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    Today, the ability to align products, operations, and business models to a “predominantly customer-centric operating model” determines the success of a business. Digital transformation, therefore, is a given, not an option. To digitally transform both customer experiences and operations, organizations apply technology to these facets of the business, ensuring that they are customer-led and insights-driven. To know more about Digital transformation success visit here.



    Jul 6, 2020 at 2:55 PM

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What is the feature of SMM in digital marketing? – SEO Help (General Chat)

Hi Friends,
Social Media Marketing has always been a powerful tool in Digital Marketing. Now a days, people are more over their smartphone devices using such platforms. It generally opens up various opportunities for marketers to get connected with their customers.

Like Facebook there are various other players in market who are having their advertising platforms to reach their goals. But Social Media Marketing is not it. There are various other fields that will help in accelerating Digital Marketing.

Since more and more people are having access to social media around the world, it is considered to be most rewarding place in order to showcase your company, but Social media takes time . It’s not a one day task that you have posted an advertisement today and next day you get probable leads.

Which Is More Important, Seo Or Smm, In Digital Marketing?


Which is more important, SEO or SMM, in digital marketing? – SEO Help (General Chat)

Hi Friend,
Both. SEO and SMM both are essential for the business. SEO is a great way to keep your website in a well-versed manner. If you have the Unique content, you can do both On page and Off page SEO.

So, SEO is more important in Digital marketing.

Social media marketing is growing day by day. The marketers are investing their capital in SMM to promote their business even sell their products online. SMM plays a huge role in developing a business.

SMM is vital in promoting a perfect website and selling products online.

SEO and SMM both are important in Digital marketing.

Which field is more interesting in digital marketing: SEO or SMM..? – SEO Help (General Chat)

Hi Friends,
First of all you need to understand the different between SEO and SMM.

The technique of SEO is to improve the search engine rankings of a website, give it more visibility and hence, more traffic. The technique involves optimizing the website, adding keywords in the Title, Meta tags, content and Meta description, frequently updating a website and increasing the speed at which it loads on a desktop and mobile device. This means that if your website is optimized according to the SEO techniques, the chances that your website will appear on the first and second position in SERP for search queries.

SMM is promotion through social media channels. It gives you a chance to tap into a huge social media community available on several channels. It tends to also include ‘Paid Social Search’ or paid advertising on social media. Although paid social search is similar to SEM, it adds behavioral tendency into the search equation. The major part of the advertising is, however, the same as SEM, where an advertiser only pays when a user clicks on his or her advertisement.

Every-field is interesting in digital marketing depends, which channel is good for your ‘product’ promotion. Now that you know what the terms SEO and SMM mean also look for SEM and SMO before proceeding.

Which Field Is More Interesting In Digital Marketing: Seo Or Smm..?


public key infrastructure – How is the digital certificate sent alongside digital signatures?

Most tutorials on the net only mention sending the digital signature attached to the document, but without the digital signature certificate, it’ll be impossible for receivers to verify the signature. I’m assuming that the digital certificate is somehow sent alongside the signature but I can’t seem to find any source mentioning that.