shell – Dirt Bash hack to run the ssh connections in the Parallel mode

A Few years back I used to opt the below method to run the shell program in a Parallel way to open multiple ssh session at a time to get a quick result.

I know there are various other good utilities available, however due to some pressing needs I’ve to use this way, this dirty piece of code works well however I would like to know if there are some suggestion to improve it further considering the fact I have to use it for some compelling reasons over other better tools.

echo "$(date) Starting the SSH Connection Check...."
#set -x

read -rsp $'Please Enter password below: ' SSHPASS
export SSHPASS
SSH_Connection () {
    sshpass -e ssh -q "${hostTarget}" "true" -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -o ConnectTimeout=60 2>>/dev/null
    if (( $? -eq 0 ))
        echo  "$CurrntTime $MachineName   : SSH connection is Up"
    elif (( $? -eq 255 ))
        echo  "$CurrntTime $MachineName   : SSH Authentication Failed"
    elif (( $? -eq 2 ))
        echo  "$CurrntTime $MachineName   : SSH connection is Down"
    elif (( $? -eq 1 ))
        echo  "$CurrntTime $MachineName   : SSH Authentication Failed"
        echo  "$CurrntTime $MachineName   : SSH connection is Down"


CurrntTime=$(date +'%m/%d/%Y %T')

for MachineName in ${HostList}
    SSH_Connection "${MachineName}" &
# wait for all outstanding background jobs to complete before continuing
# at last clear the exported variable containing the password

Dirt inside display a common issue in MacBooks?

Not even a month ago I privately purchased a M1 MacBook Air 13″ and today I noticed that it has a small (some would maybe say tiny) dirt particle inside the display. About a year ago I saw similar dirt spots on a 15″ MacBook Pro with Intel i9 processor but I didn’t care because it was a computer handed to me at my work place.

enter image description here

Now it appears to me that this problem is very common. I still consider Apple products to be premium products but the quality control is just not on point currently. If I purchased this device in USA and directly from Apple I’d probably “just” get a new but here in Switzerland you’re pretty screwed. This means now I have to go to Interdiscount (where I purchased it) and explain every detail to them (I hope they won’t say this is my fault, I hate their games). Then they’ll probably send the MacBook to a “certified service provider” for repair. I have few issues with that.

  • I purchased a brand new product that has defects straight away and
    now I have to wait over two weeks to get it back.
  • Even if they manage to repair it, I will get a product that does not come straight from
    Apple’s factory but was opened by some randomly skilled guy in the
    repair centre. Maybe they’ll brake something else and I won’t even
    notice. The notebook will never ever be “new” anymore.

So I have two questions.

  • Is this display issue a common one? Any Apple program to get the
    notebook replaced?
  • You boys and girls from Switzerland and/or maybe
    rest of Europe: Is there a way to get your money back in such a case
    or just get a replacement product from Apple or Interdiscount?

cleaning – Does Laptop Air Spray do Anything besides scatter dirt inside?

They often recommend to use Canned Air Sprays to clean laptop inside.

I’m curious if scientifically this good idea. All the spray does is scatter the dust in the laptop, it doesn’t actually remove it, correct? So why do they recommend?

Example picture

Isn’t a small vacuum hose cleaner better recommendation? (laptop is turned off obviously)

Cleaning – How can I remove a piece of dirt from the lens system of a compact camera?


I have a Panasonic Lumix compact camera that caught some dirt between the lenses or the sensor out of nowhere.
I made sure it wasn't on the outside of the lens.
When zooming (optically), neither size nor position changed, but at best became more or less diffuse (but never sharp).
This is what the lower left quarter of a photo looked like:

lower left quarter of a photo

I tried to subject the camera to moderate forces (shaking, rotating) at different lens positions (i.e. optical zoom levels), but the particle didn't move at all.
I have not opened the camera.

Then when I tried to take another picture to show you the effect, the thing was gone as suddenly as it came.
Of course, I made something I do make it move, but I have no idea what.

Years later it happened again. This is the bottom right side of a photo with a white background:

lower right quarter of a photo

Current question

Happiness solved my problem, but I wonder what targeted efforts I could have made. Therefore I ask: If a piece of dirt gets stuck somewhere in the beam path of a compact camera, what possible measures can remove it? I am only interested in solutions in which the device is not disassembled.

Troubleshooting – Problem with dirt sticking to my Pentax K-7 sensor

I am currently having some serious problems with my Pentax K-7 sensor because a very dirty lens has excessive flakes. The black, pointed, and sharp objects seem to stick to the sensor, and I have no idea how to remove them. The objects appear in my pictures, so there is no other way but to remove them.

I tend to think that the debris could also be embedded in the body because the sensor gets overloaded with the debris each time the shutter is released. Obviously I no longer use the culprit lens. What can I do?

usa – bring hiking shoes with dirt / earth to the USA?

I will soon travel from Europe to the USA and bring dirty hiking and running shoes (which come only from the EU and not from farms). I have already cleaned them thoroughly, but it is difficult to clean them completely.

Will this be a problem when entering the US? Should I do something special? I travel to Dublin for clarification if that makes a difference.

Why did the Liberals ignore Hillary's obvious corruption, but can not find any dirt on Trump?

All of this obvious corruption in Hillary and the Republicans has failed to prove she's ever violated the law, and they've tried for 25 years. We have evidence for Trump, so he is charged. Bribery, abuse of power, obstruction of justice, obstruction of Congress, witness manipulation, multiple violations of the Foreign Emoluments Clause. Get a little hint.

Is Weasel McWeasel now in the suicide watch after Joe Biden's campaign hit the dirt?

Do not do it, weasel! Biden celebrates his comeback!


Former Vice President Joe Biden has recovered to take the lead among Democratic rivals in a new Quinnipiac University national poll released Tuesday. The new numbers come just a month after a poll on October 24 where Biden is 7 points behind Senator Elizabeth Warren. In the November poll, Biden now heads 24%, South Bend, Indiana, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg 16%, which is an increase of 6 points compared to October. Warren interviewed with 14% after 28% in October and Senator Bernie Sanders with 13%. Tim Malloy, a Quinnipiac University survey analyst, said in the press release, "Biden is back on the top of the list, but now there is a 3-way race for second place, but it seems that Buttigieg has broken into the lead group at the expense of Warren.


So we have two temperate Democrats in front of Warren and another, Bloomberg, who could overtake both.

Trump's only hope was Warren.

Looks like gay bashing will not work. I'm sorry people.

Dust – wonder about dirt on the sensor

Maybe. Your example provided does not show any obvious dust. You can get a "clearer" view by stopping at f22 and taking a blurred shot of an unobtrusive wall or clear sky. The shutter speed does not matter. All residues on the sensor are clearly visible. Note that dirt can also appear on the rear lens surface, albeit softer …