Documentation – If you're a solo software developer for a startup, how can you best balance efficiency and prevent growth issues with a codebase?

A friend of mine recently asked me to be a part-time software engineer for her startup who does not need to write any code yet. She is quite serious and has already collected a good deal of money. At the moment, however, she does not need a full-time position for development.

There are no legal issues with my current employer, as he expressly agrees to an outside job as long as it is reported.

In my opinion, the considerations for a single developer differ significantly from those for a team of, say, 5 people.

  • Unit tests are less critical because every line of code is mine, which simplifies debugging. 100% test coverage has decreasing yields. However, you may have to return later to finish it.
  • There are no merge considerations because I'm the only one who commits.
  • Jenkins does not seem to be particularly useful as a solo developer as long as you're doing your unit tests.
  • Project management is not really a thing as you are the team.

But all of those things could become problems later.

How do I balance quickly while building a code base that effectively switches to growth? I would like to lead the development team to take it off, but when I get hit by a bus, I do not want it stuck with something useless.

If she collected $ 1 million tomorrow and was told to hire 4 juniors to get the product out faster, what should I as a developer do to get me there seamlessly when writing the code?

It's a broad question, but Stack Overflow and Reddit are full of technical debt or badly adapting to the growth of the technical team that paralyzes the startups. How do I avoid this?

script – What does the Bitcoin policy language offer the developer, which Miniscript does not offer? What is the difference between the Bitcoin policy language and Miniscript?

On a high level:

  • The policy is compiled to Minsicript.
  • Miniscript is coded to Bitcoin Script. (One to one assignment)
  • Bitcoin script is decrypts back to the miniscript. (One to one assignment)
  • Policy and miniscript can both Be canceled to another presentation
    for static analysis.

The following invariants are considered in Miniscript:
To let ms be a mini script, s be bitcoin script, pol Be politics

  • decode(encode(ms)) = ms
  • encode(decode(s)) = s
  • lift(pol) = lift(compile(pol))

I do not go into the details of lifting, as it is not directly related to the question.

When would I use the policy language instead of miniscript? What does the policy language offer that Miniscript does not offer? What are the main differences between them?

I think this question is best answered with an example.

Writing an efficient miniscipt directly from the issue conditions is not trivial. Political language is a more natural way of writing output conditions. Consider a hashlock example from Bob to Alice, your requirements are

  • Alice can spend the coins if she knows a model for Hash H.
  • The money will be returned to Bob after some time. Let's say 10 blocks

Of course this leads to the following guidelines
or(and(sha256(H),pk(A)),and(older(10),pk(B))) , Writing a mini script directly would be complicated and would probably prove inefficient. Here the compiler can help you.

The compiler then compiles a miniscript like the one shown below.
andor(c:pk(A),sha256(H),and_v(vc:pk(B),older(10))) that has a one to one assignment to script.

Note that it is not trivial to write down this miniscript directly and to write complicated fragments like andor,

In addition, the policy language allows you to indicate the odds of winning (by using @ as shown below) for a or Branching that can help the compiler create a vbyte-efficient script. In the above example, we expect the hashlock to be very likely to succeed, and the timelock branch should almost never be used. We can use the odds in the policy language as follows:


which is then compiled into another miniscript (note that pk(B) changed to pk_h(B))


Blockchain – PivX Fork | After the last PoW block, PoS (proof of stake) will not be activated [Developer]

I played with my tenth fork (never released), this time it's PivX.

My mission is to exam the proof-of-work segment and the Proof-of-Stake segment.

After completing the proof-of-work cycle until the variable "nLastPOWBlock" in chainparams.cpp, line: 118.

Enter image description here

I'm trying to find all variables related to proof-of-stake activation

Enter image description here

  1. Valid time = true
  2. Peer relationships = true
    Enter image description here
  3. Purse unlocked = true
  4. Mintable / enough credits = true
    Enter image description here
  5. Master node synchronized = true

Enter image description here

  1. Stakeout Status = not correct

So my question is this: are members here familiar with PivX enough to know what's needed to activate the proof-of-stake segment when PoW is over?

Enter image description here

https – Automatically redirects the output of the developer tools console of a browser in the background

Basically, using the computer algebra software I use to analyze data I collect in other programs requires that the data be collected in a text or CSV file format.

Of course, this is not a problem for all command-line based applications. For example, I simply collect data in one of my computer's DNS caches from a .bat file, which redirects the output of a command in cmd.exe to a .txt file, and open my CAS program, which loads a database and these TXT file reads, adds its data to the already collected data and updates the statistics I have specified.

However, I always wanted to do this for the Developer Tools interface for any browser. Is this possible?

I am familiar with a Linux operating system and would be happy to receive suggestions for each operating system.

macos – The developer did not detect an error while logging in to Oracle Instantclient on Catalina

I have the Oracle Instantclient installed (PHP needs it for the oci extension to work). The installation directory is /opt/instantclient_19_3 and every time I log in after a reboot, I get the following error messages that are translated

libclntsh.dylib.18.1 can not be opened because the developer can not be verified.
libclntshcore.dylib.19.1 can not be opened because the developer can not be verified

I had the same error pop-up when using Terminal and Hyper, but since I allowed these apps full disk access, everything works fine. Nevertheless, I get both error messages after logging in, so I assume that some permissions are needed, but I can not figure it out. Any hints?



I want every developer to work in Google

I have an idea for an application to (buy and sell) goods on the Internet, but in a different way than currently on the market
My problems are:
First, to find a reliable and credible business and achieve a high level of professionalism
Second, they must have the experience and prior work that causes me to work with them
Third, your price is reasonable and not exaggerated
So I have to contact a professional company

The application by 26 to 30 windows (approx.)
The payment must be made using the application with accepted payment systems (eg Visa Card or PayPal etc.).
Notifications and notifications between seller and buyer are required.
A shipping service is required and connected to the service provider to be charged
The application requires a web page that provides customers with the same features as the application
Application language, Arabic & English
Mobile: 00966563500088

license – License restrictions for SQL Server Developer

I'm currently working on in-house monitoring for our server legacy and wanted to see if we could get away with putting it on a separate box with Developer Edition. I also tried to do the same with a server to restore backups, run CheckDB, and check backups.

I've found the following information on the Microsoft licensing page for 2017, so I'm assuming the monitoring is not OK, but the other is okay. However, I thought it would be good to ask the question anyway

Note: A production environment is an environment that end users access to an application (such as an Internet Web site) that is not only used to collect feedback or test acceptance of that application. Other scenarios that represent production environments include:

  • Environments that connect to a production database
  • Environments that support disaster recovery or backup for a production environment

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Licensing Guide 32
* Environments that are used at least temporarily for production, eg. For example, a server that is put into production at peak times of activity

catalina – How can I install a non-notarized application that is not in the App Store and not from a verified developer?

Is there a way to install software that is not "notarized" for macOS Catalina? I have an application that worked on macOS Mojave, but can no longer be installed on macOS Catalina. I think the developers have to "notarize" this software. Check with spctl -a -vv has confirmed that this is the case declined,

  1. What can an end user do to install anyway, until this process is complete?

55% of companies develop apps mainly to increase sales

55% of companies develop apps mainly to increase sales

+ Answer on thread

  1. 55% of companies develop apps mainly to increase sales

    55% of companies develop apps mainly to increase sales
    DigiMart, a digital marketing agency, has the most qualified and experienced executives, designers and developers in the industry. We are committed to providing exceptional digital marketing services, from web development to mobile app development and video animation, all the way to brand development across the region.

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