Separate Certificate – What are the main differences between P2WPKH and P2WSH bech32 addresses?

  • P2WPKH – That stands for Pay to Witness Public Key Hash and the scriptPubkey is OP_0 0x14 {20-byte hash}, where OP_0 is the version, byte 0x14 is the size of the data, and the {20-byte hash} is a HASH160 (PubKey).
  • P2WSH – That stands for "Pay to witness script hash" and the scriptPubkey is OP_0 0x20 {32-byte hash}, where OP_0 is the version, byte 0x20 is the size of the data, and the {32-byte hash} is a SHA256 (script).

These data are from:


For the P2WPKH Address: "bc1qw508d6qejxtdg4y5r3zarvary0c5xw7kv8f3t4"

OP_0, 0x14, HASH160 (PubKey) – looks like (in hex):

00 14 751e76e8199196d454941c45d1b3a323f1433bd6

For the P2WSH Address: "bc1qrp33g0q5c5txsp9arysrx4k6zdkfs4nce4xj0gdcccefvpysxf3qccfmv3"

OP_0, 0x20, SHA256 (script) – looks like (in hex):

00 20 1863143c14c5166804bd19203356da136c985678cd4d27a1b8c6329604903262

Examples from and

Windows 10 – Sound differences between Aux and Bluetooth audio

(In my new Dell XPS 15, I actually had sound quality issues, which led me to install endless self-help articles and constant audio driver uninstallations and updates, but this forum is not intended for customer support, so I have more general information questions. )

Anyway, I've recently started the aux connection to my speaker because I could not stop the periodic crackling that created my Bluetooth connection. However, the aux connection seems to have an increased and distorted bass compared to the Bluetooth connection. Note, I'm not a confident audio person. These differences are very remarkable and have a very negative impact on quality. I'm curious why I get so different sounds from my speaker, depending on whether I use a Bluetooth connection or an Aux cable. Even if you use another medium to send audio, you should send exactly the same information to the speaker, right? Is it typical for Bluetooth and Aux to give different sounds? For example, if I were sending the audio signal with other data over a Thunderbolt port, could I expect a different audio experience?

Find the differences between arrays of type index => array in PHP

I have to find the differences between two arrays with the following structure:

Array ([0] => array ([ciudad] => London [pais] => England) [1] => array ([ciudad] => Paris [pais] => France) ... [n] => array ([ciudad] => Rome [pais] => Italy))

When I try to apply array_diff, I get an empty array, even though the first array contains pairs (city, country) that are not in the second array. I think the problem is that the function can not input any internal arrays and sees them all the same.

I'm trying to make a more detailed comparison of an if loop in a for loop, but there are no good results either:

$ different_locations = array ();

for ($ i = 0; $ i <count ($ DB_locations); $ i ++)
if ($ locations[$i] ! = $ db_locations[$i]) array_push ($ different_locations, $ locations)[$i]);

Can you imagine how you can solve it?

Thanks in advance.

Blockchain Fork – What are the basic differences between BTC, LTC and BTG?

What are the basic differences between BTC, LTC and BTG? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these fundamental differences? Do these disadvantages (benefits) weaken (reinforce) the basic principles of BLOCKCHAIN ​​we believed in (decentralization, consensus, low fees, high security, transparency …)? I want clear answers to these questions, especially from the members who have come to know Bitcoin technology since its inception. You know the exact conditions under which LTC & BTG has occurred.

Outsourcing the app development

An outsourced team offers many benefits to your startup. Many large global companies started in a garage to outsource their advanced ideas. While outsourcing carries some risks, they are usually outweighed by the pros.
Outsourcing Benefits

1. Reduced Costs With an outsourced team, you only pay for the services you request, and these are defined in your contract from the beginning.

2. Defined contract terms. By clearly defining how long you need the services, you can estimate the cost.

3. Scalability. An outsourcing team can handle many different tasks and services for you. In this way, you can grow your business faster by using new technologies or new opportunities.

4. Access to expertise. By definition, an outsourcing team employs only professionals in its field. You can access this feature through your contract and receive advice on how to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

5. Adaptability and resilience. Similar to scalability, your outsourced team can adapt to your changing needs by including people from other departments of your organization in your project. To give you flexibility that is not given internally.
Outsourcing Disadvantages

1. Conflicting priorities You almost certainly will not be the sole customer of the outsourcer. Therefore, there can be consistent priorities, depending on who is shouting the loudest or who pays more. This can affect your business because you might not receive the required response immediately.

2. IPR risks. Sharing your information, confidential information, and trusting an outsourcer can be dangerous. Only one violation is required to endanger your business by adversaries or hackers.

3. Logistic and geographical questions. Your development team may be on the other side of the world, which is obviously not communicable during conferences, meetings, or visits.

4. Control of quality and process. You have no control over the quality and processes in your software development until the product is delivered to you. Then you can find a little rework to adapt to your goals and standards.

5. Cultural and organizational differences. With the ability to work around the globe, it is possible to use an outsourcer from almost anywhere. A brilliant opportunity can lead to problems if you do not explore the cultural and organizational differences. These can be simple things, such as: For example, shorter working weeks with longer religious holidays, but in extreme cases may be illegal activities or discrimination.

Many custom software development companies consider these advantages and disadvantages in the development of software.