondering if there are any good sites where I can hire a mentor for about an hour a week where I can discuss with them the issues I faced that week and how I fixed them, etc. I wouldn’t need technical assistance, mostly just advice and assurance on the techniques I am using.


(I am a front end dev trying to expand into a full stack, I do almost all of the front end work of the website and am trying to learn more about the backend as I go.)

How can I help a junior developer get started on code reviews?

I’ve got a new team member who’s generally smart and motivated but doesn’t (yet) feel comfortable contributing anything to the peer code review process. He just accepts any incoming PR within minutes of the PR being posted because “he doesn’t want to block progress”.

Now, I understand that he doesn’t feel comfortable criticizing a more senior member’s code or design, but are there some things he can start doing to gain some confidence in the code review process? Any resources (books, online courses, videos) I could point him to?

I’m aware of the related question (How to encourage junior developer to participate in code review, How to encourage junior developers to participate in code review? ) which deals with the motivational part. I think I’ve got that part properly conveyed to the team member and now it’s more about the “what are some concrete actions in a code review he could take”.

java – What kind of developer am I looking for? (VR, Streaming, Online Library)

I am new to this platform after I found it during my research. Hope this community can help me.

For a new venture I’m starting up, I’m looking for a cto in a co-founder role. The company is about music production, promotion and publishing through LBE VR events. Think VR soundcloud for compositions of music and visuals.
I’m looking for a CTO in co-founding role and wonder what kind of skills he/she should bring.

Thank you for taking the time, I really appreciate it!

browser – Developer Documentation Builder

I am trying to build a developer documentation for my web app in the style of this:

The features I am looking for is that it has a left vertical navigation bar, and the documentation text is on the right, along with code sections. Instead of me creating everything from HTML/CSS from scratch, I am wondering if there is a website builder that I can use to drag and drop the features I want such as the vertical navigation bar, and code blocks, etc?

magento2 – Magento 2 Associate developer Set 2


The module MyCompany_MyModule will add a new page to the admin interface at the URL path admin/mycompany/entity_grid.
How do you name the file containing the action controller class so the admin router matches the path to the class?

A. Controller/Adminhtml/Entity/Grid/Index.php

B. Controller/Adminhtml/Mycompany/Entity/Grid.php

C. Controller/Adminhtml/Entity/Grid.php

D. Controller/Adminhtml/Mycompany/Entity_Grid.php


You need to add a new text attribute to all products in the Magento store. When this attribute is displayed on the product page, its values must be different depending on the selected language.
Keeping simplicity in mind, how do you add this attribute?

A. Use the Magento CLI to create a new custom attribute, then generate dictionaries for all supported languages

B. Use a Data Patch to create a new EAV attribute

C. Add a new column to the catalog_product_entity table using declarative schema

D. Use the admin panel to create a new extension attribute


A module declares the route:

What is the layout handle of the storefront path /custom/feature/?

A. mymodule_feature

B. custom_feature

C. mymodule_feature_index

D. custom_feature_index


You are implementing a before plugin in MyCompany_Magic. It will intercept the same method that MyCompany_Admission is already intercepting using a before plugin: Topmenu::getBlockHtml
Which two actions are required to ensure the new plugin will execute last? (Choose two.)

A. Include a sortOrder=”20″ on the new plugin in MyCompany_Magic’s etc/di.xml file

B. Configure plugin sequencing for both plugins in MyCompany_Magic’s etc/plugin_sequence.xml file

C. Set a sortOrder=”10″ for MyCompany_Admission’s plugin in MyCompany_Magic’s etc/di.xml

D. Add MyCompany_Admission as a dependency in MyCompany_Magic’s etc/module.xml file

Please help me find the answers.

Thanks in advance

Office 365 developer – assign member via Powershell Graph API call to the group triggers Request_BadRequest

Call the following code:

$uri = "`$ref"
$body = (@{''=''} | ConvertTo-JSON)
Invoke-WebRequest -Method "POST" -Uri $uri -ContentType "application/json" -Headers @{Authorization = "Bearer $retrievedToken"} -Body $body -UseBasicParsing -Verbose


Invoke-WebRequest : { "error": { "code": "Request_BadRequest", "message": "No URI value was found for
an entity reference link. A single URI value was expected."

Note: The same requirement in Graph Explorer works as expected.

Applescript – "Access not allowed (-1723)" is printed when trying to access Safari developer tools.

I am trying to create a script that lists all available open simulators to be checked in Safari developer tools. However, when I run the code, I get the following error. In the end, this script should open the inspector tool for a simulator device. I suspect this is generally not allowed, but I have granted accessibility rights to the terminal, so I have no idea.

Enter the image description here

listDevices.applescript:122:168: script error: „"Simulator" of menu "Entwickler" of menu bar 1“ kann nicht gelesen werden. Zugriff nicht erlaubt. (-1723)
tell application "System Events"
    tell process "Safari"
        name of every menu item of menu item where its name starts with "Simulator" of menu "Entwickler" of menu bar 1
    end tell
end tell