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I have a client whose site has been corrupted by a plugin. Instead of deactivating plugins, they deleted a kind of visual editor plugin.

We have been able to get the site up and running and to update all plugins.

However, they do not remember the plugin for the visual editor.

Is there a location in the security logs or where we can tell what the plugins were before they were deleted?

Does anyone know of a way to check the logs so that we can determine the name of the plugin my client has deleted?

Many Thanks!

Using Oculus Go or another VR headset for using hardcore desktops (development)

I am a developer and would like to be able to use my PC from the bed! This is my big ending laziness of laziness …. Ha!
After a series of options, including a projector and a screen, a large screen on the far wall, and other crazy alternatives, I was wondering if it's possible to use a VR headset (preferably Oculus Go) as a static screen. Now I know the various apps that Oculus provides for streaming the PC screen to the headset. My question is: CAN the VR set clearly display the screen without distorting the picture or making the eyes tired after prolonged use?
And no. Working in bed with a laptop is less for me. Tried it, and it's not suitable for typing, for the small keyboard and the screen position. Spoil me … I want the screen to be right in front of my face, so wander if a VR headset is the way to go?

Exploit Development – What are the best tools to create the perfect environment for developing a Metasploit module?

I am developing my first Metasploit Module. I have read the home page and no tools are mentioned to create a beautiful environment.

At the moment I use gedit develop my module further Kali Linux, The problem is, I am obliged to read the documentation manually gedit I am unable to add the autocomplete and help me with the documentation. Is there a way to do this?

Architecture – What is a good development kit that is not an engine, but we can build an engine around more easily? Preferably C ++ / C #


I've been working on a game in my free time over the past 2-3 years. It was built into Game Maker for the following reasons:

  • I really like the IDE and I'm used to it.
  • I like how easy it is to import .swf flash images into vectors used in sprites. My game uses a prop engine based engine that can be used to change the size of the sprites.
  • I like the script-based encoding style, which allows for easy initialization of variables and things like the "with" statement that allow unusual control jumps.

However, I recently talked to an old developer friend of mine and he's extremely talented. The guy who writes emulators for certain Rome just to prove it's possible. We talked on the phone about how he built this really chic Shining Force clone in the old XNA libraries like a decade ago. He's one of those developers who are incredibly talented, but because of the bureaucracy behind it, has problems in the software industry, and he sees this project as a new light in his work.

So we decided to rewrite the code, but this time, we'll create it instead; because he is a far superior developer and needs the direction I can give him. The goal is to create an engine first and then the development tools so I can easily create the game. We are both talented for our specific roles, and both are technical people, so communication is not an issue. Everything is fine – but we need to find an effective and easy-to-implement library to help translate the work I've done into Game Maker.

Some technical details to consider

One of the things about this game is that memory has to be very "lean" because blind people can play it (this is not a game for blind people, but a game that sighted and blind people can play.) I do it, because I originally made games for the blind and did not want to give up my original audience. Blind players generally have very limited system resources because computers do NOT need to be upgraded as this could damage the access software. Therefore, we need a blind mode that is extremely resource efficient. At present, this is achieved by the game maker through a series of tricks related to the art of drawing and the reduction of things related to the drawing of things. However, I think it would be much better if it were just coded from scratch.

We do NOT want to use Unity, as this is a 2D game (for 99% of it we could use it for a few things, but I doubt we'll do that) and Unity takes up unnecessary resources. Game Maker requires a special IDE, and while that's fine with me, I do not want this developer wasting his time learning how to use it if he could program it himself. The game maker is also limited to what is possible with the build. We want to create a UNIX simulation as part of the game. Although this is possible with the Game Maker, this is much more laborious than with conventional means.

When using native functions, I use some camera and collision functions, but most of the code is handled directly. For example, I completely override the default drawing code to properly handle the propeller engine. Essentially, 99% of the game is built from the ground up – so we do not use most of Game Maker's native features to make less experienced developers more responsive.

I also see this as an opportunity to develop a visually pleasing engine, so having a library that has access to many drawing functions would be extremely useful.

Essentially, we want to build a complete engine studio for this game. And I want to know which libraries are the most suitable for this.


What is a good set of tools in languages ​​like C ++, C # or similar languages ​​that could be used and that are NOT part of a game engine like Unity or Game Maker? The more tools, the better – we can combine those that we think we need.

P.S. I had no idea how to label this tag, so just add new tags …

Blogs have been automatically deleted – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

Yesterday I categorized all my blogs.

Because of this, there was not a single blog in the categorized category. This morning, when I checked, all the blogs of the past 3 months have been deleted from the trash themselves.

I do not know how because I'm only one with admin access. Can I know why the blogs are deleted automatically?

Also from the garbage.

saves Jetpack pages? – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I just updated a plugin I made.
Among other things, the content of a page is filtered using the content Hook.

However, I have found that it does not behave as I should as soon as I put the changes online (some parts of my content are missing).

Once I disable Jetpack, it works as expected.

Does anyone know if Jetpack caches pages / content and how to clear this cache?

I did not find anything online about it.

Many Thanks !

ASSIMP – Hierarchy Import – Game Development Stack Exchange

I'm trying to wrap my head around assimp to import some files / fbx / obj etc.

Usually my experience tells me that I start at the root node and then recursively load subordinate nodes until I load the entire hierarchy. Assimp seems to have the same with every aiNode-> mNumChildren, so I'm all right. What I am trying to understand is the meaning of each aiNode. As it turns out, each aiNode can be a camera / light / group / mesh / miscellaneous. This is the point where I am confused when I uncovered a knot and it has mNumMeshes = 1 and mNumChildren = 2, which confuses me. It tells me that the node is a group and a network at the same time. Not to mention stitches> 1, I have no idea how to interpret it.

Does any1 have suggestions on how to restore the correct hierarchy tree?

In addition, additional "dummy" customization nodes for internal purposes or the like appear to be present. You have a specific name, what do I do with it?

Atm I filter all mesh / camera / lights in separate arrays and I check each aiNode against camera / light knot to find out if this knot is the camera or the light. Group can somehow be checked if mNumChildren> 0 == group, but meshes are black magic for me. Not to mention dealing with transformations …

aiCamera is also confusing since it seems to have the Matrix4x4 for position as well as up / lookat / etc? I lost, which matrix / coordinates do I use aiNode or aiCamera?

Whhh I am lost! Any help would be great.


Web Development – Architecture for a Reddit-style Website

I'm trying to create a website as a forum similar to Reddit, but on a smaller scale (no comments either). On the website, users can post a link to a forum. You can then view a list of new or new links based on upvotes (obtained from an external API).

All I need is basically a REST API to publish links to one of many long lists. Each list can then be retrieved by users with GET requests. There must also be a quick way to get links to the last 7 days so that the most popular links can be calculated. I have space for a maximum of about 100,000 links posted daily (about 1 per second) or maybe 10 requests for trending and new posts.

My current architecture would be:

  • Stores the last n (probably n = 7) days of shortcuts in memory, then periodically flushes this list to a long-term store file.
  • To get new links, usually only memory is queried. However, if a subforum is not very active, older links are retrieved from the file.
  • Periodically updates the list of trend links (short list in memory) for each subforum. Then these Trendlink queries are retrieved with this list in memory.

This is mainly intended for learning purposes and does not reach 100,000 connections daily, but I want to build something that can scale to that level so that I will be prepared for it when I have to in the future.

Would my previous architecture be scalable, is there a better way, other suggestions? Thanks for your help in advance.