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I'm creating a custom post type (features) in my design using advanced custom field plugins. I want to know how to create shortcodes for my custom post type. so I just used a short code of this custom post type of any page to display information that I added in my custom post type (features).

This is my code:

'features',); $feature_query = new WP_Query( $feature ); if(have_posts() ) : while($feature_query->have_posts() ) : $feature_query->the_post(); ?>

Mobile Network – An error message 21 is displayed when attempting to send an SMS message to Speed ​​Dial 567676 with Airtel SIM and Lenovo K5 note phone

With Active Pack on Airtel you will receive a daily free SMS to a 10-digit mobile number. However, the package does not cover the speed dial of SMS. Shortcut SMS costs 3 rupees per message. So make sure you have enough credit by dialing * 121 * 2 #, then typing 1 and sending. If the balance is less than 3 rubles, sending an SMS to the short code will fail and the error code will be 21. Below is an example of issuing the account balance check. If the account balance is less than 3 rubles, top up 10 rubles to get the talk time (account balance) of 7.47 rubies. Now try to resend the SMS and it should succeed. You'll also see a 3 Ruby pop-up that has been debited from your account.

Bal: Rs0.53

Unlimited calls, daily 1.4 GB & 100 SMS

Pack Valid until: 02-09-2019

1434 MB left of the daily limit of 2048 MB

Custom Speed ​​Dial AJAX 400 Invalid request

I'm writing a custom shortcode that needs to call some PHP files via AJAX after a user event. But I get Bad Request 400 as if mine wp_ajax_ * Actions are not tied.

Here is a simple example of my plugin code

Function aj_ajax_demo_shortcode () {
Return & # 39;


& # 39 ;; } add_shortcode (& # 39; ajax_demo & # 39 ;, & # 39; aj_ajax_demo_shortcode & # 39;); add_action (& # 39; wp_ajax_nopriv_aj_ajax_demo & # 39 ;, & # 39; aj_ajax_demo_process & # 39;); add_action (& # 39; wp_ajax_aj_ajax_demo & # 39 ;, & # 39; aj_ajax_demo_process & # 39;); Function aj_ajax_demo_process () { wp_send_json ((object) array (& # 39; msg & # 39; => & # 39; hello world & # 39;)); } add_action (& # 39; wp_enqueue_scripts & # 39 ;, & # 39; aj_enqueue_scripts & # 39;); Function aj_enqueue_scripts () { wp_enqueue_script ( "Aj-demo" plugin_dir_url (__FILE__). & # 39; aj-demo-ajax-code.js & # 39; ); wp_localize_script ( "Aj-demo" "Aj_ajax_demo" Array ( & # 39; # 39 & ajax_url; => admin_url (& # 39; admin-ajax.php & # 39;), & # 39; # 39 & aj_demo_nonce; => wp_create_nonce (& # 39; aj-demo-nonce & # 39; ) ); }

And here is my JS:

fetch (aj_ajax_demo.ajax_url, {
Method: & # 39; POST & # 39 ;,
Dates: {
Action: & # 39; aj_ajax_demo & # 39 ;,
nonce: aj_ajax_demo.aj_demo_nonce,
}). then (response => {
if (response.ok) {
response.json (). then (response => {
console.log (answer);

As far as I've researched, I'm doing things in the right order, so I have no idea why my AJAX function is not called. Am I missing something because it is a speed dial?

Database – Remove a speed dial from all website post

1 changed from theme to an old location and removed all plugins that were unnecessary.

Everything went fine, except for a speed dial number that was used by the previous author on each post.

For example,

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Bookmarks, the diameter bows. For everyone who is already running

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No pain in Minneapolis, who is sad about football.

Is there a way 1 can remove these using the database on phpMyAdmin. 1 seek the term when it pops up in many places but 1 do not know more than that.

App Windows – ElectraSoft Speed ​​Dial 18.12.01 | NulledTeam UnderGround

ElectraSoft Speed ​​Dial 18.12.01 | File size: 1.2 MB

Peed Dial can be used as a contact book to store detailed information about all your friends and acquaintances. So you can quickly find the phone number you want and dial it without having to look up the contacts.

Saves all your contacts in one place

The main interface of the application displays a structured table showing all contacts with their short description. It can store up to five phone numbers for each contact and five different notes, which should be more than enough for each user.

When you add a new entry to the database, all you need to do is fill out a form with the desired name, description and telephone numbers, as well as the extension and the note. Address book entries can just as easily be deleted. With just one click you can sort the articles alphabetically in ascending or descending order.

Connect to a modem and dial a phone number
The Speed ​​Dial feature is for users who want to find a phone number without having to look it up in the handheld address book. It helps you organize contact-related data and provides options to connect your computer to a modem via a COM port. So you can quickly dial a stored phone number and call everyone in your address list.

You can optionally send the Speed ​​Dial feature to the taskbar if you want it to run in the background without affecting your work. If you need to call someone over a modem, just download it and use the address book to find the phone number you want. Unfortunately, it does not contain a search option, so you only need to search the contact manually.

A useful virtual address book
Speed ​​Dial is a user-friendly contact book where you can save all your contacts in one place. It can connect to a modem to make calls, but you can also use it as a simple address book.

What's new:
Updates: The official site does not contain any information about changes in this version.


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