6 reasons why HTML-5 attracts web developers – general forex questions and help

HTML-5 may be the latest edition of the markup language HTML. HTML-5 offers web developers a variety of advantages. However, builders continue to work on integrating new features. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that make HTML-5 attract web designers.

It offers audio help and film

It helps create movie information and your sound available on your website by simply using the label and the one provided by HTML-5 and eliminating Flash Player or any other third party web development. Additional properties, such as B. Peak, thickness or autoplay, could be described quickly in these labels similar to the typical HTML components. This makes the signal cleaner instead of labels and the ones used earlier.

Give them the ability to have bigger relationships

Who doesn't need a powerful website that offers customers optimal conversation and intuitive software? HTML-5 also offers a quick fix for this path. It is the label with which you can make your website (s) more entertaining. It also offers numerous APIs to help you get powerful web software quickly. For example, some of the local APIs include, but are not limited to, timed press play and traditional storage repository, drag-and-drop, with which HTML-5 can do much more for the website.

Compatible across platforms

No ordinary windows and only a few like some outdated windows like IE 6 and Chrome, but Opera, Firefox, Chrome 9 also support HTML 5 based internet applications. Most Internet programs that run on current surfers can very quickly run on outdated windows if you can just change the signal a little.

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Office 365 developers – SharePoint online list notifications to users and the SharePoint Online support team

When a new item is added to the SharePoint online list, the SharePoint support team should receive an email and the user should receive and notify the email.

Could you please provide the details for the SharePoint Online website -> List step by step?

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thanks a lot,

Web Development – A beginner stack for web app developers

In the past two months I have learned Java from Android Studio projects and HTML-CSS.
I want to start developing full-stack web apps.
What do you think about this stack? I chose it because it contains languages ​​that I am already familiar with:
Html-Css-JS-Vue for the frontend
Java for the backend
MySQL for database
Thanks a lot.

Hire cryptocurrency developers

An extremely powerful technology with which everyone is familiar has taken over the previously known digital world. It created the first digital currency and since then has tempted individuals to switch to using cryptos. No third party involvement, easy accessibility and less hacking chances are the main features that favor the oh so appealing decentralized general ledger.

As the economy is slowly moving towards the digital ecosystem, interest in being part of the movement is spreading across industries and is shared by the majority. A logical question follows – How to create your own cryptocurrency? If you follow these simple steps, you will quickly see the benefits of having your own digital currency:

  1. Brainstorming & white paper creation

The process of brainstorming and the resulting creation of an informative white paper is carried out under the close supervision of blockchain experts.

  1. ICO Marketing & Dashboard Establishment

Using social media to promote the first coin offering is a mandatory step to make your coin known to investors whose dashboard is being set up at that time.

  1. ICO open to everyone

By determining the price of your cryptocurrency purchase, you are allowing investors to make commitments that will bring you profits in the future.

  1. Wallet setup & coin drop

The last step involves placing the assigned amount of coins on the white web and mobile wallets of your investors.

The company invests in highly qualified Cryptocurrency developer and making it a priority is the Blockchain App Factory. Thanks to their extensive specialist knowledge, they can meet your digital coin requirements with the greatest attention to detail. This in turn leads to an increase in productivity and the respective growth of your company.

Azure developers – can I update the test plan by running automated tests in the build pipeline using test assemblies?

I have a test plan in VSTS and have assigned automated test cases to the tests in VSTS. Now when I try to run the test plan by running the automated tests in the "Select tests with" test pipeline build pipeline, the test plan is not updated

I tried to select tests using the test plan. The test plan will then be updated.

Can anyone help me update the test plan by selecting the tests using test assemblies?

Digital Point Web Developers Union

I've noticed so many web developers selling their services for peanuts.
I noticed that some people sold their services for $ 0.5, $ 1, $ 2 an hour, etc. Stop selling such services to learn the skills to do what you do, it takes time to do what you do, time, creativity, stress and so on, and you get freelance not even health insurance or pension.

Even a caretaker does more than you. You can do what a caretaker does, but he can't do what you do.
If you sell your service cheaply, people think that what you do is easy.

I think we should charge at least $ 20 / hour no matter what country you are in. If you ask less, you cannot consider yourself a web developer in 2020. They make your life worse and other web developers' lives worse.

It is time for us to create our own union. This issue can be seen as our union.

I promise "your username here" as a member of the Digital Point Web Developers Union (DPWDU) to help my union colleagues in times of need and that I will never sell my services below the minimum of the union, if I ask less I should be put to shame in this Topic and not considered by other union members as web developers.

If you want to join D.P.W.D.U, make the same promise as shown above and you will become a member of our union.

I will start first:

I spy100 As a member of the Digital Point Web Developers Union (DPWDU), we promise to help my union counterparts in times of need and that I will never sell my services below the union's minimum, if I ask less I should be ashamed of this issue and not think about it by union members other than web developers.

Database – SQLSTATE[HY000] [2054] The server sent the client an unknown character set. Please contact the developers Magento2.1.9

i get Server sent character set unknown Failed to set up Magento 2.1.9 on localhost.

PHP version – 5.6 or 7.1,
MySQL version – 8.0

I tried to add my.cnf



collation-server = utf8_unicode_ci
init-connect='SET NAMES utf8'
character-set-server = utf8

but it doesn't work.

Is there any other solution to the problem?