OpenGL two-point perspective – Game Development Stack Exchange

What am I trying to achieve: A two point perspective like this

Why am I there: I'm (obviously) very bad at 3D, so I'm trying to replace character models with 2D sprites like in Populous 3 or "The Game" in Fable 3 games. Unfortunately, perspective distortion completely removes the effect and makes sprites look distorted when they're off-center.

What am I doing right now:

  gluPerspective(FOV, wndWidth / wndHeight, zNear, zFar);
  // Googling lead me to this MV matrix, alas it's not working for me
  // {
  //  1, 0, 0, 0, 
  //  0, 1, 0, 0, 
  //  0, -camY/camZ, -camZ, 0, 
  //  0, 0, 0, 1
  // }
  // camX = camY = camZ = 50
    camX, camY, camZ,
    0, 0, 0,
    0, 0, 1
  // then I draw a uniform grid -5..5 by -5..5
  // and slightly off-center wireframe box to test if they are drawn correctly

It works? No, it doesn't.

What else I managed to google: Not much, really. I found an example that looks like something I want to accomplish, but they place the camera at ground level with zero-Z delta, which effectively eliminates the third vanishing point. In another example, the field of view was only reduced to an absurdly low value, so that it looked to a certain extent like a two-point perspective.

I'm afraid I miss something or misunderstand it. I'm also not sure if the output I want actually looks the way I want it, and I won't discard it if it doesn't.

Bitcoincore development – why doesn't Bitcoin have live support?

Why doesn't Bitcoin have live support?

Because Bitcoin is not a company or any organization. It is not controlled by anyone, it is controlled by you and thousands of people like you. Bitcoin is essentially just a definition and the people who run software that implements the definition. The person who wrote the original definition is no longer involved.

There are subsidiary companies (some say parasitic or predatory companies) that offer Bitcoin services. For example, Have your wallet ready for you or arrange for currency exchange. But these companies don't control Bitcoin. These companies are not necessarily a necessary part of Bitcoin.

There are mining consortia that have a significant impact on the integrity and functioning of the Bitcoin blockchain. However, they have no direct relationship with these people or companies, they do not work for you or are individually dependent on you and do not have to communicate with you as a person, they could not gain anything if they help you.

In short – Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer system. There is no bitcoin.

You might as well wonder why the English language doesn't have live support. Who would direct it? Why should you do it? Why do you trust them

If your wallet software was purchased, the company you bought the wallet from may offer live support. Most wallet software is given away for free. There is only "community support" and the ability to report bugs to a system used by developers (who are often just volunteers).

Who has access to a remote upgrade of my wallets?

Since the wallets are only software that runs on your computer, anyone who has access to your computer can update the software on them. You may need to request your computer account credentials or administrator access. However, this is easy if they have physical access to the computer.

If the computer is connected to a network and has remote control software installed on it, these actions can be performed remotely. If the computer's operating system or installed applications have unpatched vulnerabilities, they can often be exploited remotely to take control of the software.

In short, never keep significant amounts of money in a wallet in a computer that is connected to a network. Never give anyone else access to the computer on which your wallet is located. Never give out your private keys, credentials or other confidential information.

and then deny me access to the content

You mention the wallets "have been recently restored". Your choice of words indicates that you may have had help or someone else did it for you.

Such a person would have been able to "restore" the wallets in a way that prevents you from spending the contents. For example, by setting up "watch-only" addresses and copying the private keys or keeping them to yourself.

If I had 50 Bitcoin ($ 320,644 at today's exchange rate), I would not trust anyone to help me with it. In particular, I wouldn't trust anyone I haven't known personally for at least five years. That's a decent annual wage – I would be willing to spend work full time for one year to find out how to restore it myself, and if it works, I would consider the efforts of those years well spent.

Woocommerce Useless Image Requests – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

My installation is WordPress 5.3.2, Woocommerce 3.8.1, StoreFront 2.5.3, no other plug-ins. I created a variable product with an image. When my browser goes to the product page, three images are requested:

  • Body Renda-Grega manga Comprida-Capa.jpg
  • Body-Renda-Grega-Manga-Comprida-Capa-416 × 312.jpg
  • Body-Renda-Grega-Manga-Comprida-Capa-324 × 324.jpg

This is the link:

This appears to be very inefficient. It's the same picture. Why not just download the larger one and then rescale it using CSS for the two thumbnails? I can't get around it, my live site has thousands of pictures and that means many thousands of thumbnails not needed were created and lots of http requests and bandwidth. Speed ​​is crucial to turn visitors into customers. The most common bottleneck on an e-commerce website is the number of images and their size. To triple the number of requests and in this case to almost double the amount of data to be transferred without making a profit does not seem right.
Am I missing something here, is there a workaround? Thanks for your help.

Development – Microsoft.SharePoint.Client list item update (add) clears the title value

I am working on an ASP.NET 4.5 C # MVC 5 project that will be integrated into a SharePoint website using Microsoft.Sharepoint.Client. One of the methods needs to add an SQL record and then use 2 fields from that record, assign them to the Title field (created by SharePoint by default) and the other to a PartnerID numeric field to create an item to add to SharePoint.

The SQL part runs successfully, but when you add it to SharePoint, the ID is set correctly and the title value is cleared. This happens even though the title value is the correct size and matches the single line of the text data type. Please read the following excerpt and tell me what I could do wrong.

