Device Firmware – Why do carriers install their version of the operating system on phones?

This question bothered me a few years ago when I pulled up my mother's phone, only to find out that XPERIA's beautiful home screen had been destroyed by the wearer's custom boot animation. I had also found a lot of bloatware that could only be disabled, delayed updates, etc. (we all know what happens, there is no reason to go into depth).

I searched the internet for an answer to this question, but without success. Can someone answer that to me:

Why do operators install their version of the operating system on mobile phones and not?
leave the original firmware untouched by the manufacturer?

I do not think it makes any difference to carriers compared to users who have a worse experience.

(Also let me know if it is a duplicate.)

mac – My USB device (camera) works, but has no device entry. How do I like it?

My USB device (microscope camera) works with my MacBook (Lite version of a microscope software), but has no device entry, although it is displayed in the system information in the USB tree and the location ID has no difference / dev before and after connecting, and I have to find it, because I can not assign the device entry from the operating system under any circumstances manually to a symlink in the bottle of the CrossOver application, the full version of the microscope software which normally runs only under Windows. Symlink requires the software to access the USB device because CrossOver does not normally connect directly to hardware ports or devices on the computer.
(CrossOver is for running Windows apps on Mac, etc.).

USB memory – USB device enumeration error in Windows 10

I was working on an "Up Squared" board running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS kernel version 4.15
The card has an OTG 3.0 USB that I want to use in device mode with the driver g_mass_storage.

The problem I'm facing is that the Up Squared Board on Linux is successfully detected as a mass storage device
Windows 7 machines. However, the device is not recognized in Windows 10.

In detail.
The device fails in the enumeration process when the host system asks for usb_device_descriptors.
In the enumeration process, bLength and bDescriptorType are returned from the device side "0".

Thus, the device is reported as "Unknown", which informs the user.

I'm glad if you can help me with this

Thank you, debug log of the Microsoft USB View Utility

Dollar Device –

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unity – How can I debug a black screen while testing on a device?

I made an Android game with Unity. But when I open my game, I see a black screen and a closed game.

It works on a tablet, but not on mobile phones. I tested it on 2 phones.

On the first phone I installed it on, I only see a black screen and a closed game.

On the second it was once installed and worked, but when I uninstalled it and tried to install it again, I get the black screen and the closed game.

What can I do to find out what's going on?

imac – When connecting an Android / iOS device, the Bluetooth mouse will be disconnected and the connection will not be reestablished until it is restarted

I'm using a logitech MX Master 2 on my iMac that works fine on my home iMac, but when I use it at work, it always has problems. The connection works well and works fine until I connect my Android phone or iPhone to the computer. After that the connection will be disconnected and the connection will not be restored until I restart the computer.

I reset the Bluetooth module several times and even repaired it a few times. The only thing that triggers the disconnection is to plug in a phone.

Finder – Large external storage device stops working after a long time connection

I have an external 4 TB LaCie RUGGED USB C hard drive. When connected to my MacBook Pro (13-inch mid-2014) for extended periods of time, it will not work. The icon remains on the desktop, but when you try to open or eject it, the finder hangs. The only thing I can do is unplug the power, the Finder keeps working and everything goes back to normal.

Did you have a similar problem? Or do you have a solution / workaround? Is there something wrong with my external hard drive or MacBook?

I use this drive for Time Machine backups, but Time Machine sometimes fails. I think it's because it can not write to disk. I do not know if Time Machine keeps logs. Please tell me how to extract Time Machine logs if this is useful.

To update: His file system is Mac OS Extended (Journaled), Encrypted and it only has one partition.