hardware wallet – What is the difference between PSBT support in Coldcard and Trezor?

The 10x Security Bitcoin Guide says that the only two hardware wallets support BIP174 (partially signed Bitcoin transactions, or PSBT). However, this Reddit thread says that “You can use PSBT with Trezor via HWI”. This Github issue elaborates.

What is the difference between the level of support of PSBT between Coldcard / Cobo and Trezor? Should a user care?

canon rp – What is the difference between the autofocus (Eye AF) in the R/RP and R5/R6?

I myself own a Canon EOS R and cannot believe how much I needed eye AF until I tried it. After Canon has started shipping R5 and R6 I am wondering how the eye AF differs in these models compared to especially the R.

I have yet to find a review that goes into detail about this specifically.

I am hoping that someone in here can help?

sql – Understanding the difference in output for finding Revenue by Store in Sakila Database

I am trying to find the Revenue by Store in Sakila Database(Demo Database from MySQL).

Sakila Structure

I am doing this :

SELECT store.store_id, SUM(payment.amount) as total_revenue
FROM rental
INNER JOIN payment on rental.rental_id = payment.rental_id
INNER JOIN staff on payment.staff_id = staff.staff_id
INNER JOIN store on staff.store_id = store.store_id
GROUP BY store.store_id

This is the result of the above query:

|1       |33482.50   |
|2       |33924.06   |

But when I am doing this :

SELECT i.store_id, SUM(p.amount) as total_revenue
FROM rental r
INNER JOIN payment p ON r.rental_id = p.rental_id
INNER JOIN inventory i ON i.inventory_id = r.inventory_id
GROUP BY i.store_id

I am getting this result:

|1       |33679.79   |
|2       |33726.77   |

Can some one explain what is the best way to find out the Total Revenue by Store ?

Calculate time difference in minute on SQL workbench J

I tried to calculate time difference between two time stamp column in minutes, but the timestampdiff function does not work on it, the error is telling me that “minute” column does not exist in the table I query, at same time some answers suggest that timestampdiff does not work for postgresql, but postfresql function like date_part does not work on my end as well, could anyone share experience or any document for the grammar and function on SQL workbench J? Thanks!

c# – Difference between methods – onClick.AddListener and On Click under UI button inspector?

Within my Unity Project in my code, (see below), I have a button called Check which executes when CheckPress() function is called. I read two approaches by which this can be done.

Appraoch 1: Using Check.onClick.AddListener(CheckPress); and then attaching script to Canvas. When I press run and click the Check button, this works.

Approach 2: The other approach I read is that, I can attach my script to Canvas. From there I select the button Check from hierarchy, then under inspector I see On Click(), I click + sign and then drag the Canvas and place it in Object (see the attached image), then under No Function I select the CheckButtonBehaviour Script and select the CheckPress(). When I press run and click the Check button, this also works as intended.

I wanted to know if these two approaches are same or different. If they are different, then in which context either approach should be implemented.

using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using System.IO;
using System.Threading;
using UnityEditor;
using System.Text;
using System.Net;
using System.Net.Sockets;
using System;
using System.Linq;

public class CheckButtonBehaviour : MonoBehaviour

public Button Check;
public Button Play;
public Button NextSignal;

public List<string> signals = new List<string> {"Speech1", "Speech2", "Speech3", "Speech4"};
public List<string> shuffledSignals = new List<string>();
public int index = 1;
public int counter = 3;

private static int localPort;
private string IP;  
public int port = 8050;
IPEndPoint remoteEndPoint;
UdpClient client;

void Start()
    var rndr = new System.Random();
    shuffledSignals = signals.OrderBy(i => rndr.Next()).ToList();

    IP = "";
    port = 8050;
    remoteEndPoint = new IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Parse(IP), port);
    client = new UdpClient();



public void CheckPress()    

    byte() data0 = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes("starting"); ///OLD CODE part
    client.Send(data0, data0.Length, remoteEndPoint);
    Debug.Log("<color=blue>Something is sent to MAX</color> : starting");

    Check.interactable = false;
    Check.enabled = false;



multi signature – Difference between createmultisig and addmultisigaddress on v 0.20.0?

What is difference between createmultisig and addmultisigaddress? I ran 2 methods for 2 same bitcoin address on bitcoin-cli but gives different addresses as multisig to me. the results are as follows:

>  bitcoin-cli -testnet createmultisig 2 "("03f47a5115cd9e5e21b94136db90e2e3d6ac7e40396d8e62f73df3fd3fcfb3f214","0395ad430034c1761bbe9b4dfd784fb06229970d54016a7e090fc6ceb3814611b5")"
  "address": "**2Mt1jgrBoojAHbJS5zGJTZnx4TFktUCCNxu**",
  "redeemScript": "522103f47a5115cd9e5e21b94136db90e2e3d6ac7e40396d8e62f73df3fd3fcfb3f214210395ad430034c1761bbe9b4dfd784fb06229970d54016a7e090fc6ceb3814611b552ae",
  "descriptor": "sh(multi(2,03f47a5115cd9e5e21b94136db90e2e3d6ac7e40396d8e62f73df3fd3fcfb3f214,0395ad430034c1761bbe9b4dfd784fb06229970d54016a7e090fc6ceb3814611b5))#6nexfs8d"
} ```

> bitcoin-cli -testnet addmultisigaddress 2 "("2NEy9um4CpWerPeaEhPa3TckNYWnh58yDXN","2Mxr2oaph8iapbnbL1MSEvfZH8EQaXYuhAy")"

  "address": "**tb1qjyvx2kwl4kq2cypj5zawhw5gpwxmphxe487z3hxj9m36ux8tylpszpazsu**",
  "redeemScript": "522103f47a5115cd9e5e21b94136db90e2e3d6ac7e40396d8e62f73df3fd3fcfb3f214210395ad430034c1761bbe9b4dfd784fb06229970d54016a7e090fc6ceb3814611b552ae",
  "descriptor": "wsh(multi(2,(a025344d/0'/0'/0')03f47a5115cd9e5e21b94136db90e2e3d6ac7e40396d8e62f73df3fd3fcfb3f214,(a025344d/0'/0'/1')0395ad430034c1761bbe9b4dfd784fb06229970d54016a7e090fc6ceb3814611b5))#gmdd9d2p"

why those addresses is different?

thank you

plotting – flip Bifurcation of difference equations and Neimark Bifurcation

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What is the difference between wallet balance, local balance and remote balance in the Lighting Network?

I am having a hard time understanding the difference between the different “balances” in the Lighting Network. For example, I am running an LND node and I have the following balances:

$ lncli walletbalance
    "total_balance": "13841305",
    "confirmed_balance": "13841305",
    "unconfirmed_balance": "0"
$ lncli listchannels | jq -r '.channels[].local_balance' | awk '{sum+=$1} END {print sum}'
$ lncli listchannels | jq -r '.channels[].remote_balance' | awk '{sum+=$1} END {print sum}'

What is the difference between the local balance and the wallet balance?
If my node forwards a transaction, where do the fees go, in the wallet, or in local?