List listCPD = apiContext.Web.Lists.GetByTitle("CommunityPartner");
ListItemCreationInformation creationItem = new ListItemCreationInformation();
ListItem lstItem = listCPD.AddItem(creationItem);

lstItem("Title") = string.IsNullOrEmpty(cPAModel.CommunityPartner) || string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(cPAModel.CommunityPartner) ? "Title not specified" : cPAModel.CommunityPartner; //check for empty string to ensure no empty string from user input level
lstItem("PartnerID") = cPAModel.CommunityPartnerID;


Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services – Everything Else


The ProperSix exchange is a crypto trading platform where users can trade at a much faster transaction speed. ProperSix Exchange guarantees a transaction speed of more than 6000 TPS (transactions per second). The more we scale, the faster we get. ProperSix exchange is ensured by advanced architecture solutions such as the integration of hot and cold wallets with encryption and limited access to the database.

ProperSix customers who have PRO6 tokens will see an increase or decrease in value equivalent to that of a shareholder in a successful company, and you can be sure that their investment is safe. The exchange of ProperSix makes costly third parties unnecessary. We have created a fully decentralized exchange for cryptocurrency payments such as our own PRO6 Token, PRO6 Coin and FIAT (Euro, USD, GBP to name a few) that is quick and easy
very sure. The ProperSix Prestige Network and the exclusive Members Club offer great benefits and great customer benefit for everyone
Members with new and advanced blockchain technology. ProperSix has created a safe product and offers ProperSix club members unique events and exclusive products. The ProperSix Crypto’2’FIATTM service is a service that comes with your membership card and is linked to our products so that ProperSix members can access their cryptocurrencies for use online and in stores.

In addition, ProperSix uses an advanced multi-factor authentication solution that is based on the blockchain and is much more secure than current 2fa / mfa systems. Our IP verification and 2fa verification for withdrawals guarantee maximum security on the exchange. Buy crypto with various alternative payment methods and in 40 currencies in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, EthereumClassic, Litecoin, XRP and 0x – without additional verification and with many deposit methods – it has never been easier to get cryptocurrencies using your preferred local method to buy. This exchange also offers users a drag-drop and scale feature that allows you to create a personal experience.

Images (2) .jfif

, (tagsToTranslate) Blockchain (t) exchange

posts – pagination stops – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I noticed that pagination after page 10 of blog posts no longer works.

If you are on page 10 and click the right arrow / "Next" button, you will return to page 2 instead of page 11.

I have read several articles and posts on this issue, but I feel that I cannot find a well-founded answer to the reasons for this and a solution.

Suggestions are very much appreciated.

When to use the C # dictionary – behavior in relation to development

So don't get me wrong, that's not a technical question about what a Dictionary does. It's a question of when to use it as a developer on a team.

The reason for this is something that happened at work today. I started working on a project from another developer. He's still on the team so I can ask for information etc. BUT:

He uses dictionaries in C # for EVERYTHING. We make payments and he receives a known response from a payment gateway API.

The fields are known. So if I were, I would create an entity / model, whatever you want to call it, and assign the values ​​there and then save it in the database (that was the short story). Remember that this is data that we need to store, but only for historical reasons. We don't actually do any operations on it.

It is a large unit (as in many areas). So I tried to work on the project and of course it was impossible to get an insight into the project. I needed a single key to return the value to the frontend. Of course I couldn't find it. It was nowhere in the projects (we have a monolith).

I had to spend about half an hour working through projects, commits, history, then the database, and finally I asked him what happened to it because I couldn't find it.

It was very simple object.VariableInObject.Data("theKeyIwantFromTheDb") but actually it was a nightmare to look for it. I was frustrated but asked a very polite question about "Why do you use dictionaries so often? Especially if the data is known. & # 39;

His answer was "because I don't think we should use objects for data that we will only keep for historical reasons" (in this case, a person's payment history).

I don't know if that is valid. Is it? Because it was a nightmare to track down the data of a huge solution that I hadn't worked on before. If it were in the project and not a dictionary, I would have found it immediately.

So the question is in the title. If other people in a team have to use your solution and work on it, should you use something similar that is difficult to find?

I ask because I personally try to make it easier for other developers and it seems like he's experienced (senior while I'm in the middle) and just not … you know. He just does what he likes (at least it looks like this).

P.S. If that matters, the db is nosql.

Plugin development – changing post_id

I use the Post ID for a shortcode for my website and I want the ID that I reproduce on the website to be flexible so that the shortcode changes every time I write a post

get_row ($ wpdb-> prepare ("SELECT * FROM $ wpdb-> postmeta WHERE post_id = 5574")); echo do_shortcode (& # 39; (sgpx gpx = "& # 39 ;. & # 39 ;. / wp-content / uploads / & # 39 ;. $ thepost-> meta_value. & # 39;") & # 39;) ;

Theme development – how do i add url and homepage modification date to sitemap.xml in wordpress?

I use this code to add sitemap.xml to my WordPress site without a plugin. that works great. but is incomplete. Please add the URL and the modification date of the WordPress homepage (index.php) to this sitemap. I display my recently published and recently changed contributions on my homepage.

    function xml_sitemap(){$postsForSitemap=get_posts(array('numberposts'=>-1,'orderby'=>'modified','post_type'=>array('post'),'order'=>'DESC'));$sitemap='';$sitemap.='';foreach($postsForSitemap as $post){setup_postdata($post);$sitemap.=''.''.get_permalink($post->ID).''.''.get_the_modified_date('c',$post->ID).''.''}$sitemap.='';$fp=fopen(ABSPATH."sitemap.xml",'w');fwrite($fp,$sitemap);fclose($fp)}add_action("publish_post","xml_sitemap")