plugin development – Data not insert and update through ajax and jQuery in admin page?

I made custom plugin and done crud operation, display all data in admin page, used ajax and jquery. Data successfully deleted but not inserted or updated. Data successfully pass through ajax but not inserted.
Also What I saw if input block is empty and I put some data and updated it. It got first row data.
ajax for insert the data

        var id = jQuery(this).attr('data-id');
        var question = jQuery('#question').val();
        var answer = jQuery('#answer').val();
        // alert(id);
            url: '<?php echo admin_url('admin-ajax.php');?>', 
            type: 'POST',
              action: 'insert_records', 
              insert_record : id,
              insert_question: question,
              insert_answer: answer
            success: function( data ){
                alert("Records are successfully insert");

insert query

 function insert_records(){
  global $wpdb;
 $id = $_POST('insert_record');
 $question = $_POST('insert_question');
 $answer = $_POST('insert_answer');

  $db_inserted = $wpdb->insert( $wpdb->prefix.'faqq', 
        array( 'ID' => $id, 
               'question' => $question, 
               'answer' => $answer) 
add_action( "wp_ajax_insert_records", "insert_records" );
add_action( "wp_ajax_nopriv_insert_records", "insert_records" );

ajax for update the data

        var id = jQuery(this).attr('data-id');
        var question = jQuery('#question').val();
        var answer = jQuery('#answer').val();
            url: '<?php echo admin_url('admin-ajax.php');?>', 
            type: 'POST',
              action: 'update_records', 
              update_record : id,
              update_question : question,
              update_answer : answer

            success: function( data ){
                alert("Records are successfully updated");

update query

function update_records(){
  global $wpdb;
  // $table_name = $wpdb->prefix.'faqq';
  $id = $_POST('update_record');
  $question = $_POST('update_question');
  $answer = $_POST('update_answer');
  $db_updated = $wpdb->update( $wpdb->prefix.'faqq', 
        array('question'    => $question,
              'answer'   => $answer, array( 'ID' => $id ) )

Here are some errors.
1)Getting error when update the data through ajax-

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8 – Is it possible to do Drupal Development without a local development environment?

I am used to having Virtualbox and linux running on my local to do development work. My new client has a migration project for me to do but they do not allow any local development tools like xamp, dev desktop, Vagrant, Virtualbox. They are a government client and they want us to use their laptops and work on their network in their office. They are not very tech savvy They also do not want to use Git. The client asked that I do all the work on their staging redhat server then clone it to the production server. Their project is to turn 2 static html websites into Drupal CMS. The sites consist of a 80 pages and about 200  PDF files that users search for and download. Does anyone have any ideas of how to approach this project? We cannot place their website content on our personal laptops. But I should be able to build the theme and content types on my personal laptop. 

My plan was to let them install Drupal 8 on the stage server. Then I will download the site and sql file. Copy the site over to my personal laptop which has Virtualbox. ( I will need to get permission to do this) Then build the subtheme, content types and add the needed fields to all content types. Basically get it ready to import CSV spreadsheet. Export and import these changes to the stage server and upload the new theme. Then create the CSV spreadsheets based on the clients website pages and pdf files. Create the migration scripts and import content directly on the staging server. That is what I though I could do. If you have ideas please let me know. Thank you

development – Insdie CSOM what does Web.SiteUsers include exactly

I am a bit confused on what does Web.SiteUsers include in CSOM? as per the documentation it includes the users which belong to a site collection, but what does belong mean? does it mean users who have permission on the site, even if the permission was not granted directly to the user but through an AD group or through the “Everyone Except external” group? I need a way to get all the users which can access the site regardless of the way they have been granted access to.. can anyone advice ?

web – Matchmaking/Lobby hosting for game development hobbyists

I might make an online multiplayer game as a hobbyist. Implementing a lobby system is trivial (and slightly less so when you take into account security and hairy when data protecting regulation gets involved) and there seem to be existing self hosted solutions. However i see how me hosting my own lobby server gets in the way of me making a fun game.

I would run my own game server but i would rather just have to handle match cookies and actual game logic instead of also handling a lobby system.

