Theming – Disabling the Twig template cache causes a fatal error

Disabling the Twig template cache results in a fatal error. i.e.

The site has an unexpected error. Please try again later.
Error: Unsupported operand is typing
Drupal Core Template TwigEnvironment -> __ construct () (line 69 of
core lib Drupal Core Template TwigEnvironment.php).

I have performed the following steps:

1.Copy the file and rename it from sites / example.settings.local.php to sites / default / settings.local.php
2.Open the file settings.php in sites / default and comment out these lines:

if (file_exists ($ app_root. & # 39; / & # 39; $ site_path. & # 39; /settings.local.php')) {
include $ app_root. & # 39/39 & # ;. $ site_path. & # 39; /settings.local.php&#39 ;;

3.Comment these lines in settings.local.php

$ Settings['cache']['bins']['render']    = & Cir; cache.backend.null & # 39 ;;
$ Settings['cache']['bins']['dynamic_page_cache']    = & Cir; cache.backend.null & # 39 ;;
  1. Open the file in the sites folder and add the following code

    Debug: true
    auto_reload: true
    Cache: wrong

  2. Build the cache again and you can start

linux – Disables the sudo prompt without disabling the sudo password

That's pretty tricky, or at least not very often desired.

What I am not after that is:

Disable password with


Or similar trick.

I can sudo read password stdinand that works fine
but you still get the request:

$ echo $ PW | sudo-s whoami
[sudo] Password for oz123: root

The man page shows that I can use "-p".

$ echo $ PW | sudo -S -p "foo" whoami
foo root

Passing an empty string does not seem to work …

$ echo $ PW | sudo -Sp whoami
[sudo] Password for oz123: root

So the question is:

How to define an empty string as a valid value for -p?

gsm – Disabling caller ID transmission per address book contact – CLIR

This question is about CLIR (phone number verification).
On a mobile device, you can enable or disable CLIR globally.

By default, I want block my caller ID transmission
For some of my contacts (like "friends and family") I want to transfer my ID,
so they know that I call them …

On the web, I found the following workaround:

  • Suppose I have an address book entry "Mum" with phone number +44 123 45678
  • then I will activate CLIR globally on my phone (so my ID is.) Not to be submitted)
  • and then change Mom's phone number into * 31 # + 44 123 45678

For simple phone calls that works well.
Sending SMS (SMS) from my Samsung phone to this number fails!
and probably WhatsApp contacts and the like will fail too.

are there solutions?
Did not anyone think of implementing such an address book feature to transfer the caller ID to specific contacts only?

additional keywords:
CLIR, CID, CLID, CLI, CND, CNID, CLIP, * 31 #, # 31 #
GSM USSD codes, unstructured additional service data, sometimes referred to as "quick codes" or "feature codes".

This question is not limited to Android, to the iphone I have not found a solution.

custom post types – disabling post_type in URL

When you register your custom post type, tell WP if it's a CPT public_queryable,

And that argument says …:

Whether queries can be run as part of frontend
parse_request ().

Default: value of the public argument

Note: The queries
affected are the following ones (also initiated when rewrite

  • post_type = {post_type_key}
  • ? {post_type_key} = {single_post_slug}
  • ? {post_type_query_var} = {single_post_slug}

So if you do not want these posts to be queried, you should submit them not correct as this argument.