Windows – Disabling the Unicode BOM from the PowerShell Echo Output?

I would like to create some short configuration files echo by PowerShell, but unfortunately by default a leading Unicode BOM is created at the top of the files. This destroys applications like pip that have not yet learned to ignore the bill of materials. Is there a flag or environment variable or one from which the bill of material can be sent out?

Enable Windows on a virtual machine with the same product key after disabling the preinstalled version

I'm trying to understand the process of enabling methods for Windows 10 on a virtual machine. I mainly want to use Linux with Windows Virtual Machine.

I bought a computer with a preinstalled Windows (OEM) version. And then Linux installed on a separate partition. After that I extracted the key from / sys / firmware …
After that I downloaded Windows 10 ISO and installed it as a virtual machine. During the installation process, I was asked for the product key and I entered the product key. However, the installation was successful when I wanted to check the status of activation by pressing Win + I. Then I saw that Windows is not enabled in this virtual machine.

Now, the question arises as to why the product key worked at the time Windows was installed, if the product key can not be used twice (without being the same motherboard).

My second question is, how does Windows know that this product key is already being used with another computer? Do you have a database of all product keys and the activation status of the product key?

My third question is how to disable a product key on the computer so that a new computer (a virtual machine on the same motherboard) can be reactivated.

What is the meaning of product ID and device ID in terms of product ID?

My fourth question is why there is such a big difference between the retail product key directly from the Microsoft Store ($ 145) and ebay / amazon (up to $ 5). Is there a trap when buying at Amazon / Ebay?


Very good day:

From a function I condition that with a check a data list, which I declared in a PHP file, is activated or deactivated. The data list is called dlClient

and in my role I do the following:

$ ("# chkNewProspect"). click (function ()
var checked_status = this.checked;

if (checked_status == true)
document.getElementById ("dlClient"). disabled = true;
document.getElementById ("# dlClient"). disabled = false;

However, I have not been able to disable the said data recorder. Has anyone had a similar experience? Thank you

Linux – Disabling general buffer overflow protection in Ubuntu 18.04

I have the problem, when I try to do a CTF buffer overflow task, if I try, I have a segmentation error. When I look at myself dmesg | tail Show it:

[ 7660.397449]    Falling: vuln[6903] general protection ip: 8048600 sp: ff9feed0 error: 0 in vuln[8048000+1000]

Do you know how to disable this? Many Thanks

How can I remove "Dark Mode" from MS Office apps without disabling it on MacOS?

I am using macOS Mojave and have set Dark mode as the default setting in Apple> System Preferences> General.

I recently updated MS Office on my Mac, and the latest MS Office update (version 16.20) supports Dark mode. Unlike many other apps, this look, however, can not be enabled / disabled in the app itself.

Since I prefer the familiar appearance of my MS Office apps and still want to use the dark mode within macOS, how can I achieve this result?