dnd 5e – What happens when a ghost applies the Possession action to a victim of an intellectual devourer?

The Intellect Devourer's Body Thief Action states that the Intellect Devourer "takes control of the target's body." We know that the body of the victim is still alive and counts as a creature.

The Possession of Mind action states, "The mind now controls the body, but does not rob the target of consciousness."

So does the mind override the intellectual devourer to control the humanoid in question?

Also, in terms of charisma salvation, salvation would automatically fail because the ultimate goal is the humanoid, or would the Intellect Devourer try to rescue the rescue with his own charisma of keeping control of the body?

dnd 5e – Does the detection of thoughts work against an Intellect Devourer?

The Recognize Thoughts spell is subject to the following restrictions on potential targets:

You can not discover a creature with an intelligence of 3 or lower, or one that does not speak a language.

An Intellect Devourer meets the intelligence requirements, but does an Intellect Devourer speak a language? The language part of his statistics block is:

Languages ​​Deep Speech understands, but can not speak, Telepathy 60 ft.

This seems cut-off and dry: it says here that it knows Deep Speech but can not speak. But I think the situation is not that easy.

This situation is similar to a sorcerer with his tongue cut out. They can not speak without tongue. They have the mental ability to speak, but lack the physical ability to do so without magical or mechanical help.

I have the feeling that an Intertwinger is in the same situation. If it uses its body-thief ability to control a victim, it can speak through the mouth (confirmed by official D & D 5e products). The intellect eater has the mental ability to speak, but its natural form lacks the physical means to do so without the aid of a host body.

Does Detect Thoughts work against an Intellect Devourer?

dnd 5e – Can an intellectual devourer use the consumption of intellect while living in the body of a creature?

In the MM (p. 191) it is said that an intellect engulfs in its body thief action:

retains its intelligence, wisdom and charisma values ​​as well as its understanding of the deep language, its telepathy and its characteristics. Otherwise, the statistics of the destination will be adopted.

is Gobble Intellect, an act that the intellect-eating devotee considered characteristic?

It seems to me that the properties range from his ability ratings to the actions in the monster stat block, so he could not use them Gobble Intellect while the body of another is controlled.

Does anyone have an insight into this topic?