I am looking for a service/non profit that offers an API for my game client to call into to provide basic lobby/match making features such as:

  • Authentication
  • IP banning with timeout after voting
  • Storage of some persistent account state
  • Getting a list of open games with metadata and push refreshes
  • When joining a match updates on map changed, team information, waiting for ready of all players
  • Match specific chat (maybe also lobby chat)
  • Uses a communication mechanism that has bindings in many languages
  • An API which works cross platform (so something Steam specific doesn’t count)
  • Preferably with an indie friendly free tier and appropriate pricing otherwise
  • Maybe an optional skill based/elo system to experiment whether it makes sense for this game.
  • Maybe is a platform of many multiplayer games and maybe uses that information for matchmaking
  • Maybe donations/monetization/subscription functionality to unlock maps/hats, this information is stored in player persistent state.
  • Maybe password protected matches/invite only

A game server side API which allows:

  • Gives users an authenticated token/cookie their game client uses to connect to the actual game server i run (all game logic runs on my server)
  • Allow my game server to query information about the player with that token
  • Allows my server to read/modify player persistent state
  • Maybe allow user hosted games on their own servers
  • Maybe manage number of game servers based on utilization numbers and make an API call to shut down/start them depending on activity levels (to save cost when there are no users). This would be huge for my hobbyist use-case.

During my search i encountered the services braincloud and gamesparks. While they have a free tier it is named “Development” this makes doubtful that i can use it long term. The cheapest non-development tier costs many times more per month than a VPS.

Is there a hobbyist friendly service that provides basic multiplayer/lobby features?

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gui design – What are the differences between UI/UX and front-end development?

A metaphor I sometimes use is the difference between an architect and a construction foreman, working to build a building.

A foreman can build a building herself–she’s built buildings before, she knows generally what goes where, and she knows how to actually put screws and nails and wood and plaster together to form a structure.

However, the foreman has not studied how buildings ought to be created. An experienced foreman will rely on things like municipal building codes (“design patterns”) to guide construction, but the end result may end up hard to use or unattractive. You often see this in discount repair jobs–for example, a bathroom where the door collides with the sink, or a cheaply subdivided house where there are rooms that feel awkward and hard to use. These were solutions that were easy to build, and they may be built very well, but somehow they don’t hang together.

Conversely, an architect is trained in understanding spaces, how people will use the building, how they will move through it, how lighting and ceiling height and door placement and room organization all work together to make a pleasant place to live. They may not have the ability to plaster a wall or drive a nail, however, and as a result their more adventurous designs may be challenging to bring to the real world.

As a front-end developer, you’re the foreman and construction crew all rolled into one, but you might not be an architect (yet). You may not have the training about how to design the software for the best User Experience. You can draw on examples from the world around you to produce functional apps, but it may not be sufficient to produce usable apps.

The good news is that you can learn UX techniques that will help you to understand user needs, to create designs that meet those needs, and to test those designs with real live users to verify.

bitcoincore development – How does an individual access the Bitcoin Core repo and contribute to it in the case that GitHub boots Bitcoin Core or the individual off GitHub?

It is not looking like Bitcoin Core will be moving from GitHub anytime soon (unless forced to).

How does an individual access the Bitcoin Core repo and contribute to it in the case that GitHub boots Bitcoin Core or the individual off GitHub?

What should an individual do in advance to prepare for this scenario?

plugin development – rewrite URL based on selected taxonomy for post page

I have a taxonomy called “group”, and their values like “red”, “blue”, “green” (these are generating dynamic” no any fixed group value.

during post publish I am selecting “Group” for each post. 1 group for each post.

I want to add a rewrite URL for the post if the taxonomy is “red” or “blue” or “green” then the URL of that post should come like

"" or "" or ""

add_action( 'init', 'create_group_tax' );
function create_group_tax() {
             array( 'label' => 'Group', 
                    'hierarchical' => true


also, I want to make it regex rule “'^red/((^/)*)/?'” dynamic with selected taxonomy,this time just to make a test i added it as a static string.

result : Page not found. Nothing here – http://localhost/wordpress/red/my-test/

what do you suggest to do this?