unity – How can I disable and enable a button?

I have a code that holds a GameObject between scenes, the theme is that this GameObjecte as a child has a button that allows me to change the liner renderer color, also change the image of the button according to the selected color and thus the data between This can change scenes. then, when i switch to the next scene, i disable the button with the meteodo "dehabilitar ()" and in the others it is not necessary, then when i switch to the next scene, i disable the button and it will not be displayed but if I go back to the next scene and call the function "habilitar ()" the button is not displayed. Can someone help me, what I have bad in the code or what I miss?

PS: I have activated and deactivated the button in different ways, but it always happens the same way and I leave it that way for a while.

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
with UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;

Namespace DigitalRubyShared
public class CambioColor: MonoBehaviour

public button mybutton;
public LineRenderer p1;
public line renderer p2;
public sprite colorRojo;
Color rojo = new color (1, 0, 0, 1);
public sprite colorAzul;
Color Azul = new color (0, 0, 1, 1);
public static int counter = 0;

public static bool estado = false;

public static CambioColor estadoCambioColor;

not well awake ()
if (estadoCambioColor == null)
estadoCambioColor = this;
DontDestroyOnLoad (gameObject);
otherwise if (estadoCambioColor! = this)
Destroy (gameObject);


void start ()
mybutton = GetComponent

Web App – Disable the input button

I have a text entry with a delete key (looks like "x"). Clicking this button will remove all text from the input:

Enter image description here

The markup for this looks like this:



How best to describe the meaning of this button and how it relates to input for users who use screen readers (such as NVDA or VoiceOver)?

How do I disable service employees in Safari 12.1? (Mac)

In Safari 12.1, service representatives can no longer be disabled through Develop> Experimental Features. I think it's not an experimental feature anymore.

Is there another way to disable it? Sometimes the WhatsApp service staff seems to hiccup and uses 100% CPU usage.

earlier solution for Safari versions prior to 12.1:
How do I disable service employees in Safari?

macos – How do I disable a NixOS component in OSX?

I'm having trouble using gcc in OSX.

I want the gcc that comes with XCode (Apple LLVM Version 10.0.1 (clang-1001.0.46.4)). However on my way this gcc (gcc (GCC) 7.4.0) has priority.

$ which gcc

Can I still disable / disable this particular package? I've checked the documentation, but the main commands like nix-env, nix-store, etc. do not provide a hatch.

Disable automatic updating of the Fabric UI JS dialog box

I am using the Fabric UI JS components in a SharePoint 2016 project (without the React or SharePoint Framework) and have issues with the dialog box buttons that refresh the page when clicked.

After reviewing the Microsoft documentation and removing the "Hook Buttons" and actionHandler functions, I've tried the following:

$ (document) .on (& # 39; click & # 39 ;, & # 39;[id=btnName]& # 39 ;, function () {

callingFunction ();

Function callingFunction () {

console.log ("Entered callingFunction");

// Do more things


My console displays "Entered callingFunction", but it immediately navigates to the original page instead of performing the tasks specified in "Do more stuff". How do I prevent the page from being updated?

Configure haproxy to disable only affected services while it is easy to quickly remove the entire box

We use Haproxy for load balancing on multiple computers. Our application includes a number of services, each of which is provided and can be requested as a stand-alone war in Tomcat. Currently I have a single backend to which load balancing is applied. So, if a server returns errors, the entire box is considered "bad" and removed from the load balancer.

For example, if Box A begins to raise false responses when someone sends requests to https: // myAwsomeApp / foo /, Box A is completely removed from the load balancer, which means that a request to https: // myAwsomeApp / bar / would never be forwarded to Box A, even if that separate service were functional and could still support requests to it.

I'd like to change this so that each of the services is independent, so even if the foo app on Box A fails, the request to / bar will still be forwarded to A.

I know I could do this with ACl to make requests to https: // myAwsomeApp / foo to switch to a different backend than requests to https: // myAwsomeApp / bar; but that seems a bit silly, because the two backends would have exactly the same hosts.

I'd also like a quick way to decommission an entire box right away when we deploy new code or have issues in specific locations. Changing 10 backends (one for each service supported by the box) seems annoying and prone to error Backend is missing.

Is there a cleaner way to eat my cake? However, for Haproxy to disable only services that turn out to be faulty, it is easy to disable all services on a box at once.