Equipment recommendation – Is there a digital camera that can be used to store bounding boxes for people?

My comparatively old Panasonic DMC-FZ200 (released in 2012) has this in the manual for the playback mode:

(Face Rec Edit)
You can delete or change the information relating to Face Recognition for the selected picture.
1 Select (Face Rec Edit) on the (Playback) menu. (P52)
2 Press 3/4 to select (REPLACE) or (DELETE) and then press (MENU/
3 Press 2/1 to select the picture and then press (MENU/SET).
4 Press 2/1 to select the person and then press
5 (When (REPLACE) is selected) Press 3/4/2/1 to


• When all Face Recognition information in a picture has been canceled, the picture will not be
categorized using Face Recognition in (Category Selection) in (Filtering Play).

So it recognizes multiple faces (I think you can save about 10 faces that it should recognize by name) and prioritizes them when you're doing face-focussing. In addition, they are labeled during playback and images containing them can be selectively reproduced.

I did not use this feature, so I do not know how it's stored: I would suggest using some EXIF ​​tags rather than XMP (but this should be relatively easy to convert). Since this sounds like the kind of feature that deserves a check in camera reviews, and since it was already available in 2012, I should be surprised if it is not buried in more or less useful ways in the menus of most current deals.

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Garage Master v2.4 – nulled

This script facilitates the administration of a workshop cooperative. Comfortable control panel with notifications, garage card, door switch, billing and many other features.

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Device Protection – Are microwaves dangerous to digital cameras?

No, there is no danger. Any EM fields outside the microwaves are very weak. There is no danger or danger.

Microwaves are like visible light waves except they are larger (the "micro" is compared to other radio waves). Both are non-ionizing radiation; They do not have the energy to displace electrons into atoms. And just like visible light, microwave radiation follows the law of the inverted square and drops dramatically as you move away.

Microwaves use exactly the same radio waves that are used for WiFi except at higher power and higher concentration. The box of the microwave, however, keeps this within limits. In the US, the amount of transmitted microwave is limited to 5 milliwatts of microwave radiation per square centimeter, measured 5 centimeters from the carton, according to federal regulations governing the life of the appliance (ie not only when new). For comparison, the FCC limits wireless routers to 1000 mW (or, as you know, one watt). And you should not worry too.

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Laboratory for digital marketing, SEO and the Web

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