ios – Dial long USSD code on iPhone

I am trying to dial a USSD code like this:


But when I press the call button nothing happens, however if I delete the # character at the end, the iPhone tries to call by an instant and then the call ends.

Some shorter USSD codes can be dialed, for example:


I need some suggestion of any chance to dial the long USSD code.

Dialer – How do you set up a contact on a Motorola Moto G7 Power to dial into a conference call with breaks?

How do you set up a contact on a Motorola Moto G7 Power to dial into a conference call with breaks?

I help a colleague with her phone. We all work remotely and dial in for conference calls. To dial in, you have to enter 3 numbers (the phone number, the access code and #, then 1 for confirmation. I have set up my phone (pixel 4) with a contact so that this all happens with a push of a button. It looks like this in Contact entry:
5551234567, 987654 #, 1

For this purpose, the Pixel 4 has a second screen on the dialer with more characters:

Pixel 4 dialer

The dialer on the Motorola looks like this:

Enter the image description here

I don't see a second screen access, no comma, no pause or anything to connect the numbers together.

Troubleshooting – How can I repair the mode dial on my Canon 600D?

Your photo shows the mode dial in "Night Portrait" mode. Is it as far as it can physically move?

If your mode dial does not physically turn to "Video" mode, your camera is defective and needs to be serviced. There can be no other explanation for why the button does not switch to video mode.

If the button moves to "Video" but the camera is in "Sport", the forecast is just as bad.

The T3i / 600D body has a used value of around $ 200, so repairs may not be economical. It may be better to sell the body as it is and use the money to upgrade to a newer camera.

Python – dial by Tupla numbers

No responses are returned to me when queried for the numbers indicated by a tuple:

tupla = (1,3,5,7,9,10,12,13,15,17)

Or should it be something like that?

tupla = (1,3,5,7,9,10,12,13,15,17)
Pregunta.objects.filter(numeroPregunta=tupla(0) and numeroPregunta=tupla(1) and numeroPregunta=tupla(2) and numeroPregunta=tupla(3) and numeroPregunta=tupla(4) and numeroPregunta=tupla(5) and numeroPregunta=tupla(6) and numeroPregunta=tupla(7) and numeroPregunta=tupla(08 and numeroPregunta=tupla(9) and )


Dialer – dial phone, leave screen blank -> cannot hang up

My Nokia 4.2 (Android One 9, security patch for December 5, 2019) has been behaving very strangely lately. When I dial a number using the keyboard or from History or a contact, the screen goes blank. I don't mean the car flank when it is held against my face, I mean it turns black immediately. As a result, I cannot hang up a call (or discuss a third person or anything).

When I tap electricity, nothing happens. If I hold it to my face and remove it … nothing. When I hold down the power key, the phone doesn't turn off. If the other person hangs up, the screen is switched on again. Sometimes, when I press Power several times, I can turn on the screen. Sometimes not.

Of course I can plug in earphones and use the earphone button to hang up, but for a quick call I hate having to do that.

Otherwise, the phone usually works perfectly. No other obviously wrong behavior.

Strange. Suggestions are very much appreciated.

java – send DTMF tones via the dial pad

I have the following code that works fine. I use the dialpad to set the number and also to send the DTMF tones. But I find the code a bit more repititive. Is there a better way to optimize the code, or is my approach enough?
Thank you in advance for your valuable suggestions. Cheers 🙂

public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity implements View.OnClickListener {

Button btnZero, btn1, btn2, btn3, btn4, btn5, btn6, btn7, btn8, btn9, btnAsh, btnHash;

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {


    // Buttons
    btn1 = findViewById(;
    btn2 = findViewById(;
    btn3 = findViewById(;
    btn4 = findViewById(;
    btn5 = findViewById(;
    btn6 = findViewById(;
    btn7 = findViewById(;
    btn8 = findViewById(;
    btn9 = findViewById(;
    btnZero = findViewById(;
    btnAsh = findViewById(;
    btnHash = findViewById(;


public dialPadTone() {

public void onClick(View view) {
    // Read current phone dialPadnumber
    String phoneNo = dialPadnumber.getText().toString();
    int value;
    if (btnZero.equals(view)) {
        value = 48;
        phoneNo += btnZero.getText();
    } else if (btn1.equals(view)) {
        value = 49;
        phoneNo += btn1.getText();
    } else if (btn2.equals(view)) {
        value = 50;
        phoneNo += btn2.getText();
    } else if (btn3.equals(view)) {
        value = 51;
        phoneNo += btn3.getText();
    } else if (btn4.equals(view)) {
        value = 52;
        phoneNo += btn4.getText();
    } else if (btn5.equals(view)) {
        value = 53;
        phoneNo += btn5.getText();
    } else if (btn6.equals(view)) {
        value = 54;
        phoneNo += btn6.getText();
    } else if (btn7.equals(view)) {
        value = 55;
        phoneNo += btn7.getText();
    } else if (btn8.equals(view)) {
        value = 56;
        phoneNo += btn8.getText();
    } else if (btn9.equals(view)) {
        value = 57;
        phoneNo += btn9.getText();
    } else if (btnAsh.equals(view)) {
        value = 42;
    } else if (btnHash.equals(view)) {
        value = 35;
    } else {
        throw new IllegalStateException("Unexpected value: " + view.getId());

    Intent intent = new Intent("send_dtmf_tones");
    Message message = new DTMFtones(