IEO Development Company – corner of cryptocurrencies

An initial exchange offering is a means for companies to raise funds. It differs from other crowdfunding mechanisms in that it is handled by a cryptocurrency exchange, not the issuing company. This relieves the company and allows it to focus on other topics. Looking for IEO Development Company? Get started with Blockchain App Factory. Visit her soon!

Token Development: Why You Should Have One – Cryptocurrencies Corner

Crypto-economy is important. By 2018, this huge economy had a market capitalization of $ 800 billion and it seems it would not stop growing. But why can developing a token be important to your business?

With the right strategy, a token can be a fundamental part of a corporate ecosystem, helping to make the brand more known and even more valuable.

Is it common to see apps that offer users some kind of coin or points when making a transaction or purchase, right? As a rule, these points or coins can be used as a discount. Once the payment has been made, there is no "bonus" anymore.

While this is a good incentive for users to buy or use the app, it has no advantage for them to keep those coins. However, turning the coins into a token that can be traded at some point makes it easier to encourage people to stick to the app, increase their value, and subsequently increase their brand value.

Creating your own token is also a great opportunity to introduce your business to the blockchain world. Helps you understand how the technology works, and it can also help you make a simple and complete transition to distributed ledger systems in the future.

If you like the idea and want to invest in token development, Blockchain App Factory is the right company to help you along the way. We provide end-to-end blockchain solutions for your business.

Why mention the # tag for Facebook advertising?

Why mention the # tag for Facebook advertising?

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Linux – Development of Android apps without Android Studio. VIM IDE

I'm wondering if it's possible to develop Android apps on Linux without Android Studio. I prefer vim instead. I have already installed android sdk and wanted to compile and then run this kind of applications.
I've heard that this is possible because SDK implements a kind of virtual machine that can simulate an Android environment.
Do you have any ideas how to do that?

Javascript Disruption – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I used an older theme, but until recently I had no issues on some pages, but Javascript simply displays the text, not the actual execution of the code. I have a dropdown menu that I used. It works on most pages, but on some WordPress pages, that's what I get.

! Javascript error]1

Go to

to see how it works.

That's the code. ">

$ (function () {
$ (".webwidget_menu_dropdown"). webwidget_menu_dropdown ({
m_w: & # 39; 140 & # 39 ;,
m_t_c: & # 39; # FFF & # 39 ;,
m_c_c: # 333 & # 39 ;,
m_bg_c: & # 39; black & # 39 ;,
m_b_s: & # 39; 0 & # 39 ;,
m_bg_h_c: # 666 & # 39 ;,
s_s: & # 39; fast & # 39 ;,
// "slow", "normal" or "fast" without waiting
m_s: & # 39; middle & # 39; // big medium small


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dns – subdomain wildcard for development server under dev

I recently bought a new domain, d. H. That's what I plan to use for my brand new app.

The app was designed that way multitenant This means that each user account points to a different subdomain:, etc.

I used to set this up successfully in namecheap with the following entries:

CNAME: * ->

The problem now is that I also need to use a development server, which makes things a bit complicated.

The ultimate goal must be: and * should refer to the development server below DEVELOPMENT_SERVER_IP,

* and should refer to the production server below PRODUCTION_SERVER_IP,

How should I set this up in the configuration of Namecheap?

Suppose the server configuration part has been done.

Many Thanks.

Frontend Development – Framework / Pattern for grid to form and back

In desktop applications, a common way to manipulate records is to display a grid, select an item, view and edit a modal form, return to the grid, and keep the selected record in the grid. This is very fast.

With Bootstrap 3 we did just that, but since the material design and Bootstrap 4 there are no modals. So what pattern or framework do you recommend / use for the user to quickly select a record from a grid / list view, edit it, and return to the grid without losing the selected record?


Enter image description here


Enter image description here

Note: The form can contain many more fields. This is just a short example.


Architecture – Which engine is used in a game development introductory course?

I'm preparing a course in game development. It is an elective course for third-year computer science students who have basic knowledge of various programming languages ​​(C, C ++, Java), algorithms, data structures, and so on. For the class and homework exercises, I am considering two systems.

At first, I thought about using Unreal Engine – because it's widely used in the industry, it gives students an edge in job hunting.

However, I then thought that such a complex engine could distract the students from the design aspects of a game, and include them too much in the finer points of graphics and animation. So I thought about using PyGame, which is a lot easier.

My question is: Which game development engines are commonly used in similar courses (introductory courses for CS students)?

Mining Pools – Is Block Finalization a Valid Development to Eliminate the Threat of 51% Attacks?

If "block finalization" is required, your chain is broken. I say this because PoW is the method by which the Bitcoin network maintains consensus. The only reason we can introduce a block finalization is because we fear PoW can not do its job. If PoW can not do its job, the system is already broken. It is really easy.

Remember, if 51% of the attacks take place and malicious miners rearrange the chain every few blocks, what good is the "block finality"? The system already seems to be broken.

Adding any type of block finalization can also lead to new problems and attacks:

Remember, if some nodes in the network have a different history that goes back more than ten blocks, the network will do so never be able to reach consensus without manual intervention.

So if a node is attacked by Sybil / Eclipse and its counterparts feed a fake story, this will happen now never to be able to access the longest valid chain again, as it will not re-book more than 10 blocks deep. Why should we assume that this is not the case in the face of a 51% risk network? Rewinding 10 blocks could be quite easy for an attacker with much of the hash power. Therefore, "block finalization" means that the risks associated with Eclipse and Sybil attacks are far greater than before. Without block finalization, a node needs only an honest peer at any one time. However, in block finalization, one node needs an honest peer every ten blocks. A little but extremely important difference.

In addition, there are even situations in which this can lead to problems without the involvement of malicious actors. If part of the backbone infrastructure of the Internet failed and some of the nodes and miners temporarily isolated, how would they ever be reconnected to the wider network? Without manual intervention, this would not be possible.

"Block Finality" is not a technically sound idea. It's a bandaid for an already broken network.