sharepoint online – Replaced Root Site but its Subsites Disappeared

You can use Invoke-SPOSiteSwap to replace root site.

1.After replacing the root site, the url of the source site becomes the url of the original root site.

2.The original root site will have a new url, which is the Archive URL entered when running the power shell.

3.All subsites contained with the source and target sites will be swapped.


Invoke-SPOSiteSwap -SourceUrl -TargetUrl -ArchiveUrl

The url of original root site changed from to

The url of subsite in the original root site changed from to

The url of source site (Now, it’s being replaced into a root site) changed from to

The url of the subsite in the source site changed from to

Putty Settings Disappeared on Windows 10 after May 2020 Update

I know this is not a specific question about servers (don’t downvote me if that concerns you and makes you upset, just be a jerk in the comments section), but Putty is used to connect to servers. After the most recent Windows 10 Update… All pre-configured settings I had in Putty disappeared. Does anyone know where to find them?

Thanks in advance. has disappeared | Web Hosting Talk has disappeared | Web Hosting Talk

var sidebar_align = ‘right’;
var content_container_margin = parseInt(‘350px’);
var sidebar_width = parseInt(‘330px’);

  1. has disappeared

    G’day all, seems to have disappeared and I have no access to get anything.

    Their main website does not load, their client area does not load and I cannot access any of my websites or email.

    I have no way to contact them. I did try to contact their rep. on this forum ” theweaver” but the message remains unread.

    I have been complaining to them for a few weeks but they have been insisting that all is well and it must be something at my end which is clearly not the case.

  2. I can reach their site okay.

    Stay at home!

  3. Weird. I have checked with several online checkers that say the site is down.
    Can you access ?
    If anyone is reading from Australia could you please do me a favour and check?

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[ Politics ] Unanswered question: Why are coronavirus cases still so high in the United States when they disappeared in South Korea and parts of China?

My mother is paranoid and turns around when I leave the house or see someone and is angry. My father did not close his company and lost all earnings due to the possibility of corona virus. My father is very arrogant indeed, but obviously he can't go out of business (he's a plumber). She is convinced that if someone comes near her, her parents will die. She says it will be like this for a year. She'll be angry when she learns that I'm out with my father in July (parents divorced and don't speak). I doubt she cares if my father dies, but I work there and she thinks I'm going to die and most of the employees. My estranged sister is at high risk and my mother is still talking to her, so I understand that she doesn't want to get sick, but I have to live because I'm a 24 year old man.

I wonder why these other countries moved on and it's still so bad in the US and is likely to take a year.

Why is Trump closing the Coronavirus Task Force? Has COVID-19 now disappeared?

No !, many countries show record disease, STILL! Trump's only concern is that he looks good. Not worried about life at all. When Trump was asked to tell people who were afraid to say something. Trump switched from orange to red and called it "an evil question," followed by his insults. Oh, yah, he's a president!

mysql5.6 – The MySQL server has disappeared: Two APIs, a single database, one API triggers the error, the other does not

I have two bottle-quiet APIs. Both work well.
API1 is only for reading the database, API2 deals with update / insert. Both access the same database.

API1 doesn't work every morning and I have to restart it every time (once in the morning). Error is – MySQL server is gone.
API2 always works and does not give an error.

I used to think wait_timeout (8 hours by default) could be the reason why API1 throws this error. But why does API2 work then?
(I am using a class for database operations and I have a connection string in the init method. Also, I am not closing any of the database connections. I will edit them very soon to correct them, and only provide the information here to get the exact information for this error)

Question – Why does only API1 report this error while API2 never?

PS – I asked this about the stackoverflow, but it was recommended to post it here as I never found an answer here that was republished

Software installation – Ubuntu utilities have disappeared but still appear in "View applications".

I am not sure where the problem is.

I have Ubuntu 18.04 Gnome.

Today some of my apps that were installed with the GUI Ubuntu software no longer started (for example: Thunderbird, Chromium, Discord). It is strange, I still have icons in "Show Applications", but when I click on them they start for a few seconds and then die.

I tried to remove and reinstall the broken apps but the APT manager says there are no such apps. I reinstalled Thunderbird from the command line and it works, but now I have two almost identical icons in Show App-s that worry about such ugliness and probably some mess under the hood.

More to say when I click on "Show details" on such a disappearing app icon, Ubuntu Software says "No application found".

I've searched for a while but haven't found any such problems or relevant solutions.

I update my system regularly. I assume that it is the fault of the Ubuntu Sofware Center. I noticed that the homepage was updated. Apparently Canonical recently rebuilt the App Center.

Does anyone have such problems? How do I fix it?

I must also mention that yesterday before the problem occurred, I mounted the SFTP file system from my other laptop with SSH server in Nautilus. Could it break apps?

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